Session 42

Wednesday, October 4, 1995
New Agenda Session #8
Private Session #9
Group Session #42

Participants: Mary, Vicki, Ron, Cathy, and Jim.

Elias arrives at 9:12 PM

ELIAS: Good evening! (Arriving within a few seconds)

RON: You were ready, huh? (Laughing)

ELIAS: I have been available all evening! Michael is not being very cooperative lately. So, you have questions? (Pause)

VICKI: I’d like to know more about where Michael is at right now.

ELIAS: Would you be wishing to know where Michael’s consciousness is manifest presently, or are you speaking metaphorically? (Pause)

VICKI: Metaphorically. (Seriously)

ELIAS: (Pause, smiling) Well. You are wishing to know what he’s experiencing, and where he is going with this experience. First of all, I will express to you, do not be alarmed, for he has moved through quite a bit already. He is aware of most of his conflict’s origin. He is not quite sure within himself yet, but he has uncovered his reason for his irritation.

This will serve as an illustration to him, and also to each of you, that you create a language to which you personally will listen to most effectively. Depending on the message that you are trying to give to yourself, you will choose a method to attract your own attention. In this, now that you have moved into a more aware state, your methods may seem more exaggerated than before. Michael is incorporating an exaggerated expression of irritation. This is attracting his attention. It is difficult for him to ignore such an extreme irritation. Therefore, he will focus upon this and analyze this situation and determine its cause.

I have expressed to you all that when you are not incorporating essence first, you will create conflict. In avoiding conflict, you may look to yourself first. Michael incorporates issues with responsibility and with other individuals. You each, in your own fashion, move through belief systems or challenges is different manners. Michael is presently learning the reality of incorporating essence first, with a knowledge of what he is doing.

Many times throughout your focus you are connecting with essence and moving through you focus effortlessly without conflict, but not realizing what you are doing. You do not understand your connection, and how this affects the effortlessness of your focus. Now, as you become more aware, the elements of your focus which create conflict and separate from essence become more obvious to you, therefore seeming exaggerated.

Michael has incorporated, within his focus, a connection with essence for many of your years. He was not aware that this was the reality. Now, within his new awareness he has disconnected from his own essence, incorporating all other essences, viewing this as an outreach and a responsibility. As he incorporates a connection with me, he automatically incorporates a responsibility to you. In this, he separates from himself. Therefore, he does not pay attention to his essence. He may continue to view this situation physically, as he is presently. Eventually, he will realize that the end will be manifest the same. When he is connecting with essence and understanding that the incorporation of self is not negative, and that he may focus on self and that this is not wrong, he will discontinue the irritation.

This meeting here, in which I now am present, is a direct not listening and acknowledging of self. He will learn. This is not say that this was a negative choice or that this would be incorrect as a choice, for him to choose to incorporate this evening with you. This is his choice, but it was also a choice to be not acknowledging of inner impulses and essence which he then manifests within emotional focuses, for these are unnatural to him and he pays attention to them. They disturb him and he does not understand. Therefore, he pays attention. As he continues to pay attention, he will learn more of his probabilities. He will focus on his choices and his probabilities which are available to him, and in this he will allow himself to choose a comfortable direction to incorporate all of the elements and aspects of his focus, including himself.

Each of you may also remember this, for as you disconnect from yourselves, you will encounter conflict. If you are connecting with yourself, you will increasingly eliminate conflict. You may expect that as you knowledge and awareness grows, so also will your reactions and responses to conflict increase, for your awareness is heightened. Therefore, your experience may seem exaggerated. Just as he related to you of the experience of blinking out and blinking back, and physical sensation within the body of heightened outer senses, your sensual perception of your physical senses is heightened to an extreme awareness; this being a result of a wider perception.

Also, other aspects of your focus may seem exaggerated or heightened, as this is a natural reaction of a widening of awareness. Even a lack of perception, or of anything, is a widening of awareness. (To Ron) You are noticing an exaggerated awareness of nothingness, this being also an exaggeration in perception. This is due to a widening. (To group) The more you draw close to essence, the more heightened your awareness of everything becomes.

Michael is on the right track. He is moving. He may not be very pleasant to be encountering for many individuals presently, but this will pass. I do not think that this will be a lengthy process. He will realize and he will move through, and now that he has experienced the most intense element of this awareness, which has filtered throughout his dream state also, incorporating a completeness, it will be much easier for him to move to the other side of this experience. (Pause)

VICKI: Well, I’m confused now. I must be like feeling some really big-time separating too, then. If his decision to be here tonight was a not listening to his essence, I certainly had no impulse about it at all, or I wouldn’t have provided any transportation.

