Elias Quotes

Session 3

DEBBIE: I need to know my purpose.

ELIAS: Your purpose? (Debbie responds with a firm but softly spoken Yes) Your purpose is to experience. Your purpose is to focus on your essence. Your purpose is to experience a physical lifetime. You cannot guide others. They will guide themselves. You must focus on your own interaction with your own essence. It will affect others. You must understand that you cannot change others. You must focus on your own experiences and your own essence.

Session 8

The first element is to recognize when a belief is creating conflict between thought and feeling. You will understand when this conflict occurs. The way you will understand is that you will have to choose between a thought or a feeling. When you are in harmony and your beliefs are not creating conflict, you will not have to choose between thoughts and feelings. This occurs every day of your focus.

You may consider an exercise this week, in your terms. Each time you experience an impulse or an emotion, no matter how small, notice your thought patterns. Notice if they are in harmony. If they are not, you will experience a pull. This pull will show itself in a manner of excusing, or invalidating, or rationalization. Sometimes, you will not experience what you feel to be an emotion. You will only experience an impulse. Do not discount these impulses any more than you would an actual feeling.

Session 9

"You are allowed to feel special! In reality, you are no more special than every other essence in existence; but as each essence is the most special, artful, and beautiful expression of The Creating Universal One And Whole, it is right for you to feel very special. You do possess a different focus than other essences. "

Session 10

"All of these essences present perceive themselves to be a good person! Although this good person would not do anything to harm another essence or person in this focus, they may harm themselves in this focus; which, in actuality, is no different than the physical expression of a bad person! "

Session 12

My help to you has to do with your waking, living experience presently, and the incorporation of your essence, and your ability to expand your focus. This will incorporate physical experience, and also what you will term a more psychically developed and oriented state.

This is why I speak with you so often of your dreams. This is the closest experience you incorporate presently, which will allow you to understand this new developmental focus. Imagine yourselves to be in a dream state, but experiencing physical reality. There, you incorporate many more dimensions of existence and of your essence that you even can imagine now. This is the wondrous experience I offer to help with.

Session 18

This does not mean that you cannot affect something because you hold a belief system which is contrary, for your belief system will automatically change or drop away by your trust, for your trust will show you truth, and truth will override the belief system.

Session 21

"First of all, I will express once again, we are not here to dispel belief systems. We are here in instructing to widen; not to eliminate, but to incorporate more. In incorporating more and widening, why would you go without when all of your answers are within? All answers are contained within you. Your essence possesses all knowledge. You only need to tap into this. "

Session 22

You only need to recognize that your ability for incorporating essence is great. I have expressed to you many times that your ability is great. You were believing that I was speaking of your healing. I was speaking of your ability for connection, which also allows great ability and energy flow, which can be affecting in healing areas.

Session 23

Free giving in expression gives back to you.

Session 26

VICKI: I was just thinking today, if we followed every single little impulse … ELIAS: You would be extremely happy! (Smiling) VICKI: Everything would be different. ELIAS: And very effortless. I have expressed many times, your impulses are your natural native language.

Session 42

ELIAS: As I have spoken to you previously, whether I speak to you or not does not matter.

VICKI: Got that.

ELIAS: You choose whether it matters to you.

Session 42

You do incorporate a responsibility to yourself. In this connection to essence, you automatically fulfill your responsibility to all other essences.

Session 45

Belief systems are those inventions that you create to explain what you do not understand.

Session 49

I have watched your connections and your widening. You are approaching points, so to speak, where you run a danger of incorporating trust within me, and not focusing this trust to yourself. My intention in speaking with you is to help in the incorporation of trust, of yourselves and within your consciousness, as connected with essence.

Session 51

Where your trust lies is where you manifest reality.

Session 62

"In this same way, when you are making a conscious decision to be changing your focus, which you are, it will not immediately happen; but you do accomplish more and more. Therefore, in trusting, and accepting of yourself and your creation, accept the moment in which you are. (Pause) Realize that each now moment creates everything. Therefore, each now moment, experienced to its fullest, knowing or unknowing, is its fullest experience, and to be appreciated for its own creation. How can you expect to be appreciating of greater elements if you are not appreciating of what you incorporate now? For it will always be now, and there will always be more. "

Session 99

Conflict is incorporated through physical focus as an expression of separation, and lack of communication and connection with the expression of essence, which comes from belief systems. Therefore, if you are recognizing of these belief systems, and you are allowing yourself the acceptance of these belief systems, the conflict is eliminated.

Session 119

Trust is incorporated, at times, through doubt.

