Session 2550

“Defining Essence”

Tuesday, June 17, 2008 (Private/Phone)

Participants: Mary (Michael), Jean-Baptiste (Araili), Eric (Yuki) and Edwin (Ysun)

ELIAS: Good evening!

JIB: Good evening Elias, how are you?

ELIAS: Ahah! As always and yourself?

JIB: (smiles) As always...

ELIAS: Ahahah! Very good...

JIB: We have a guest today. He’s called Edwin.

ELIAS: Aaah... Welcome!

JIB: Thank you. It’s his first session.

ELIAS: And... this is a privilege. Ahaha. (all laugh)
And what shall we discuss my friends?

JIB: Oh, I don’t know if Edwin has already a question he wants to ask? (checks) OK. I’ve got many many questions (laughs)

ELIAS: Ahahaa. As always. (all laugh)

JIB: Exactly.

ELIAS: Ahaha.

JIB: I’ll begin with some questions about time and the blinks. Because we had a discussion with Eric yesterday, and we are exploring also with shape-shifting and yesterday with had this little game with a...

ERIC: the cloak-rack...

JIB: And it was like we were seeing some kind of monk or a man with a cloak and a hood, and it was changing shapes like becoming bigger, becoming thinner, becoming fatter, becoming fuzzy, becoming more...

ERIC: moving, like inside a movie...

JIB: ..., moving like it was windy, and at times we could almost see some light like its heart beating or something... I thought it was kind of cool, and during this I had also the impression of when I was closing my eyes kind of multi-layered feeling and energy; it was like the room was wavy. I don’t really know how to say that but...

ELIAS: I am understanding.

ERIC: And were you playing with us too? Because it was like at first I thought it was your energy superimposed on the cloak-rack and it was fun, because it was like you were facilitating this movement, and was wondering if these kinds of focuses that we saw were related to ourselves or to your energy, or...

ELIAS: Both.

JIB: Both...

ELIAS: (chuckles)

JIB: We also had impressions of different focuses, and especially me because of these happy faces and different feelings of people and I had the feeling of a yellow energy, like a Mayan focus or something connected with ocher. And I wanted to know what it was connected to. Is it a Mayan focus?

ELIAS: Yes, you are correct.

JIB: Is it in our past, current past? or in the future?

ELIAS: Past.

JIB: OK. Is it connected... because I think he’s a ”he” —is it a ”he”?

ELIAS: Yes, you are correct.

JIB: And I think he’s connected to my interest in Mayan focuses lately...


JIB: I think it’s also connected with time, and my interest in exploring time at the moment...

ELIAS: I would agree.

JIB: And is it connected with the past that their culture is in a kind of blink also or within ours?

ELIAS: I would express that the connection that you are experiencing with this focus or this interest that you express with this focus is understandable, for this individual does contact future focuses.

JIB: Oh, really?

ELIAS: And is aware of contacting future focuses. Therefore there is a time element involved in what he generates for he creates a state with himself in which he can transport his awareness and project to intersect with future focuses. And future focuses beyond you.

JIB: Like Matilda ...


JIB: Cecilia ?


JIB: Was he aware that I was aware of him?


JIB: Was he kind of trying to contact me or?... in a manner of speaking...

ELIAS: In a manner of speaking, yes. For he does incorporate awareness of future selves, and incorporates a curiosity and in association with the beliefs in his culture this is considered a very sacred action.

JIB: Is he some kind of priest or?

ELIAS: A type of shaman.

JIB: Another shaman :) OK. So I will continue to play with him...

ELIAS: Very well. Now understand when I express that he is a type of shaman, he is not precisely a shaman, although he commands the same respect as an actual shaman. He is more viewed as a gifted learned individual. Therefore he is more viewed as a wise man than a shaman, but does demands the respect in the same manner as an actual shaman.

JIB: OK. Thank you. About the Mayan culture, I was interested in knowing how they were... or what happened to them actually? I try to look throughout the session, but didn’t find anything about that. Is it connected to blinking in and out?

ELIAS: Yes. For, let me express to you, humans become extinct at times also. It is not merely other lifeforms that become extinct. Human can become extinct also in particular cultures, or races, or however you choose to categorize them. And when they do that would be the same type of action that occurs with other life forms in your dimensions such as animal and vegetation and in that they are not gone, they are gone from your physical reality but they are not gone entirely for they do blink out and continue in other realities, parallel realities.

JIB: OK. So it’s not just like their lives disappeared from our reality, they just end their lives and disengage as everybody do... or they re-manifested in other manners?

ELIAS: For the most part, most of them disengaged but in a concentrated time framework, which would be the same as becoming extinct.

JIB: OK so it’s like maybe they chose (to disappear) from disease in a short time period...

ELIAS: Yes and that created the blink which eliminated from this reality and blinked them into a parallel reality.

