Session 3250

“Your Own Intuition Will Not Betray You”
“Why Does Some Land Attract Us?”
“Let’s Talk Crystals”

Friday, October 24, 2014 (Private)

Participants: Mary (Michael), Jean-Francois (Samta) and Adam (Avril)

ELIAS: Good Morning!

JF: Good morning, Elias.

ELIAS: (Chuckles) And what shall we discuss?

JF: Ah well, as usual there is plenty to discuss.

ELIAS: (Chuckles)

JF: Well, before we dive into my questions, (Elias coughs) I have a couple for my sister.

Elias coughs several time)

ELIAS: One moment (Mary returns and drinks some water).

ELIAS: Continuing. Proceed. For your sister?

JF: Yes, just two questions for my sister first. You know she’s been engaging healing sessions. Like, she’s performing them. Energy healing. And she’s been having that kind of vision of a Cheshire Cat, and she was wondering if that was associated with you.

ELIAS: (Chuckles) Yes.

JF: She felt you around during those sessions. Is that accurate?


JF: Yeah. (Elias chuckles) She’s appreciating that. She says hello.

ELIAS: And you may offer my greetings also, with a very large grin! (Both laugh)

JF: Yeah. The other question that I have for her is that her son Alex - he’s been behaving a bit strangely for a while where he is not responding to his name as much, and he seems to be communicating less using words and gestures than he was previously. So we’re wondering, you know, what’s going on there?

ELIAS: And the impressions?

JF: The worry was something like autism, but I don’t feel that that’s the case, and if I were to offer my impression is that... I mean, the energy seems to be more on the inside in a way; it’s more like there’s more of a subjective energy or connection going on in these periods. That’s what I would say, but it’s very general.

ELIAS: I would agree. I would express that within your classifications of labels, that he is moving in a direction of expressing a slight leaning in a direction of what your science has classified as Asperger’s. But I would also express very strongly not to move in the direction of the labels. For that can be very limiting and it also lends to a direction of expecting certain actions and behaviors, and therefore encouraging them.

JF: Reinforcing it.


JF: Yeah.

ELIAS: What I would express is that words are only one form of language, and if she and you and others that are close to him are paying attention, you can understand his communications without words.

In that, also, listening can be expressed without words also, meaning an individual is not required to use words to be listened to. That you can listen to an individual even if they are not expressing in words. Therefore what I would suggest is to practice listening not to the words, but to the actions and the mannerisms and the expressions. Very slight facial expressions can express equally as well as words. To listen and to be engaging - but not pushing, not forcing - but to be engaging in a manner that communicates value and importance. And that that value and importance is not contingent upon words.

JF: So there is something going on which would not be classified as normal, but at the same time this is also not to say that it would continue to develop in this direction?

ELIAS: It may or may not. That is yet to have been entirely evaluated by himself.

JF: Yeah, right.

ELIAS: In relation to what he wants to explore and how; therefore, it may continue or it may not. It may change. I would express that how he is interacted with would be a significant factor in that choice.

If individuals proceed in the direction of interacting with him in the capacity that there is some WRONG expression with him, that may reinforce him continuing. Or if individuals are concerned, or worried, or if individuals are over indulgent - any of those expressions can influence the individual to continue in that direction, for it creates that type of direction to be more interesting and more attractive. For children are exceptionally attuned to energy and they are also very curious about everything. In that, they also become aware very quickly of how to manipulate energy in relation to the individuals around them.

You look at small children as being not very adept at many actions, but in actuality they actually are quite adept, and in that they generate assessments not necessarily in the manner that you do - in the manner of thinking - but in relation to energy; they generate fairly accurate assessments of energy and they are curious, and therefore if they notice that by generating certain behaviors they elicit certain responses.

Generally they will continue to express in that manner, for it fascinates them how they can manipulate other individuals in their behaviors.

JF: So in this, I guess the idea would be to generate as much acceptance as possible, and that would create the best development possible for everybody involved?

ELIAS: Yes. And in that, not to view him as different in a damaged manner or in an abnormal manner, but different in his own unique expression. Not “special” in the capacity that you are acquiescing and accommodating, but “special” in a genuine manner that every individual is special.

JF: And it’s his own chosen exploration?


JF: Yeah. All right. Well thank you for that.

ELIAS: You are very welcome.

JF: I think it was about sometime last month or so… You know I’ve been engaging crystals much more than before. You’ve been around, I know. (Elias chuckles) You know all about it, and I had a pretty strong experience with citrine.

