Session 200704192

“Altering of Primary Aspects”
“Making Writing a Game Instead of a Chore”
“Initiating an Energy Exchange”
“Hypnotherapy and Energy Fields”
"Challenging Yourself to Pay Attention to You"

Session 200704192 (2248)
“Altering of Primary Aspects”
“Making Writing a Game Instead of a Chore”
“Initiating an Energy Exchange”
“Hypnotherapy and Energy Fields”
"Challenging Yourself to Pay Attention to You"

Thursday, April 19, 2007 (Private/Phone)

Participants: Mary (Michael) and Barb (Lemure)

ELIAS: Good morning!

BARB: Good morning!

ELIAS: (Chuckles) And what shall we discuss?

BARB: I would like to discuss the actualization of my purpose in this focus and give you my impressions so far of what I’m up to, and I guess have confirmation from you and any suggestions you may have on this topic.

ELIAS: Very well.

BARB: Okay. But I would like to start off with some of the basics that… I have a really close person that I’m with now called Jessica, and she… I’m just introducing her to some of these ideas. And in terms of the family of consciousness, she believes that she’s Tumold aligned with Ilda.

ELIAS: Correct.

BARB: Wow! Do you have an essence name for her that I could pass on?

ELIAS: (Pause) Essence name: Ulyn (YOU-lin).

BARB: Ulyn?


BARB : Sorry? L-Y-N?


BARB: Sorry. U-L-Y-N?


BARB: My essence name, Lemure?


BARB: My signature color, purple?


BARB: Focus color, red?

ELIAS: Correct.

BARB: Emotional as my focus, [inaudible] focus?


BARB: Orientation, common?

ELIAS: Correct.

BARB: And I’m Sumari aligned with Sumafi?

ELIAS: Correct.

BARB: I have didactic abilities?


BARB: And this is my final focus?


BARB: When I was in Thunder Bay five or six years ago, I went through a traumatic experience with my ex, and I felt like I had died inside somehow. I couldn’t—no matter which way I tried, I couldn’t feel… It was just like, I can only describe it as if I had died. Was that a beginning of fragmentation? Did I fragment then, or start fragmentation in this focus?

ELIAS: (Pause) No. That would be an altering of primary aspects.

BARB: Altering of primary?

ELIAS: Aspects.

BARB: Access?

ELIAS: Aspect.

BARB: Aspect. I'm not sure what that means.

ELIAS: You each incorporate what I term to be a primary aspect. That is the you that you know yourself to be, the familiarity of yourself, and it is in some manners closely associated with your identity.

At times, individuals may change that primary aspect. You have many, many, many aspects of yourself, the many yous of you. But most of the aspects of yourself are somewhat in the background, so to speak, and are not necessarily objectively expressed. And at times, an individual may change the primary aspect in different capacities.

At times, an individual may engage that action and alter the primary aspect so dramatically that they appear to lose memory of previous time frameworks. But more frequently, an individual may change the primary aspect in a manner that they continue to identify themselves as themself, but they notice some change – and it may be a dramatic change, or it may be more subtle.

The individual will also notice that they feel different or, in such an experience as your own, you may feel that some part of you has been removed or, as you expressed, has died. In that, in a manner of speaking, it has been removed—not entirely, but its position has been removed and you have replaced that primary aspect with a different aspect of yourself. Generally speaking, that type of action allows the individual to move in new directions and to discover new abilities.

BARB: Awesome. So that’s kind of… I left the corporate world to live out in a proverbial cabin in the woods. I’ve studied Seth for about eight years very passionately, very much connected to the information and wanting to assimilate it objectively. I have a coincidence that I’m not sure if there’s a connection, but I was born on December 3rd, ’63; my mother went into labor on December 2nd, ’63, on that eve, which is the same eve that Jane and Robert sat down at the Ouija board. Is that a coincidence, or is there a connection with my purpose in this focus and…? I feel I have an intention to… I want to write books on the subject matter and to illustrate through stories. I would like to open up a nurturing center to help people, once I get through my own stuff, to alleviate the trauma, and I see myself public speaking in the word that I like to use that came to me was to “lec-share.”