ELIAS: This, first of all, is not your choice. Therefore, we are reminding Lawrence, once again, do not be incorporating this control issue. This is not your experience.

VICKI: I understand that, but ...

ELIAS: Therefore, if you were believing that this was an incorrect choice, you would not be offering to be bringing Michael to this meeting.

VICKI: If I had any impulse about it at all, no, I wouldn’t have offered. My impulse was positive.

ELIAS: Exactly. Your impulse was positive. Your impulse was directed to you as a message to you. This does not incorporate Michael. Therefore, Michael may not be listening to impulses, but he is making choices. This should be of no concern to another individual. Just as you will make your choices whether you are listening to your impulses or not, this should not be of concern to other individuals. We do not make choices or value judgments for each other for anything. You incorporate self; this being why Michael is incorporating this distress, for he is incorporating a value judgment for other individuals. He is incorporating responsibility for Yarr and Shynla and Ron and Lawrence and on and on and on, and not listening to himself! It should not be his concern. As he has chosen, which the probabilities favored that he would choose, to make this appearance this evening, there is no value judgment placed. This was not an incorrect, wrong choice. It was only a choice. Therefore, it continues along the lines of these probabilities. (Pause) It matters not. (Pause)

He will reach his conclusion through one probability or another. It may only incorporate different amounts of your time frame. (Pause)

VICKI: This brings up a lot of questions about exactly what’s going on with your connections with other people then, because they matter!

ELIAS: (Interrupting) In what area?

VICKI: Pardon? Well, in the area of whether they matter or not.

ELIAS: Of my connection. My connection matters with other individuals, if they wish them to. (Pause)

VICKI: I’m just thoroughly confused now! (Laughing)

ELIAS: As I have spoken to you previously, whether I speak to you or not does not matter.

VICKI: Got that.

ELIAS: You choose whether it matters to you.

VICKI: I was talking about my connections with other people in physical focus.

ELIAS: Which you are connected with, but as I have also expressed to you, your first focus is to yourself.

VICKI: Got that one too. I’m real confused about the connections between other people, now! (Laughing)

ELIAS: This should not be of concern to you. All falls into place. All connections continue. You need not be concerned. If you are incorporating yourself first, all others will automatically fall into place. If you are connecting with your essence, your expression will automatically incorporate consideration and all of the positive, so to speak, elements that you desire. Michael has no more responsibility to each of you, or to any other individual, than do you have any responsibility to any other individual. You do incorporate a responsibility to yourself. In this connection to essence, you automatically fulfill your responsibility to all other essences. (Pause) Think of your small sapling. If Michael is the twisted sapling, he is not being a very responsible example. (Long pause) I may take advantage of the time that he provides for me, as this evening, but if this time was not afforded, your questions would not go unanswered. (Pause)

VICKI: (Quietly) That’s not my concern. Another thing to think about. I’m just confused again. I’ll be all right. ELIAS: I am understanding that your concern is not that you will have unanswered questions. I am also understanding that you must each learn to focus upon yourselves. This, although you believe that you focus upon yourselves, you do not; and you make a distinction that if you are acting correctly, you are incorporating all other individuals first. This is the right action within your focus. This right action is automatic, if you are connected with essence. (Pause, grinning) You may come to some of your own answers. (Pause) Do not feel alone. Michael is quite confused also, and you have also not moved completely out of your confusion.

VICKI: No, but I can’t imagine incorporating a lifestyle which does not contain concern for people that one is in contact with.

ELIAS: And why would you believe that I am suggesting that you have no concern?

VICKI: Because I’m confused!!! (Laughing)

ELIAS: Did I not express that this is a natural element of connecting with essence? (Pause)

VICKI: Yes, but I get confused because every time I become concerned, the control ...

ELIAS: (Interrupting) There is a difference.

VICKI: ... the control issue comes up, and ...

ELIAS: (Interrupting) There is a difference.

VICKI: ... and this is where the confusion lies.