I had gotten a bunch - like thirty little citrine points - and when I got back home I laid down and I made a mandala on my belly with it, and what ensued was like this really absolutely intense movement of energy just flowed all over the body, and I think the yellow and the orange energy centers were, like, going in circles and motion and I had to look because I thought there were physical people there, doing stuff. It was that strong, and then the throat lighted up, which I think you were there. It was like a party in my throat. (Elias chuckles)

And anyway, it was really spectacular and that’s the strongest experience that I’ve had with the crystals so far. And that was more so during the time that I was addressing to these digestive symptoms, and from that day on it was like intensely better day and night.

So I think the crystals were instrumental in this, but I also think that there was essence or essences doing stuff, and they just used that moment where I was expecting something to happen with the crystals. And they just kind of moved in and just worked on me. Is that accurate?


JF: Yes. So (chuckles) was there a main essence doing this? Was it Samta energy? Was it you? Because I felt you very strongly.

ELIAS: Correct. But I would also express that the essence of Twyla was quite interactive.

JF: This is new for me. Twyla? She is one of these nine essences?


JF: And which family does she represent? Is it the Tumold?


JF: That was very Tumold-like (Elias laughs). It was really nice. And it felt like it resuscitated or reinvigorated my yellow and/or orange energy centers. I felt it like I had never felt it before. Now...

ELIAS: Congratulations for allowing reception.

JF: Thank you. But here is the thing: I was really enthusiastic about this and then the next day I was going to do this again. I was going to reengage the stones and it was a period where I felt a lot of energy, but I had talked to a friend, and in that conversation - that was prior to engaging it the second time; it was between the two times - I was talking to that friend and I described what had happened and then she started to go into the direction of I should be careful; this could awaken the kundalini and people burn their organs with this and blah, blah, blah, and I don’t know really anything about kundalini. (Elias begins to cough)

I know it’s just a label. It’s just a belief that we have placed on whatever movement of energy can occur, so it didn’t really bother me - the kundalini thing - but it got me wondering and thinking: could I unleash too much energy and then create some damage in this?

So the second time when I was about to engage it, I felt the movement of energy. It was starting to stir up and I felt: okay, I’m going in this direction of something spectacular again, but then I started to be afraid. And then it killed it. Of course!

And, you know, since then I’ve been having nice energy flow and experiences with the stones and the crystals, but not in that kind of intensity, and I was wondering if you would have anything to say about that fear that cropped up there about too much energy burning myself from the inside and...

ELIAS: This is an excellent example of how easily suggestible all of you are.

JF: Yeah.

ELIAS: And in that, even if you do not agree or you do not accept an extreme that another individual suggests, that it is enough to plant a doubt...

JF: Yeah.

ELIAS: ...and to influence a skepticism or a hesitation. In that, what I would express to you is two aspects: One, regardless of what other individuals express to you, listen to your intuition. Listen to your own intuition, for your own intuition will not betray you. And as I have expressed to many, many individuals: Your intuition is designed as a function to answer questions. That is what it does.

JF: Right.

ELIAS: Even when you do not incorporate an objective thought of a question, your intuition is always answering every question that you express. Even when you are not aware that you are expressing a question. It always gives you accurate information. That would be the first expression that I would offer to you.

The other is, I have expressed that citrine, in relation to certain other stones, may not be the most beneficial combination. But by itself, no. It would not generate any damaging affectingness physically, mentally, emotionally, energetically - anything. Citrine would not generate difficulties or overload you ,or be too extreme, even if you were incorporating large stones, which with some other stones I may express to certain individuals some limitations or cautions with them. Not with the citrine. The size of it or the quantity of it by itself, but would not necessarily...

JF: Citrine or not, regardless of the citrine… I mean theoretically is that possible to generate such an intensity of the energy through the energy centers that it could actually quote/unquote burn you - burn the organs or something? I mean, I guess anything’s possible. But that’s not necessarily likely within the context of the things that I’ve been doing.


JF: Right.

ELIAS: No. And in that, no. It would not be the energy of the stones.

JF: So what about all these stories of people burning their organs with the kundalini? You hear that sometimes.

ELIAS: That would be the individual and their own associations and their beliefs. It is the reverse of the same action of individuals that incorporate venomous snakes and experience no affectingness.

JF: So just expecting to be burned or having that kind of idea could help create that.

ELIAS: They believe it.

JF: Yeah, yeah.

ELIAS: And therefore what is believing? Trusting. They trust that it will occur and therefore it does. They create that occurring. It is not a stone or the energy of the stone or what the stone’s function is that creates that. It is the individual themself that is creating that action.

And let me express to you as I have previously with some other individuals: Whenever an individual generates some physical manifestations that is harmful or a dysfunction, it is associated with an issue. They are expressing an issue of some type, and that is influencing the body consciousness to react in a physical manifestation. That is how your body consciousness communicates, is through physical actions or physical manifestations. When individuals express an issue to a significant degree, they will likely create some physical manifestation that reflects that.