JIB: OK. Concerning the blink, and going to something wider so to speak, it’s about maybe Earth or the sun or the galaxy... what does happen when there’s a blink in and out? Because Eric asked me yesterday if the Earth just disappear, and what of every species or humans on the Earth when the Earth disappears, do you understand?...

ELIAS: Yes, I am understanding. This is a similar situation also. It is not that it does not continue, but it continues in a parallel universe so to speak. And I am understanding that it may be difficult to comprehend for you view your own universe as all that is, that your own universe is so incredibly vast, as how there can be any expression beyond that, but in actuality this is the incredibly unbounded vastness of consciousness, that this particular Earth so to speak in relation to your present universe is one particular blink of this universe. This solar system and this particular planet exists in other blinks.

Now, when those planets or that universe blinks out and another blinks in, whatever existed and whatever was occurring in the evolution so to speak of the previous blink continues in a parallel universe but it will evolve differently. Therefore, if per se hypothetically your universe were to blink out today it would continue and it would continue to evolve in the manner that it is and it would be replaced with another blink that would begin evolving in a different manner.

JIB: What would be the change in the perception, because if the universe blinks today as you said, and we are still here so to speak, did we just follow the other...


JIB: Our universe into this parallel reality?

ELIAS: Yes. For you are what is creating that.

JIB: OK. What will we perceive?

ELIAS: I would express that you would likely for a time framework perceive very similarly to what you do now, but in a relatively short time framework, you would likely begin to notice differences in your perceptions and you would likely be interactive with your world and your universe differently.

ERIC: And when it blinks like it did, would the universe or the planets would change?... I have an example in mind, because there is some theory that states that the Earth is actually expanding, and that in earlier times the Earth was smaller, which allowed for dinosaurs, and these kind of thing... I don’t really know if it’s accurate or what, but if such an Earth existed in the previous blink of the times of dinosaur, would the blink of the modern era Earth have changed the diameter of the Earth, or was there some continuity?

ELIAS: It can. That is somewhat depending upon the stage of evolution of the planet when it blinks. As an example, before your blink began, the evolution of the previous blink was expressed to a degree in which humans had evolved but in a different manner from yourselves, and in that their evolution being different from yourselves was not as industrialized, so to speak. Therefore it generated a different course.

Now, when it blinked out and your universe blinked in, your planet was configured somewhat differently to allow a different type of evolution, a more diverse type of evolution; therefore the blink also evolves.

And yes, in blinking out, there can be changes to your universe for what can occur and does many times occur is that some elements of the new blink may also be included in the previous blink. As a hypothetical example, you might blink out and the new blink may incorporate more planets in your actual solar system. Therefore as you blink out, you might also incorporate additional planets or additional moons, or different configurations of star systems. Therefore you would notice differences in your reality. Now, how you might perceive that initially, if you were hypothetically to blink out today, given your awareness as is presently, you may interpret that as merely discovering new configurations, new planets and in that it may spark questions as to why you are discovering so many in a concentrated time framework, that were not recognized previously throughout your history.

ERIC: Would that also mean that all that we try to do with studying prehistory or studying the cosmos and evolution of the Universe is somewhat tied to our idea that it is continuous when it’s actually not that (much)... we re-create the continuity to (interpret our experiences) but it isn’t necessarily here...

ELIAS: Correct. Although I will express that, in your blink, there is a continuity. And there is much to explore, therefore it is a situation in which whether you are involved in a present blink in, or not, you remain in existence and that allows you to continue with your exploration. Now, if you blink out, it offers you more opportunity for even more expanded exploration. For in that situation you are creating additional elements to explore and you are offering yourselves information that your universe is not necessarily static.

JIB: OK. Is it similar to what I call my shifting of aspects, or when I have some aspects coming to the front, and having others coming more underground so to speak, or going elsewhere?...


JIB: Blinking is just aspects changing actually...

ELIAS: Yes, for universe rather than for an individual

JIB: I was curious about these blinks in and out... It appears to me that every aspect has its own frequency of blinking or own vibrational blink.

ELIAS: Yes, you are correct. Which is what allows you to alter positions. Those vibrations of qualities with some may be very slight in difference; some are more exaggerated than others, but yes you are correct. Each aspect does incorporate a different vibrational quality.

JIB: I wanted to know also about differences of awareness of the different consciousness structures... I don’t know how to say that, but like the mountains, the Earth, the river, maybe meteorites...

ELIAS: And what precisely are you inquiring of as to their construct?

JIB: ... What type of consciousness are they? I would make a difference between essence and consciousness that is not essence, and I was curious what was the differences...