ELIAS: The difference is a natural expression versus a thought or intentional feeling. Now your confusion will be that this is not an intentional feeling. It is a response or reaction. Physically focused, you may attribute to this. This is not entirely correct. Examine your feelings. Examine your impressions. These are not impulses. This is the difference. This is not to say that you do not feel for each other, that you do not express emotion, that you do not think, or that you do not incorporate impressions, for you do. These are natural physical expressions, but in focusing upon essence first, your essence will speak to you of where your proper incorporation of these elements lies. (Pause) I will express an example for you to contemplate. Find, within yourself, your focus and your intention regarding Elizabeth. (Pause) This will give you a thing to think about. You hold equally as many elements presently as Michael. You only are not viewing them. (Pause) Yes, these are all connected. VICKI: What does it matter, if you’re supposed to be focusing on yourself? (Laughing, with a hint of insanity)

ELIAS: Ah, but you are!

VICKI: This is very confusing! So, what’s the point?

ELIAS: But all of these answers will come from yourself.

VICKI: So what was I, was I not listening to myself all day today, when I couldn’t hardly do anything all day, because all I felt was a lot of distress for Michael, which interrupted my entire day? So was I listening to myself, or not??? (She’s starting to lose it!)

ELIAS: Partially.

VICKI: Partially. Well see, this is where my confusion lies. So you get something that happens to you through a whole day that’s a very strong impression, that creates concern for another individual. So, how do you know? How do you know whether you’re listening to yourself or not, or whether you’re just making it up??? (She’s lost herself now, in an experience of irritation and total frustration!)

ELIAS: (Very calmly) Your concern, first of all, is a valid manifestation of emotion. Secondly, your emotion, incorporated with feelings of disconnection, is confusing. This confusion has a tendency to scatter energy. Therefore, you do not examine, thoughtfully, the emotion. Were you needing of concern?

VICKI: I didn’t know! I don’t know! I didn’t know all day!!!

ELIAS: Within your available resources, which do not only incorporate physical elements but also listening to your reason and your self, remembering that I do not discount rationale, examine your incorporation of conflict. Within your manifestation of conflict, I am not expressing to you that you were wrong. You are incorporating, within your feelings, that this is what I am expressing. This is incorrect. I am expressing that you have created unnecessary conflict.

VICKI: I don’t feel any conflict! I just feel confusion!

ELIAS: Ah, but conflict is not necessarily manifest by arguing with yourself. Conflict may be expressed by an emotion, or by confusion, or by physical reactions. Conflict is expressed in many ways.

VICKI: I just don’t ... I didn’t feel any conflict today. I don’t feel any conflict right now. Right now, I feel confused from what you’re telling me. Today, I felt concern for Michael because I felt like something was not quite right with Michael. That’s real simple! That’s just simple, but then to ... You know, I should probably just shut up and think about it, because I’m just getting more confused!!!

ELIAS: And irritated!

VICKI: And irritated! And irritated! You’re absolutely right! I think maybe, you know, if somebody else has a question, they should have one, and I should, you know, think about this. (Good choice!)

ELIAS: Very well.

JIM: I have a question. I’m having a problem, or so I think I am, of letting go, so to speak, of ... and I know it’s tied up with letting go of a particular substance as well. I’d like to know if there’s some exercises or something I can do to rid myself of this conflict of the use and non-use, and I would like to know more of what’s behind my appetite of use for this substance.

ELIAS: This basically incorporates a lack of trust. You are distrusting of yourself, and therefore this creates a feeling of a lack of control. In this, you also believe that you may incorporate more control of your emotional self by continuation of this substance. As you learn to control yourself, which you already do, but as you learn to trust in that, your desire will lessen. As with other individuals, as you move to a wider awareness you experience much confusion. In this, this also incorporates a feeling of a lack of control. In this, you begin to feel a greater desire for that substance. As you trust yourself and your awareness and your control of your own emotions and thought processes, you will see that your desire will diminish. Focus upon trusting you. (Pause)

Also, when you are experiencing confusion or conflict, do not push these away from you. Allow yourself to experience this. Therefore, you will allow yourself to move through. You also lessen your conflict by not pushing so hard “away from.” Do not incorporate right and wrong, only experience, and allow yourself permission to experience; and in this, you will also allow yourself permission to trust.

JIM: (After quite a few hmm’s) I can see that. Thank you.

ELIAS: You are welcome. (Pause) I will retreat and you may discuss with yourselves, as I do not wish energies to be to heightened this evening. (Vic’s been spinning a lot of scattered energy tonight!) Therefore, I will bid you good evening, (looking at Vicki) and you may call for assistance. It does not matter to me that your irritation level may rise or that you may challenge me, for it does not upset me.

VICKI: I understand that. ELIAS: Therefore, even in this state, you may call on me.

VICKI: (Quietly) Okay.

ELIAS: Good evening. (Elias departs at 10:03)