Session 200704293

“Allow the Unexpected”
“Dropping the Veils of Separation”
“Resonance with Physical Areas”
“The Three Factors of Intentional Creation: Thinking, Feeling and Doing”
“Change Your Perception: Make a Boring Job a Game”
“Subjective Encouragement and Inspiration”

Session 20070429 (2260)

“Allow the Unexpected”
“Dropping the Veils of Separation”
“Resonance with Physical Areas”
“The Three Factors of Intentional Creation: Thinking, Feeling and Doing”
“Change Your Perception: Make a Boring Job a Game”
“Subjective Encouragement and Inspiration”

Sunday, April 29, 2007 (Private/Phone)

Participants: Mary (Michael) and Jason G. (Posha)

ELIAS: Good day!

JASON: Hello, Elias.

ELIAS: Welcome! And what shall we discuss?

JASON: First of all, how are you?

ELIAS: As always. And yourself?

JASON: I’m doing very well, now I’m talking to you. (Both laugh) Cool. Okay. The first thing I wanted to know is, what is my essence name?

ELIAS: Essence name: POSHA (POSH-ah), P-O-S-H-A.

JASON: Okay. And what essence family and alignment am I?

ELIAS: And your impression?

JASON: I would say Sumafi and Sumari.

ELIAS: Correct.

JASON: That’s correct? Okay. And what essence animal am I?

ELIAS: One moment.

JASON: Okay.

ELIAS: The essence animal would be a bear.

JASON: Okay.

ELIAS: A black bear.

JASON: A what bear?

ELIAS: A black bear.

JASON: A black bear. Okay. And how many focuses do I have in this dimension?

ELIAS: (Pause) 1, 328.

JASON: Okay. Is my orientation soft?


JASON: Okay. I knew that already. (Both laugh) Is this my final focus?

ELIAS: Are you the designated final focus? No.

JASON: No. Okay. How many focuses do I share with Aleah?

ELIAS: 86.

JASON: And is she soft?


JASON: That’s what I thought. Okay. And why does she call me Pop or Pop-Pop?

ELIAS: (Chuckles) This is associated with a familiarity in other focuses.

JASON: Any focus in particular?

ELIAS: One that would be what you would term to be the most recent, which would be—

JASON: And when did that focus take place?

ELIAS: That would be within the time framework of your early 20th century within the physical location of Montreal.

JASON: Montreal?


JASON: Oh wow. (Laughs) I feel particularly drawn to Canada. I was going to get into that a little later. (Elias laughs) Okay. And in that focus, am I her father?


JASON: And she is my daughter? Or son?

ELIAS: Daughter.

JASON: Daughter. Okay. That’s what I thought. Okay. How many focuses do I share with Ryan?

ELIAS: 71.

JASON: Okay. And is he common?


JASON: Okay. That’s what I thought. And how many focuses do I share with Colleen?

ELIAS: 106.

JASON: Wow. Good. And is she soft?


JASON: Okay. That’s what I thought. (Laughs) Okay. How many focuses do I share with Tim?

ELIAS: 204.

JASON: Okay. And how many focuses do I share with Paul?

ELIAS: 82.

JASON: 52?

ELIAS: 82.

JASON: 82. Okay. And Tim and Paul are both common, correct?


JASON: And how many focuses do the three of us—Tim, Paul and I—share ?

ELIAS: 55.

JASON: 55?


JASON: And how many focuses do I share with Vernon?

ELIAS: 60.

JASON: And he is soft as well, correct?

ELIAS: Correct.

JASON: Okay. And how many focuses do I share with Mark?

ELIAS: 420.

JASON: 420! Wow. He’s common?


JASON: Okay. How many focuses do I share with Carl?

ELIAS: 116.

JASON: And he’s common, correct?


JASON: And how many focuses do I share with John?

ELIAS: 54.

JASON: And he’s common, correct?


JASON: And how many focuses do I share with Dahota?

ELIAS: 96.

JASON: And am I observing her?


JASON: Okay. And how many focuses do I share with you?

ELIAS: 321.

JASON: Wow. Okay. And… Oh. What is my essence color?

ELIAS: And your impression?

JASON: I would say purple.

ELIAS: Essence color: lilac.

JASON: Lilac?


JASON: Okay. Why does my forehead tingle? Like I get this tingling sensation across my forehead sometimes, or sometimes it’s right in the center.

ELIAS: That is associated with energy in relation to neurological pathways.

JASON: Okay. And can you go into that a little bit more?