Are my impressions, am I on the right track with those ideas?

ELIAS: Yes. Yes. And I would express that it is not a coincidence of these dates, and that this is imagery that you have presented to yourself as an inspiration.

BARB: I had a dream where Jane and I walked through what I call a wall. And I don’t have conscious recollection of what happened on the other side of the wall, but on this side of the wall, from what I remember the dream, her and I were walking. And I bought two of her watercolor paintings, and then I decided that she was only selling them for five dollars. I bought four more. I gave her a twenty-dollar bill, and her last words I remember – and I’m trying to understand the symbology – is she said, “Oh, and by the way, Seth is thirteen years old.”

And it’s the number thirteen that kind of sticks with me. So, I think of Christ with the twelve apostles, him being thirteen; you’ve got King Arthur, thirteen with the twelve men around the table. There’s something about the number thirteen that I can’t get my head around here, and what she meant when she said that in my dream.

ELIAS: (Chuckles) This also is imagery that you are presenting to yourself of a number that is significant to you that symbolizes support. And that can be in individuals, and it can be in steps, it can be in projects, but this number is symbolic for you in relation to support. Therefore, in reverse to many individuals that view this number to be unlucky, for you it may be your lucky number. (Chuckles)

BARB: I’ve never had a problem with the number, so… Okay. That makes sense to me.

I have been quite scattered through this shift so far and had a lot of resistance to writing. I want to overcome that so I can just… Is that just a normal part and it’s just to trust and know that the creative aspect of that will start to flow again? Or is there something that I can objectively do to alleviate that resistance?

ELIAS: I would express to you, what you can do is alter your perception in relation to the writing. When you generate the perception and the association that the actual action of writing is tedious or becomes a chore, that creates obstacles and it can affect motivation. But if you alter your perception and how you approach the actual writing, and allow it to flow without initially incorporating tremendous structure, that will allow you to generate the action much more easily.

If you are perceiving it as fun and as a game or a puzzle that you will piece together once you create the pieces, it may flow much more easily. If you are approaching the project with the association of tremendous structure initially, that may generate the action as being more of a chore than fun. When you are engaging any project that you can generate fun with and can be somewhat less structured, you automatically allow energy to flow much more easily.

BARB: I’ve just found that since I left Thunder Bay, I think five or six years, I was allowing that and was quite marvelled by the experience of this. And since then, I just haven’t been able to turn on the tap, so to speak.

ELIAS: (Chuckles) Allow yourself to engage it as a game.

BARB: As a game. Okay.

ELIAS: And in this, rather than incorporating the structure, the outline, the chapters, the headings, merely allow yourself to play with it. Allow yourself to perceive any element that you write as the creation of a puzzle piece—you are manufacturing puzzle pieces. And all of the puzzle pieces WILL fit together, but it is important to create them first. And in creating them, you do not create the puzzle as being assembled to begin with; you create the pieces. And then—

BARB: Right. I already see many pieces that I will eventually segue into the finished product. Okay.

ELIAS: Do not concern yourself with the outcome. Pay attention to the process and merely allow yourself to flow. Even if what is flowing initially appears to you to be fragmented, do not concern yourself with that. Allow yourself to merely play with the perception of manufacturing the pieces.

BARB: Okay. Now, the fairy tale that I’m writing seems to come almost like an automatic writing. When I wrote the first draft of that book, it just started in my head somewhere else and I just was almost like writing down whatever I could see. Is that just normal, or was I getting help by part of my essence in a different way than when I just sit down and write a short story, for example? It just seemed like a very different experience. The other book is "Shattered Psyche." I would like to write a book on my experience dealing with domestic violence. It’s very prevalent in our culture, as you know, and to help people that are involved in that, to… As I’ve shifted out of victim consciousness, which is quite the process, and to sort of illustrate that in a story, to give it the final happy ending.