Session 151

"I have spoken to you many times of the now. You believe yourselves to be occupying and experiencing and living within the now, but for the most part you are not. You are projected forward or you are projected backward, in your terms. You are worrying of events already occurred, or you are fretting for events about to occur. You are not paying attention to the now, and within the now moment there is the quietness; for those elements that you fret over are not within the now. "

Session 151

"In this, you are not attempting to direct your objective motion into probabilities that you do not even understand, for you do not see the myriads of probabilities that you choose from within every choice you make. Therefore, in trusting you allow a smooth flow, and you shall find that within this flow you will encounter very many less rapids within your waters than you shall if you are attempting to steer the boat yourself objectively, without a course. The purpose, if you are looking for a purpose, of all of this information is that you learn more of yourself; and in this you shall be at your own helm, consciously intentionally directing your own course and not expressing wonderment of why your boat continues to move off course! I shall allow this evening a few questions! "

Session 155

You offer yourselves information continuously, as has been stated. Within the present now, this individual is allowing subjective information to be shouting, but continues to question. This is quite amusing to us, that you may create a mallet for your head and you may crush your skull and you may still not listen to yourself!

Session 159

"The actualization or materialization of a thing or an event is also dependent upon its contribution to value fulfillment.

Be realizing that you stand upon the threshold of great awareness and adventure; that as you may be confused, you also embark upon a sojourn that has not been traveled before within your species. Your communication with each other, your interaction, is quite valuable, for this serves to reinforce you all and allows you information to be more trusting of self. I have encouraged this interaction from the onset of our meetings, and continue to do so."

Session 170

"Do not misunderstand that I advocate lack of concern or caring for all other individuals, but you may not hold true concern for other individuals until you hold true worth and concern for yourself; for if you do not value self, you may not value anything else. In this, you hold a portion of value for self. That is why you hold duplicity. You hold both ideas of self; that of trustful and that of not trustful. That element of self that you do place some amount of trust within allows you the ability to project outwardly to other individuals a caring and concern and trustfulness; but you shall find that within you, given the opportunity, this shall be dashed quite quickly in the face of the distrustfulness, for this you hold more strongly. All elements of your societies reinforce this. "

Session 185

The objective is to be accepting. It matters not which direction you choose to be objectifying of this action. As I have stated to you this day, if you are accepting of self first, you also shall incorporate a natural byproduct of acceptance of all others

Session 185

Will it be helpful, in the event of the trauma, to be able to have a specialized trauma hospital for people that have various experiences that.... (Elias starts laughing) ELIAS: You may choose this singularity of motion if you are wishing, although it is unnecessary, for the interaction that you shall be engaging is subjective within consciousness. As you are approaching another individual, you may express through your language whichever you choose. The interaction will occur subjectively, in a knowing of acceptance and a knowing of no separation. You may term this to be in your language a universal support system, although it is applied only to this universe within this space arrangement within this dimension and this reality!

Session 212

I express to you, you are not eliminating belief systems. You shall continue to hold your own individual opinions for yourself individually, but you shall also place no judgment upon another individual and their creation of their reality. Just as I have expressed within our last session, you may continue to hold an opinion and objectify within your individual choices.

RETA: I understand what you said. I'm working on it.

ELIAS: Therefore, you may even continue to hold your individual opinion of right and wrong, but not hold judgment upon another individual's creation of their reality.

Session 227

ELIAS: You are offering yourself presently a clue.

STELLA: A clue?

ELIAS: Correct, that it is unnecessary to have a plan.

STELLA: It's unnecessary to have a plan?

ELIAS: That the key is spontaneity and being within the now and expressing to your fullest value fulfillment within your intent within the now, and there need not be structure.

STELLA: No structure. See, I like that very much - no structure! (Elias chuckles) That would just liberate me!

ELIAS: (To Vic) You may be offering this statement also to other individuals within our forum that focus so very strongly within the area of structure and plans and futurely and NOT being within the now! All else is unimportant. What is important is now, for this be where you are!

Session 246

Individuals not holding information many times are moving in this direction, as do you all also, but shall we move to each individual within this present forum and inquire the question of belief systems? (Looking to different people) Do you believe belief systems are good? Do you believe belief systems are good? Are belief systems good? No, no, no, no, no! Belief systems are those things that you hold that need be changed or eliminated! THIS is what you believe! And when you ARE identifying of your belief systems, you are expressing to yourself, How may I be eliminating of this belief system? How may I be ridding myself of this belief system? If I do not hold this belief system, I shall be better! This has been stated within this present forum many, many times! This be your belief system, that belief systems are bad!

Session 246

ELIAS: Partially. You shall always -- underline always -- hold belief systems! You shall not occupy this particular dimension without belief systems! It is how you have created your reality within this dimension. Your mere inquiry proves out my expression to you. You are attempting to be moving outside of belief systems within this particular dimension, which you shall not do!

DREW: Well, what I'm trying to do is install a belief system of acceptance of others' creations.

ELIAS: Ah! Create a new belief system! (Laughter)

DREW: Yeah, in accordance with the information!

ELIAS: You may choose this also if you are wishing! It shall merely be another belief system, which eventually you shall also view as distorted and then be expressing that it need be eliminated! For you DO believe that all of your belief systems are distorted! (Grinning, and we all crack up)

Session 252

I have expressed previously ... another individual has inquired of prayer and speaking to that which they believe to be God. It is all the same. Therefore, it matters not to whom you address. You are merely speaking and communicating with essence and consciousness.