ELIAS: As individuals are shifting, and as they are widening their awareness, this also creates a stimulation in the actual physical brain, and what is occurring is that you are opening new neurological pathways which expand the capacity in which you use your physical brain.

In this, that action can create physical sensations. Many times it can generate headaches, but they are temporary. Some individuals do not necessarily generate headaches, but they do generate physical sensations within different areas of their head. And these are indicators that you are opening new neurological pathways, and that is an indicator of shifting and widening your awareness.

JASON: So, basically I’m allowing myself to explore new abilities?

ELIAS: This will facilitate that, yes.

JASON: Okay. About a year or so ago, I visually started to see these very like translucent… They look like groupings of cells, and they like float in the sky, or they’re… It’s difficult for me to explain exactly what’s going on, but I see these translucent cells. Sometimes it’s a very slender shape that if I look directly at it, it kind of moves out of the way. But I’ve been seeing it for the last year. So, what is that?

ELIAS: This would also be an indicator of widening your awareness and thinning the veils of separation. As I have expressed previously, within your physical dimension and your physical space arrangement, there are other beings that you do not actually interact with, but they are present. And at times throughout your history, individuals allow themselves temporarily to visually see them. But for the most part, there is a considerably strong veil of separation that separates you from participating with these other beings. As I have expressed, they are actually occupying your physical dimension, but in a very different capacity. And that veil allows you to generate your reality in conjunction with the blueprint of your physical reality, and it allows them to create their reality in relation to their own blueprint of a physical reality. BUT—in shifting and widening your awareness, you can become aware of their presence and you can actually visually see them.

JASON: Now, is there an exercise that I can do to further drop the veil? Or will it just drop naturally? Is there anything that I can do to facilitate the dropping of the veil?

ELIAS: Yes, although I will express to you that this will occur naturally, regardless, as you continue to widen your awareness and shift. But there are actions that you can incorporate that will enhance that movement. You can generate relaxation exercises that allow you to de-focus somewhat. You can incorporate an action of playing with investigating other focuses, but not merely viewing them but actually engaging them in allowing yourself to de-focus yourself in a manner that allows you to somewhat relax your hold upon your individual identity.

For identity is a very strongly held element with individuals within your reality, and that holds those veils in place, so to speak. And identity can easily be threatened in many different manners. But if you can allow yourself to relax that and de-focus somewhat, you can enhance your ability to be thinning those veils of separation and knowing that you are interconnected with ALL of your reality and allowing yourself to experience that.

You can also engage your empathic sense, which allows you to merge with either other beings or other focuses of yourself, be they within your own dimension or other dimensions. And in that, it will allow you to experience what the other beings or focuses are experiencing themselves. For dependent upon what you are connecting with, whether it is not associated with your physical reality, you may not necessarily understand objectively communications between yourself and some other-dimensional focus or some other being, but you can connect and you can offer yourself information through experiencing what they experience, and subsequently you will translate that into what you understand in YOUR reality.

JASON: Okay. I’ll look into that.

My next question is, I’m drawn to the city of Toronto in Canada. First of all, I’d like to know, why is that? Why is it such a strong attraction?

ELIAS: I will express to you there are two reasons. One is that it is very familiar to you, for you incorporate many focuses in that area, and also that you resonate with the energy in that area.

Every individual within your reality generates energy, and you each resonate with the energy of certain physical locations more than other locations. And the reason that you resonate with the energy of the physical location is that the physical area, in a manner of speaking, absorbs energy deposits from all of the individuals that have inhabited it, and therefore there is a strong and a large concentration of energy in most physical locations, or those that incorporate humans.

In this, you as an individual express your energy, and you will be drawn to physical areas that generate a similar energy. And when you resonate with the energy of a physical location, it creates a very strong and significant draw that you actually feel. And that is very influencing of how you function and how you perform, for if you do NOT resonate with a physical area, that creates a thickness, and it creates more difficulty in association with motivation and with actual physical productivity and functioning, for you may feel more lethargic in an area that you do not resonate with.

Many, many, many individuals reside in physical areas that they do not necessarily entirely resonate with but they are not repelled by the environment in which they reside, and they may not necessarily know that they could be experiencing much differently if they allowed themselves to dwell in an area that they DO resonate with more strongly. This generates a significant difference in how an individual functions.

JASON: So, given my energy in this present now that I recognize myself in, do I resonate with the area that I’m in now, in the Washington, DC area?

ELIAS: This would be a situation as I have described, in which you do not necessarily entirely resonate with this particular area but you also do not express a repelling energy. It may be somewhat neutral, but it is not in actuality a physical area that you strongly resonate with.