ELIAS: I am understanding, and I am quite encouraging of you in this endeavor. And I will express to you that I am aware of what you are expressing in the difference in your experience in writing in different elements, and for you, yes, that is quite natural. And yes, it is tapping into other areas of yourself as essence and allowing that to flow.

BARB: One morning I woke up and I was awake, but I had this purple octagon shape with bright lights blinking inside like little stars. And I’ve never… I can’t… It was like a communication, I believe, of the lights, but I don’t know what they’re saying or what that imagery for me was about. But it was a really neat experience.

ELIAS: This imagery is associated with connecting with another essence. This is actually not uncommon when an individual is connecting with another essence and generating a mergence of a type and allowing another essence to participate, such as an energy exchange.

Now; this is not to say that you must or that you will choose to engage an energy exchange, but this is what you may term to be a signal to you that you incorporate the openness to allow that, if you are so choosing.

BARB: I have always objectively felt that if I was able to do that, that I would be very honored to do that, as Jane and Mary have. I wasn’t sure if I could just… I’ve felt energy accelerations and I’ve felt that at some point I was actually speaking for someone in very intense emotional moments with someone else when I was engaged in conversations.

ELIAS: Yes. I am understanding.

BARB: And when I was in Mount Shasta it seemed very similar to Mary’s experience. I was standing in the audience, and all of sudden I felt like this waterfall of energy just flowing right through me. It was very intense, and it was an incredible experience. I felt very safe and very wonderful through it, but I could just describe it as like a waterfall going through me of energy. It was beautiful! Is that…? Was there…?

ELIAS: Yes. You are correct. And that is an initiating of an energy exchange. You do incorporate the capacity and the openness to allow that type of action and interaction. And, be aware that that action can be expressed in many different manners.

BARB: I would love to be able to do that. Is there…? Do you know the name of the essence that I could at least use in my mind to connect objectively? How do I facilitate this? I understand that it’s just something that pretty much happens; it’s not something that I can consciously control or make happen, but I do desire to have that experience. Is it just something, just to have patience and allow? Or is there something that I could do to…? I don’t know. To (laughs) have it occur?

ELIAS: Yes. In actuality, you can. And in this, what you can practice with is relaxing. When you begin to feel that de-focusing, so to speak, within yourself and you begin to feel the other energy, you can allow yourself to relax into that and allow it to flow.

In this, I would also express to you to practice not hesitating. That is the largest obstacle for most individuals, is that they begin to engage another energy, but in your terms the individual thusly becomes self-conscious and doubting themself, and doubting whether they are receiving correctly or accurately.

If you merely allow, it will flow. It is a matter of trusting your capacity to engage and allowing whatever form it is presented in, and not moving yourself in your own skepticism.

BARB: Is there a particular essence that is waiting to engage, if that’s the direction that I desire and intend?

ELIAS: Presently, yes. This essence incorporates the essence name Medina: M-E-D-I-N-A [pronounced Me-DEEN-a]. This essence expresses a very gentle energy but quite powerful.

BARB: I will be acknowledging of Medina and will now in meditation see what happens.

ELIAS: Very well.

BARB: I had a UFO viewing during a very emotional day. It was a day that… I very rarely contemplate suicide and I would never actually take the action, but it was on my mind, so I took my car to distract myself—drove for an hour, came home, lit a campfire and sat on the beach. I saw a UFO. That was my first experience. I also… Again, I’m presenting imagery to myself but it was a very comforting experience. By the end of that evening I felt like I had so much peace flowing through me, which is so contrary to what I was experiencing earlier in the day.

ELIAS: I am quite understanding. And—

BARB: It was a gift.

ELIAS: Yes, in a manner of speaking, a presentment to yourself of another focus of you, generating an energy of comforting.

BARB: Yes. It was quite something.

