Session 2570

“Painfulness when an individual disengages”

July 9, 2008

Participants: Mary (Michael), Dawn (Awan), Mark (Baruch)

ELIAS: Good morning

DAWN: Morning Elias

ELIAS: And what should we discuss?

MARK: Well Saturday we had an absolutely life changing situation when our son Christopher decided he had enough and jumped off a well known bridge here and died. Now this event has been absolutely traumatic to all of us but I feel, probably because I am the one who is talking, that it has been more so with me. And I am not sure why this is but I have been just so incredibly distraught at what happened, trying to understand why it happened as well. So I would just really like to hear from you some insight into Christopher’s choices for doing this and anything else as well that will help me with this.

ELIAS: And what are you asking for, a reason?

MARK: Oh…I ….

DAWN: He is just troubled Elias. For some reason I have been able to accept this and Mark is struggling to accept Christopher’s choice.

ELIAS: I will express to you that the reason that you are experiencing such difficulty and trauma is that you have been presented with a gift and it is difficult to receive it.

DAWN: But Elias in many ways we are receiving it.

ELIAS: I am aware and I would express to you that you are allowing yourself to receive it more so than Baruch and this is the difficulty that he is experiencing in knowing that it is a gift but not necessarily wanting this gift. This individual was quite aware of what he was doing and was generating a choice and was also aware enough to know how that choice would ripple. I will express to you it is not often that an individual is aware of their presence enough that they are also aware of how their choices ripple and how they are impactful.

DAWN: We are discovering what an amazing energy was this individual who we were sharing our lives with.

ELIAS: And this has offered you a renewed appreciation and awareness becoming more genuinely self aware.

MARK: How so?

ELIAS: When you are more genuinely self aware your sensitivity becomes heightened and you become more clearly aware of all that is around you and of all that is occurring, and of all of your interconnectedness. When you are self aware you thin those veils of separation to such an extent that there is almost no separation.

DAWN: That’s interesting because when the distress and the shock began to fade I recognized that Christopher’s energy had been with me more or less from the beginning. Or very close to finding out that he had disengaged I sensed his energy and that I was connecting to him.

ELIAS: I have expressed previously on the subject of death that when an individual disengages they in a manner of speaking they blink out. Now to the individual this is merely a blink in their experience, for you within physical focus that blink is generally a time framework of approximately two weeks. Now I have not offered previously this blink period for most individuals that engage conversation with myself in relation to death do not question that time framework. But occasionally individuals that remain in this physical reality express a considerable openness and when they do they experience the individual’s energy and presence in that blink. Now the time framework in the blink that you experience as approximately two weeks is a time period of a type of transition. It is not transition that we speak of in relation to what you generate after death but it is a transitional period of time in which the individuals energy and presence continues to remain within the physical reality. They have detached from the body consciousness but the individuals presence and their energy remains within that time framework of that blink. Most individuals are not necessarily aware of it, they may be within the time framework of a few minutes or a few hours subsequent to the individual disengaging but generally speaking most individuals are not aware of the disengaged individual’s energy beyond that point until they blink in. Once they blink in their energy is more focused and therefore it is easier to be in communication or interaction or connecting with the individual that has disengaged.

But if you express a substantial openness, which you have, you can actually be aware of and even interact with the individual in this blink for their presence remains, it has not moved yet into a non physical area. In this you can even recognize physical movement, if you are paying attention for the individual is present within your physical reality, therefore you may notice objects moving or you may notice a depression in a chair or you may notice a creature generating a strange behavior as if it where interacting with an individual for it is, it is not merely a matter of the creature seeing the energy it also will allow itself to interact with it, which is somewhat different from once the individual blinks in, a creature can see the energy of the individual that is non-physical but it would not necessarily interact with it.

In this you have been allowing yourself that openness to be aware of that presence and - or even interact with it which also is a validation that although an individual may choose not to be engaging in physical focus any longer they are present and they do continue and it also can be a validation to you that all dimensions, all of the expressions of consciousness that occupy space occupy the same space arrangement. Therefore regardless that he is engaging non-physically once he blinks in again it is very likely that he will be creating objective imagery for a time framework and that will occupy the same space arrangement also. And in this blink out period he continues to occupy the same space arrangement therefore it is merely a matter of perception that creates that veil of separation but it is very thin.

DAWN: (unintelligible) … but I mean I do connect with energy and I do allow interactions but I am also aware that I block and that …(unintelligible)

ELIAS: Perhaps this will be another ripple that will occur in association with his choice, there are many and far reaching. This is also an example of how energy is unbounded.


ELIAS: Perhaps now my friends you shall allow yourselves the comfort of knowing that in this day the individual that you have known as your son remains present in your reality and you can sleep.

MARK: How does he remain present?