JASON: Okay. So, given everything you just said – and I kind of felt that already – so, I have definitely been seriously considering moving to Toronto. Now, given the way that we do things now, I have engaged myself in the process of emigrating. But what I want to know from you is, is going through that process necessary, or is it only because I believe it’s necessary that I have to go through it? And… Well, go ahead. (Both laugh)

ELIAS: Is it necessary? No.

JASON: Okay.

ELIAS: Do you generate the association that it is necessary? Yes. But that is also somewhat black and white. You are somewhat moving in the direction of either/or: either you remain in the country that you are, or you absolutely move to a different country and associate yourself with THAT country. Which, it is actually not necessary for you generate that expression of black and white, for you actually can, if you are so choosing, incorporate both. But as to your original question, it is more your associations that it is necessary to emigrate rather than actually BEING necessary.

JASON: Okay. So, … Okay. It’s not necessary. Only because I believe it’s necessary, so therefore it’s necessary?

ELIAS: Correct.

JASON: So, if I begin to believe that it’s not necessary, how can I move there? I guess that’s been like my biggest block, and I can definitely feel like I’ve been putting obstacles in front of myself in regards to this situation, because I want to go, but at the same time it just doesn’t seem easy.

ELIAS: (Chuckles) First of all, remember your leprechaun.[1] And in this, if you express the energy that it is not easy, your leprechaun will express, “Very well. It is not easy.” Also, if you begin to experience yourself being there and not doubting yourself and allowing yourself the expression of the appreciation that you have in relation to this area and your strong draw to it, you will change your energy.

Remember: to be creating what you want objectively, intentionally, the key is to generate all three factors of thinking, feeling and doing in harmony with each other. The thinking is the element that allows you to translate into language what you want. The feeling is the allowance of yourself to actually experience what you want now. Whether it is actually physically materially being experienced or not, it is important that you allow yourself to experience that “this already is.” For if you are moving in the feeling and the experience of “this will be,” your leprechaun holds what you want in the future, for it is expressing in response to you: “Very well. It WILL be. Therefore, you are expressing that it is in the future. I shall hold it in the future.” And it will not be inserted into the present, for it is being held in the future. Therefore, it is important that you genuinely are aware of what you are doing, and allowing yourself to experience what you want now.

And the third element is the doing, the action. It is necessary to incorporate action to generate the process of creating what you want. The action is a very flexible element, for that can be expressed in many, many, many different manners. And recognizing that all that you do is interconnected, therefore affecting of what you want to create, it is important that you be aware of what you are doing inwardly and outwardly in all of your directions, for they all will play an influence in how you allow yourself to create what you want, such as moving to this area. In this, you can engage different avenues in which perhaps you are not initially emigrating but you are extendedly visiting.

Let me express to you, my friend, there are many manners in which you can accomplish what you want that you may not necessarily expect. For each direction that you choose to move within incorporates branches, and there will be experiences that are being pulled into play that are unexpected, for this is the action of that leprechaun.

When you are moving in a direction of what you want, and you are paying attention to what you are doing, you are projecting an energy to draw that want to your reality. Therefore, your leprechaun is seeking out any and all avenues that will generate the possibility to accomplish that. And some of those avenues may be unexpected but will create the opening to generate success in creating what you want. Therefore, it is also important to be open to many possibilities and to allow yourself to express your natural flow and your creativity and allow FOR the unexpected.

JASON: Do you sense in my energy now that I do allow for the unexpected?

ELIAS: Somewhat. I would express that you do at times, but at times you also generate obstacles, for you generate certain associations that if you do not know how some expression will be accomplished or you do not see an avenue in which it is possible to accomplish it, or if you see what you perceive to be outside obstacles, you lessen that allowance for the unexpected.

JASON: Yes, I can totally see that. Now, how can I get over that? Like how can I move through that into more of an allowance?

ELIAS: First of all, stop projecting pastly in relation to past experiences and projecting those past experiences into the anticipation of future experiences. I would also express to be aware of what is actually being generated and what you are actually doing, rather than becoming consumed in what you are thinking and influencing your perception with your thinking to generate the association that THAT is real.

JASON: Okay.

ELIAS: For what you are anticipating physically is not real—yet. It is real in what you are feeling, but it is not real in what you are actually doing. And this is significant, for that changes your energy and that creates obstacles. Whereas, if you ARE paying attention to what you are actually doing – and when I say doing, I am expressing inward doing and outward doing – you can be more effectively directing your energy and recognizing that the obstacles that you are anticipating are not actually occurring—they are merely occurring in your thoughts.

