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CommunicationConsciousnessCounterpartsDream WalkersDuplicity
ImpressionIntentIt matters notOrientationPerception
PreferencePresenceRegional AreasRemembranceShift
Subjective/ObjectiveTransitionWaves in ConsciousnessYCYR

Session 0(1) A term used to describe a feeling or impression of familiarity with a place or location that the person sees for the first time. Sometimes associated with the term: Deja Vu. (2) The result of a stimulus "remembered" or carried into the current focus from another lifetime or focus. The memory is carried within the subjective consciousness which manifests with an objective preference for seemingly trivial phobias or emotional stimuli. Examples include: The fear of water; The fragrance of dirt or burning peat; The attraction to a certain historical event or person; The preference or aversion for a certain food. The examples of bleed-throughs are endless.