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Group Session Transcripts and Audios

Session Year


201503151"Law, Legal Systems and the Shift"Sunday, March 15, 2015TranscriptAudio
201504191"Differences and Preferences"Sunday, April 19, 2015TranscriptAudio
3278"Global Changes"Saturday, May 2, 2015TranscriptAudio
201506141"Personal Interactions and Societal Changes"Sunday, June 14, 2015TranscriptAudio
201508091"Defining Presence"Sunday, August 9, 2015TranscriptAudio
201509201"Furthering the Subject of Presence"Sunday, September 20, 2015TranscriptAudio
201510241"Why You Pay Attention to the Negative"Saturday, October 24, 2015TranscriptAudio
201512201"The Intensified Energy of the Religious Wave"Sunday, December 20, 2015TranscriptAudio