ELIAS: Very well. Now, in actuality, there is not actually a distinction. There is not actually a difference between the identification of essence and consciousness. They are not two separate things or entities. Essence is an expression of consciousness that is the manipulating aspect of consciousness that creates in association with physical manifestations. Now, I am aware that for your understanding, I have expressed somewhat of a distinction in offering essence names, and in alluding to individuality of essences but I have also countered that in expressing that in actuality outside of physical realities, there is literally no separation and that there is no separation of essences either.

Essence is an identification of that aspect of consciousness that incorporates the qualities that creates any expression that is associated with objective awareness. Now, in this, as you cannot separate consciousness, when consciousness is involved in creating physical expressions, physical manifestations, there is an element of personality that is associated with that aspect of consciousness to create the diversity that is desired with a physical reality. Aspects of consciousness express tones that create personalities. That is the identification of essences; which, as I have expressed previously in relation to consciousness is irrelevant in a manner of speaking for it is all interconnected and it is all one, and it is not a thing. But, in relation to explanations to you, it is important that you have an explanation that you can identify with in relation to personal identity which is a very important factor in your reality.

Now, as to expressions of consciousness such as mountains or rivers or oceans or land masses; these are extensions of you. You as aspects of consciousness incorporate a personality to generate objective awareness which creates perception; (to) generate a projection of energy individually which interconnects with every other individual within your reality and that creates a collective expression which allow you to create the projection of the other physical manifestations. You create the Earth, the mountains, the seas, equally as much as you create a building. You create the atmosphere, the weather patterns, the movements of the Earth, and how it evolves as much as you create any physical structure in your reality.

For it is an extension of you. It is an extension of your energy, it is an extension of you. And it forms in conjunction with how you manipulate energy, and I will express to you that although most individuals presently do not entirely understand this concept, and although they do not entirely experientially know it, you are beginning to realize that your actual physical planet is directly affected by you. That you actually do directly interact with it and manipulates energy in manners that actually create effects with it.

And, I will express to you that although you are presenting to yourselves evidence of how you are affecting in what perceiving to be negative manners, there is also encouragement, for there are some areas of you actual physical planet that are continuing to expand and that are continuing to grow, in your terms; such as certain mountains which continue to grow.

JIB: I think it’s kind of connected to what I wanted to ask you after that, about my body, and my teeth etc. and I think it’s the same kind of answers that there are some areas that are thriving and growing and just feeling good, and other that are feeling aching, or bad... but there is not one particular (unique) direction...

ELIAS: It is very interconnected, for with your physical body consciousness as with your planet, when you neglect, or ignore certain areas, you are not actively directing them, and that may create physical manifestations, for those are your signals; just as your planet expresses signals, that you are not maintaining a communication or an instruction with your body consciousness in a productive manner so to speak, or in a nurturing manner, and...

JIB: What do I express with my signals with my teeth, actually; because I guess the signals, I had interesting insights about what I’m communicating to myself, actually each time I’m hard with myself, forcing myself, or judging myself, but most of the time I don’t get how I can just (restore) the harmony or communication so to speak...

ELIAS: It is a manner of noticing, and allowing yourself to be nurturing yourself and to be gentle with yourself, to be begin to implement a gentleness in energy. Now, there are many many different avenues and manners in which you can express that with yourself and you can begin to generate that energy. Let me express to you my friend. Why do you suppose mothers sing lullabies to small ones?

JIB: I suppose, to make them sleep (laughs)...

ELIAS: They engage this action for it is an expression of nurturing and gentle energy, which is calming and soothing and creates an association for the small one of safety. Individuals whether they be small ones, or whether they be adults, naturally gravitate to what they perceive to be safe. And, in that, there is a comfort in safety. Now, I will express that comfort can be a relative term, for at times individuals may be creating situations that they dislike and that they do not want but that they also generate an association of safety in. And therefore there is an association of being comfortable in uncomfortableness. But as to the lullaby, that is expressed in a very particular energy; an energy of nurturing and of gentleness. An individual cannot express a lullaby in anger or hostility, or in tension, for it would not be expressed as a lullaby. In this it is the same principle. When you are generating some discounting of yourself or pressuring yourself and you recognize that, and you recognize that you are creating a physical manifestation as a signal in relation to it, the first direction that I would suggest that you address to, is to allow yourself to generate a nurturing and a gentle energy with yourself, for that drains the tense energy or the intense energy. It allows it to be released and allows you to move to an association of being safe, and being comforted.

JIB: OK, so when I have this desire to do this Tumold humming that I told you about last time, it’s connected to this kind of expression of nurturing energy?...

ELIAS: Yes! And you can allow yourself for several moments to absorb yourself in an actual feeling of being craddled.

JIB: I do that at times. I like it...

ELIAS: (smiles gently)

JIB: I’ll let Edwin ask some questions now. Thank you very much.

ELIAS: You are very welcome.