I have recently become certified as a hypnotherapist, and I was just wondering, now that I’ve become aware of – and I love how you put it, a trans-focal encounter versus past-life regressions.


BARB: As somebody who’s practicing this, or intending to practice this, I know I should not be concerned with what the industry, so to speak, is doing, but for me being a Sumafi, I feel very compelled to sort of illustrate or be the little sapling to bring that sort of definition of it clear into people’s minds, because that really makes sense to me. (Elias chuckles) And I guess my question to you is, what is your opinion of hypnotherapy? And are there any suggestions you could give me that will assist me in doing a great job with it with people and what that’s all about?

ELIAS: I would express that it can be a very valuable avenue to engage in relation to certain expressions and investigations. It is quite effective in facilitating connecting with other focuses, whether they be within this dimension or other dimensions, for it allows individuals to move into a considerably relaxed state, which allows them to de-focus from this one identity. Which, generally speaking, for most of your existence within your reality, individuals hold very strongly to their identity and the singularity of that. And it generates an easy manner in which the individual can loosen that hold upon their individual identity and allow them to explore other avenues or other focuses of themself, which can be quite valuable.

It can also be valuable in allowing an individual to become more aware of different aspects of themself, different guidelines they hold, their beliefs, and in that can allow them to generate a greater understanding of themself. I would express that I am quite supportive of this type of action.

I also would express caution with any individual facilitating this type of action not to be generating suggestions, for within your usual objective waking state you are all each considerably suggestible already. When an individual is within a highly relaxed state, they become more suggestible, and that can actually be somewhat intrusive. Therefore, I would caution in relation to that type of action, but otherwise I would be quite supportive of engaging this type of interaction.

BARB: Now it’s… My training was in using it as a healing modality, and the biggest focus or the largest focus of it was regression therapy, parts therapy, which is dealing with traumatic events and regressing the person back and all of that, as you know. I have queasy feelings about that, in terms of using it for that purpose, because of the interaction that you just mentioned, any suggestions that may even inadvertently be made through that conversation.

ELIAS: I would also express to you, as you do incorporate a natural openness to energy, I would suggest that you practice viewing energy. That will be—

BARB: Practice what energy?

ELIAS: Viewing it, actually seeing it.

BARB: Okay.

ELIAS: This is in actuality quite easily accomplished. Practice seeing energy fields. You can practice with yourself, you can practice with other individuals, you can practice with creatures—it matters not.

I will express to you, you will notice a difference between creatures and humans. You will also notice a difference between plants and creatures and humans, for plants generally generate a type of silvery energy field which does not fluctuate much. Creatures generally generate a pink energy field and the color rarely fluctuates, but it does fluctuate if the creature is generating some type of physical manifestation. It will become darker and recessed in the area of the manifestation. This occurs in humans also, but with humans you generate multi colors within the energy field.

But you can assess considerable information in relation to another individual by allowing yourself to view their energy field and how it responds to yours, for if an individual is actually not receptive to your interaction—even if they are expressing to you verbally that they WANT your interaction or they want your help—their energy may be different. And if they are not receptive, you can visually see that in their energy field, for as your energy approaches their energy field, you will actually see that their energy will not allow a penetration.

Generally speaking, when individuals interact with each other in close physical proximity, their energy fields mingle naturally. One approaches another, and the one being approached naturally allows somewhat of a penetration, and the one that is approaching allows penetration in response. Therefore, the fields mingle.

But if an individual is not receptive or not generating an openness, their energy field will become more dense, closer formed to their body consciousness, and it will not allow a penetration. That is shielding. If an individual is shielding, it is not necessary to explain that to them but to acknowledge it within yourself and to approach them differently, for they may express that they want to engage a certain action and they may actually express a curiosity, but they also may be expressing somewhat of a fear.

This will also be very helpful to you in actually engaging what you term to be a regression or any other direction with your hypnotherapy, for you can visually see the fluctuations of the individual’s energy field. And if they become recessive and tight, you can stop.