ELIAS: As I have expressed he is in the blink out period and in the blink out period his presence remains in your reality and he had disconnected from his body consciousness but his presence and his energy has not moved yet to a non physical area.

MARK: That will happen in two weeks.

ELIAS: Approximately. And in knowing that that energy and presence remains perhaps you can be comforted and relaxed and allow yourself to sleep and I will express to you it is the easiest manner to connect in dreams.

MARK: in this reality?


MARK: So my dream of Christopher approximately twenty four hours after he first jumped which he was expressing to me the reasons why he jumped where correct?


MARK: And that he actually didn’t want to jump in the physical sense but because he was under the influence of alcohol and losing balance he….

DAWN: Created the same thing.

MARK: Yes created the same thing?

ELIAS: Yes you are correct but it was merely a catalyst to accomplish what he wanted. And as you are aware it was not an accident.

MARK: No I don’t believe there are accidents.

ELIAS: Correct.

MARK: That it is a choice regardless of the way it happened, the choice still remains.

ELIAS: Correct. But yes I will express to you that especially within this blink-out time framework you are connecting. For his presence and his energy remains, therefore there is direct connection and interaction and as I have expressed to you the easiest way you may engage that is within dreams but you can also engage it in waking state. In dreams he can whisper, you will create the imagery but in a manner of speaking can be likened to him standing near you while you are engaging sleep and whispering to you and you will incorporate that into the imagery. Therefore in a manner of speaking he can tell you what to dream.

MARK: What he tells you to dream is accurate?

ELIAS: Yes. You will be creating the imagery of it but what he is telling you to dream is accurate. Now you will know if it is not accurate and if you are coloring what he is expressing if you incorporate aspects of negativity or pain into your dream imagery. For that is not what is occurring. But if you are not incorporating those expressions you can acknowledge yourself that you are hearing and you are creating the imagery accurately. It can be likened to an individual, expressing instructions to you in how to draw a picture.

MARK: So the pain that you feel when somebody has disengaged is that because when that person has disengaged they are no longer tied to beliefs that their projection of love is shall we say pure? That we within this reality, in physical form, within our beliefs buffer that projection of love and that creates pain?

ELIAS: Partially, there are many reasons why individuals experience this painfulness in relation to death and it is dependent upon each individual in how they experience that or if they experience that. Generally speaking if you genuinely love another manifestation you want to hold to that always, you want its presence always. And in that there is a disappointment if it is not present. When I express present within your physical reality you want a physical presence, for you are physical and many times the energy presence feels not enough for you are physical beings and this is your reality, incorporating physical manifestations that you can engage with your outer senses that you can see, that you can hear, that you can touch. But as I express there are many reasons that influence an individual to experience painfulness in relation to death some of which can be regret, some can be discounting of themselves that they did not express enough or they did not do enough or they did not incorporate enough time with the individual or they did not pay enough attention to the individual. These are all discounting of self that influence you to experience hurt. And they are all quite understandable for I would express most of you hold yourselves to very intensive standards of expectations when an individual dies. It emphases to you all of the expressions that you want to engage and all of the actions and all of the beingness that you want to express but that you do not necessarily continually allow yourself to accomplish. And the factor of love is quite significant. For the individual who has disengaged you are correct they are not as subject to beliefs and in that they are not generating the same type of perception as you and therefore they can express that love in what you would term to be a more pure manner for there are no attachments to it and that can be difficult to receive. And the reason that can be difficult to receive is that you do have associations and therefore you do incorporate attachments. I would express to you that even if an individual does not incorporate any discounting of themselves, they hold no regrets, they appreciate their relationship with the individual who has disengaged and may even express gratefulness for the time that they have generated together there can still be a very strong painfulness and hurt when the individual disengages, for it is the loss of the physical presence the physical interaction and this is what you do. You are present in a physical reality, when the physical aspect is gone it is difficult for you to continue your interaction in a familiar manner. I would suggest to each of you that you do allow yourselves the expression of appreciation, which you have but that you also acknowledge yourselves in your sadness.

MARK: I know Elias I certainly have been feeling calmer about it, it does come in waves. At times there is numbness it’s almost like a disinterest, in a way it’s rather odd. Then in the next moment it is gone and there is pain associated with that.

ELIAS: I am understanding and this is quite natural. Your body consciousness will interrupt at times to allow you to regenerate.

MARK: Well I think Elias that I am more confused, which is probably because we have had hardly any sleep since Christopher disengaged?

ELIAS: I am quite understanding my friend, perhaps confusion may be a good distraction hahaha. I will express to you great appreciation and receive from myself a tremendous blanket of energy to comfort you and to help you to sleep. We shall speak again.

To both of you in tremendous lovingness and great acknowledgement sleep well. Au revoir.