EDWIN: Hello Elias, how are you?

ELIAS: As always, and yourself?

EDWIN: Very good. I had a question about what I’m exploring right now, about intimacy and relationship, with X (name omitted) and what I am involving myself with...

ELIAS: Be more specific.

EDWIN: OK... Hmmm... I’ve been exploring the differences with relationships with the same sex and with X, and (inaudible) and because of the differences of the cultures, I am unsure of what it is I’m doing, in exploring this direction...

ELIAS: And what is generating concern?

EDWIN: I’m not necessarily concerned, I was just wondering what... I had been watching lots of movies depicting expressions of intimacy between men, at different levels, and I was just wondering about my direction, if it’ll last for a long time (...)

ELIAS: I would express to you quite definitely my friend, this is your choice. It is depending on how you proceed, and what you want, and your openness and your willingness to genuinely pay attention to yourself and, in that, allowing yourself to express yourself freely without hesitation and also not waiting for the other individual to signal you. This is a common distraction and difficulty with many many individual is that you generate a perception of relationships that are very limiting, for the perception is that you pay attention to the other individual and wait for signals or signs from the other individual to offer yourself permission to express. And in actuality what creates much more successful and more solid relationships is when the individual allow themselves to genuinely be them and to genuinely express in their freedom with each other and to generate an acceptance of differences but also an allowance of your own expression which many individual do not allow, for there are very strong perceptions in relationships with regard to what is appropriate, what is not appropriate, what you should do, what you should not do, how much you should pay attention to your partner, how much you should not pay attention to your partner, how much you should place your partner in more importance than yourself and many of these associations are very damaging to relationships and create considerable conflicts and problems.

Whereas, if you are comfortable with yourself and if you are satisfied with yourself, you will allow yourself to express and you will allow yourself to move in your own natural flow, and in doing so, you can be more accepting of other individuals’ differences for those differences will not be threatening to you, for you are already comfortable within yourself. And therefore that creates a confidence and that feeling of secureness within yourself, and therefore other individuals’ differences are not threatening; and that eliminates the conflict of defense also, when you can be accepting of differences, the other individual becomes more accepting of differences also. Every individual incorporates some differences and differences in perceptions; it is a matter of not concerning yourself with that, but more so paying attention to what you are doing, and to what you want and how you want to express you, remembering it is not a matter to what you want from the other individual. If you move in that direction, I will express to you almost a guarantee that you will be disappointed and that you will be unsuccessful.

But if you are not moving in the direction of what you want from the other individual, which is an expectation, and you are moving in the direction of what you want to express, that creates a very different foundation and a very different type of interaction which allows for a free flow, and in that direction, you can build a successful relationship. Therefore the question is, what do you want to express.

EDWIN: Do I have to answer that?

ELIAS: No! (laughter) Or how do you want to express, and...

EDWIN: That was the perfect answer; and that answers all of my questions. Because I knew that I need to go back to myself in order to express in the way that I want to instead of walking a tightrope of wondering what to do, or how I should express...

ELIAS: Yes. You will create considerable confusion and conflict and frustration and disappointment for yourself in that direction for you occupy yourself with tremendous time in attempting to discern the other individual’s perception; or what they are doing, or what they are thinking, or what they are feeling, when in actuality in matters not. The point is whatever energy you project, that energy will seek what matches it. Therefore if you are projecting an energy in which you are comfortable and satisfied with you and you are content with what you do and how you express, you automatically generate a natural by-product which is accepting of the other individual, which creates no threat to them either, and therefore they can be freer to express in their natural manner. Therefore my suggestion simply put is: be present.

JIB: Thank you very much Elias.

ELIAS: You are very welcome. (laughter)

JIB: I just have one last quick question. Yesterday, I was in the bathroom and I had an impression of a woman, she was with grey hair, like a bell on her head, and she wore red lipstick, and she was looking at me like she was puzzled, or having a very funny expression, like a pouting on her face. It was like a Chinese feeling around her, but she wasn’t Chinese... I had the feeling it could be Matilda, my focus in 2163.

ELIAS: Yes. You are correct.

JIB: Was the face I saw pretty accurate or?


JIB: What was the impression that at first she was chubby and then she was thinner?

ELIAS: She is thin. I would express that the other image is somewhat distorted. But that also would not be unusual, for it is a filtering of energy and at times that may somewhat require more of a streamlining of energy or acclimating of the actual connection of energy to be translating more accurately.

JIB: I was adjusting my perception of her?


JIB: OK. Thank you very much.

ELIAS: You are very welcome. I would express to all of you my tremendous appreciation in our conversation, and I will offer my energy to each of you in tremendous encouragement in your endeavors. Until our next meeting, in tremendous lovingness, au revoir.

ALL: Au revoir!

[Elias departs after 1 hour]