BARB: Okay.

I live with an individual right now who I love dearly but find very challenging, and I would like to change… although I created what I see [is] a wonderful probability in this home that I’ve just moved into recently, with my own suite downstairs and the fact that I haven’t worked in ten years and still generate abundance in my life. Through the transcripts of what I read with other people, has helped me tremendously in viewing myself and trying to change some of my ways to make it better, to see that “Oh, I’ve been doing this,” or to approach it differently. But I really feel that… Like a couple of days ago, I was just ready to walk, which would have been a form of self-sabotaging almost and being back in victim consciousness, but I quickly got out of that again. But I do find it a challenge with this individual. Is that for my own learning and experience? It all is, but is there anything you can help me in that direction of understanding to… to…?

ELIAS: And what is the challenge?

BARB: Well, I think we’re coming from different places in his emotional involvement with me, which is very different, and he’s very codependent. And I feel constricted by it, like a cobra is wrapped around me, and try to just… I don’t know, just try… just not losing myself in this somehow. He’s very much in the old paradigm mindset, and I’ve introduced him to a lot of these new ideas and he’s grasped them and he’s very grateful, but I just (laughs)… I don’t know. I just find it challenging sometimes, and I know that’s my stuff, and I want to get through it so it’s effortless, not this up and down thing.

ELIAS: I would express to you, you have presented this to yourself to challenge yourself: to challenge yourself in paying attention to you, not compromising, and to genuinely move into a position of steering your own ship and not assuming personal responsibility for other individuals.

You have incorporated significant challenges in your focus, and in that, this is a presentment to you to genuinely move into your own power and solidify that in strength, and therefore affirming to yourself and validating yourself that not only CAN you do this, but you can stand firm in it, and that other individuals cannot shake you any longer.

BARB: Well, that’s what’s happened with my family, as a result of me moving in and cohabitating with this person in his residence. They really… you know, I should be going to work and “You don’t have job,” “You don’t have a husband,” “You don’t have children,” “You don’t own your own home,” etc. etc. etc. And I know those are the mass beliefs. And for me, I’m happy with where I’m at, and I know it’s challenging sometimes, but I couldn’t imagine it any other way. And I’d like to make a bridge again with my family, to be, like you said, strong enough that no matter what they say, at least I can still hug them and love them and not react to their negative criticism.

ELIAS: That is the point, being comfortable with yourself, being satisfied with yourself and therefore not being threatened and not being defensive when presented with differences.

BARB: Got it. (Laughs) And I just want to confirm that Jessica – I just love her so much – and that I’m on the right track. I do see us in our future together, because she’s so open and she’s so… She’s twenty-one years old and she’s just so amazing, and that we have very similar interests with all of this.


BARB: And that I see that we will be able to work together in terms of creating the nurturing center and that she’ll be a part of all of this. Is my impression correct?

ELIAS: Yes. I would agree.

BARB: Thank you.

I don’t really have any other things that come to mind right now and… unless there’s anything that you would say or have anything that would finish our wonderful conversation together right now.

ELIAS: (Chuckles) I would express—

BARB: And I would also say thank you so much for all you’ve done, and if you could thank Seth for me, I’ve always… I’ve just been so grateful for all that I’ve learned from both of you, and how that information and now assimilating it has just changed my life in such a dramatic, wonderful way. I can’t thank you both enough, so I’d like to express that as well.

ELIAS: That has been received. (Chuckles) And you are very welcome. And I would express to you to credit yourself also, for you drew it to you. (Chuckles)

BARB: Okay. (Both laugh)

ELIAS: I would express great appreciation to you, my friend, and I will be anticipating our next meeting. To you—

BARB: As I will. Thank you, Elias.

ELIAS: To you, in great lovingness and in dear friendship, au revoir.

BARB: Au revoir.

(Elias departs after 46 minutes)