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ImpressionIntentIt matters notOrientationPerception
PreferencePresenceRegional AreasRemembranceShift
Subjective/ObjectiveTransitionWaves in ConsciousnessYCYR

Session 279Aspects are all elements of yourself within all areas of consciousness, within all dimensions. You hold countless aspects. In the like manner that you within this particular physical focus may express countless thoughts which project from you and are elements of you, you also hold countless you's within this particular dimension and also within other dimensions. These are all aspects of self.
Session 447In this, you do hold one primary aspect of self, which is the aspect of self that is primarily functioning objectively. This is the aspect of self that you identify as you. At times you may choose to be exchanging positions with another aspect of self, and another aspect of self shall move into the primary position. Depending upon the tonal quality, the direction of attention, and the interest, so to speak — and the qualities expressed by that aspect — it may be different enough from the aspect that has been the primary aspect that it shall appear to create a temporary interruption of objective memory.
Session 482What you have allowed yourself to view are an expression of other beings, which are other types of focuses of essence which occupy this space arrangement within this physical dimension, but occupy a different dimensional creation within this space arrangement and within this dimension. Therefore, their reality is superimposed upon your reality, or vice versa, and functions and continues within your physical dimension, but is unobserved by you. In like manner, your reality is unobserved by them. Momentarily, within certain time frameworks, as you widen your awareness, you may allow yourself to view these other beings. If you are so choosing, you may allow yourself to open your awareness to a point that you may view that your physical air is occupied quite fully with expressions of what you physically would term to be other beings. These are different aspects of essences manifest within your actual dimension, occupying the same space arrangement, but in a manner of speaking, separated from your objective reality by a thin dimensional veil. In actuality, it is a perceptual veil.
Session 816This may be defined as ANY expression of your essence, any attention of your essence, which may be directed in any layer of consciousness or any area of consciousness, so to speak. It may be another focus, it may be another aspect of this particular focus, it may be an expression of an aspect of your essence which the attention is held in other dimensions physically or in nonphysical areas of consciousness.