JASON: Okay. On to another question: About nine months ago I decided to quit my job. I was working for a software company, and it wasn’t very interesting. So I quit, and I didn’t have another job lined up. I just wanted to relax, even though at the time I found myself worrying about money mostly. And after six months I decided that I was going to go back to work again, so I went back to the same company, and I’ve been working there for the last three months. And I’m realizing why I left in the first place. You know, it’s like I am not inspired to do the work. It’s just not a very interesting place to be. Now, there are other careers that I have thought about going into, and I just want to know, like when I hear you say “If it’s not fun, don’t do it,” I just… I believe it, and I want to act in that direction, but the thought of quitting my job again just because it’s not fun doesn’t feel like a very comfortable move for me to do. So, I just want to know, what can I do with regards to my job and other career avenues that I want to take? I’m sure it’s tied into what you were just expressing to me. But is there anything in addition that you’d like to add in this?

ELIAS: And what are the other career opportunities that you are considering?

JASON: I would like to do life coaching. I like talking to people one on one and helping them work through their issues. I also love deejaying and playing music for people. So, those are the other two things that really excite me.

ELIAS: And what prevents you from engaging them?

JASON: Nothing prevents me from engaging them; it’s just from a financial standpoint being able to support myself doing those two things right now.

ELIAS: I am understanding, but you can begin now in those directions and continue with your present employment. And in that, you can allow yourself not to overwhelm yourself in concern of money, but you can begin to move yourself in directions that you more prefer and develop them, which can offer you the opportunity to practice with generating money in association with these other actions. And in that, perhaps you can incrementally move more in those directions and less in the direction that you do NOT prefer.

In your terms, in the meantime, other than allowing yourself to actively engage these other avenues in addition to your employment—which allows you, once again, to be changing your energy but also not overwhelming yourself—you can begin to change your energy in association with your employment in allowing yourself to perceive it differently. Generate it into a game rather than a chore. Allow yourself to invent a game that involves all the pieces of your employment, which will involve other individuals and also whatever you are physically interacting with, such as your software. Each element in that environment is a game piece that you manipulate.

JASON: Okay.

ELIAS: As a hypothetical example, let us say that you engage your employment, and perhaps there is one other individual that is employed there also that is annoying to you. Now that individual has become a game piece, and in this, that individual’s role in the game is to BE annoying. Therefore, you are already anticipating the move of that individual, for YOU are manipulating the individual as your game piece, and you are now instructing that individual to BE annoying, for that is their role in the game.

Now that annoyance becomes humorous rather than irritating, for you are generating a different perception of it. For the other individual is expressing in the manner that they do, but YOU are incorporating the game that you are actually the puppet master and YOU are instructing the individual to be annoying. And in actuality, it may be even more humorous, for in changing YOUR energy, the other individual’s energy will change, and you may be actually physically engaging actions to PROMPT the other individual to be annoying. (Both laugh) And in that, it becomes even more humorous. (Laughs)

JASON: Okay.

ELIAS: It is merely a matter, my friend, of recognizing that your perception is a very powerful instrument and it actually creates all of your reality. Therefore, what you are offering to it is what it will create. And if you can engage yourself in a playful manner in an enjoyment, in similar manner to how you do with these other directions, if you can be playful and creative with yourself, this dramatically changes your energy and it changes your reality. It changes your environment, it changes your interactions. It can even change physical elements in your environment.

JASON: So, basically just try to treat it like a game. That’s kind of like the next thing I wanted to talk about, is my perception in how I’m creating everybody. Like it’s been a big thing for me to try to get my head around that, because you know…I mean objects like tables and furniture and other things, it’s easy for me to see that I’m creating those things, but other people seem outside of me and seem like… I’m getting to the point I feel like where I can understand that I’m creating them, but am I actually like putting every word into their mouth that I hear? Like is that…?

ELIAS: Let me explain. You are creating the projection of the other individual, and you are filtering through your perception what the interactions are, but you are not creating the other individual’s energy. You are not actually creating the other individual; you ARE creating the projection of them. Therefore, what you see is your projection, such as a holograph. You are creating the holograph, the physical image, of the other individual through your perception. They are actually projecting their own energy, and you ARE actually participating and interacting with other individuals’ energies – and they are quite real.

But what is significant in this is understanding what YOU are actually doing, for in the preciseness of your reality and how you create, every individual that you encounter, you are encountering specifically in that moment for a reason. You are specifically encountering that individual as opposed to any other individual within your environment. You very precisely draw to yourself in every moment the interactions with other individuals specifically, for that one individual will be reflecting you in some manner perfectly, whereas any other individual would not be.

Even in relation to what you term to be strangers, when you generate certain encounters with an individual that is a stranger, you have drawn that specific individual in that specific moment for a reason, and it is very precise.

JASON: Is it important for me to kind of figure out what the reason is?

ELIAS: Not necessarily. That is not always important, but it is important to understand that there are no accidents, and that although you are not creating the other individual actually – you are creating the projection of them – you are interacting with their energy, and you are filtering that energy through your guidelines, your beliefs, your associations, your personality. Generally, you are filtering them through your perception of them, your creation of them.

JASON: Okay.

Have I fully accepted any belief system? I don’t feel like I have. (Both laugh)

ELIAS: An entire belief system? No.

JASON: Am I close to accepting duplicity?

ELIAS: Aspects of it, yes.

JASON: Aspects of it. Okay.

Are affirmations an effective tool for me to use? I know you said that for some individuals.

ELIAS: If you are incorporating them as a focal point, knowing that the affirmations—or the action of expressing the affirmations—themselves do not actually accomplish what you want, but if you are incorporating them as a focal point to remind yourself of certain directions and of certain actions to be incorporated, yes, they would be constructive.

JASON: Okay. A couple weeks ago I had two dreams, where I woke up from the dreams both nights and I felt like I got told something very important, like I experienced something very relevant, but when I woke up I didn’t remember what it was. Okay, the first thing I want to know is, were you in those dreams?


JASON: Okay. What were you telling me? Or what was I trying to teach myself?

ELIAS: Let me express to you, my friend, this type of experience is not unusual, and it is not uncommon. And each individual that generates this type of experience incorporates this same initial question: What was I attempting to tell myself? Or what was being expressed to me? That is not the point.

The point is that you were allowing yourself an openness to receive subjective information, which is automatically processed and assimilated and will be expressed in your objective reality. It is not important that you remember, for that is not the point. You are already assimilating, and you are already translating that into your objective reality.

These types of occurrences are, in a manner of speaking, a subjective encouragement and a type of subjective inspiration that offers you somewhat of a boost, and that becomes translated in your objective reality.

JASON: Okay. I also wanted to know, are my chakras aligned? And if they’re not, which ones are spinning too fast or too slow?

ELIAS: And your impression?

JASON: I don’t feel like they’re aligned, at least not totally. I’m really not sure, and I’m really not sure which ones would be spinning too fast. I think… Gosh. I mean, I would think that my sixth is spinning fine, or normally. Your impression?

ELIAS: I would express that your yellow energy center fluctuates, your orange energy center at times fluctuates, and the indigo is somewhat excessive.

JASON: Is somewhat what?

ELIAS: Excessive.

JASON: When you say excessive, excessively slow or excessively fast?

ELIAS: Excessive in rapidness. And I would express to you if you allow yourself to curb your thinking, that will be affective of that energy center.

JASON: And I also wanted to know, is there anything that my cat is wanting to communicate to me that I haven’t picked up on?

ELIAS: What is your concern?

JASON: When I am in the kitchen he’ll meow at the door, or he… I don’t know. He just meows sometimes and I just don’t know what he’s trying to tell me. Sometimes I feel like he wants me to play more with him, but other times I’m not sure if he wants me to know that he’s hungry or he doesn’t like the food that I’m feeling him or what he wants.

ELIAS: At times, I would agree that he wants you to play with him, but at times, I would express that he is merely generating an acknowledgment of what he sees.

JASON: And what does that mean? Can you explain a little more?

ELIAS: He sees what you do not see. He sees energies and essences that you do not see.

JASON: And he’s just acknowledging those?

ELIAS: Yes. In your terms, he is vocalizing to them.

JASON: I see. Okay. (Both laugh) All right. Well, I will investigate that a little more.

And is there anything else? Because we’re running out of time now. Is there anything else that you want me to know, you think that would be pertinent, or something that maybe I didn’t think of that you think I should be aware of?

ELIAS: I would merely express to you, my friend, to be aware of your energy and be aware of what you are doing and the associations that you are generating with what you are doing, and allow yourself the freedom of flexibility to incorporate more than the either/or.

JASON: Gotcha. Well, it has been a true pleasure.

ELIAS: And for myself also.

JASON: Well, thank you.

ELIAS: I shall be anticipating our next meeting. And I shall be offering my energy to you always, in encouragement and in supportiveness. To you, my friend, in great lovingness, au revoir.

JASON: All right. Au revoir.

[1] Session 2227

(Elias departs after 1 hour 4 minutes)