But I would express to you in relation to any stones, no. You would not burn your organs or generate some type of action such as that.

Now; yes. You can generate a physical effectiveness with combinations of stones if you are using them in a manner in which you are not informed or ill-informed in relation to their qualities and their functions. You can create uncomfortable situations or experiences. Will they be damaging to you? No. But they can be uncomfortable in varying degrees.

JEAN: So Twyla and I can get busy again!

ELIAS: Yes you can. (Laughs)

JF: All right. Well, in recent days there’s been a bit of the flaring up of the symptoms again with the digestive system. It was doing a lot better. I mean, it’s not as bad as it was but there’s been some agitation there, and I would say I can look back the last couple of weeks and I would say that I have been putting others first a lot. I can see many many instances where I’ve compromised - like that just one little thing, one after the other - and that’s what’s behind this latest little episode, right?


JF: Yeah.


JF: Okay, and I’ve been correcting that, and I know what to do.

ELIAS: Excellent.

JF: The lights flickering in intensity at my father’s place? That was you, right?


JF: Nice job on the diversion there (both laugh) when that argument was starting to happen. That was good! Because they noticed it and they were like, “What the hell is that? This never happened before!” (Elias chuckles) I knew it was. Good job. (Laughs along with Elias).

ELIAS: Thank you.

JF: My sister also noticed. (Elias laughs)

Okay, on the night of October 6th - that was during the night I woke up. And suddenly there was a strong infusion of energy, and like a wave and all encompassing. And I was wondering if an essence was involved in that and, if so, which one? I kind of wondered, is that Liva?

ELIAS: I would express there was a combination of both of your energies.

JEAN: Samta and Liva?


JF: That felt like Liva 2.0; it was like different. (Elias chuckles) It was stronger.

ELIAS: I would also express that she is developing.

JF: Yeah. I get that impression.


JF: Yeah.

ELIAS: And experimenting.

JF: Was that a conscious...

ELIAS: And at times, as you are already aware, she does incorporate a tendency to experiment with stones to enhance her energy and aid her in projecting, and more strongly or more directly in certain capacities, and she is developing.

JF: (Chuckles) I like how you say that. She is developing! (Elias laughs)

Yeah. Good. And there is another... there is another essence that’s been interacting with me and I think it might be our friend here. (Elias chucklesI felt the shimmering of energy in the lips a few times, and that was an essence projecting energy, right?


JF: And I was ... Do you pronounce it Avril? Avril? Avril? (Pronounces it three different ways.) That was Avril, right?


JF: Yeah. There was another time (chuckles) kind of lower, down there. And that was also Avril?

ELIAS: (Both Laugh) Interesting description, yes.

ADAM: She needs to behave. (Chuckles) I didn’t ask her to go doing all this!
(All laugh)

JF: Well, no one is surprised yet. (JF and Adam laugh) (A dog barks)

JF: You know, all these essence interactions in the past year. They’ve kind of been changing my perception of sexuality in a way, because it is kind of a state of energetic mergence and interactions - these essence interactions. And before, I think I had kind of a more mechanistic vision or perception of what sexuality can be, and these interactions have kind of brought a stronger energetic dimension to how I envision sexuality.

ELIAS: And expanded it.

JF: And expand?

ELIAS: And expanded it.

JF: And expanded it, yes. Yes, that’s it. Yeah, that’s been cool. (Elias chuckles)

So, so far I’ve been objectively aware of Elias, Sumter, Liva, Patel, Tomkin and Avril, now Twylah interactions, and I’m wondering if there are other essences that I have been interacting, you know, in recent times that I’ve not put my finger on, that I haven’t identified objectively. I have been wondering about Rastin.

ELIAS: Yes. And Ordin.

JF: Ordin. So I’ve been assigning body parts to these essences? (Elias laughs) Running out of body parts. (Elias laughs again)

I was going to ask you for hints, but maybe I will just figure it out. Rastin and Ordin. I will try to see...

ELIAS: Very well.

JF: ...where they manifest. Are they manifesting in particular areas or just not necessarily?


JF: They are? Okay, so they are going along with this game. I kind of imagine Rastin in this Middle Eastern robe and turban and some kind of elaborate head dress - something that kind of has that Mediterranean kind of flavor to him.

ELIAS: I would agree.

JF: Yeah? Okay, so we’ll meet. (Elias laughs)

JF: Hey, I think I identified this prince that I am - the Egyptian prince. Is it Prince Amenemhat, the son of Thutmose III?


JF: Whoa, very good.

ELIAS: Congratulations!

JF: Did I die of some disease or of some medical thing? Is that what killed me?


JF: Yes. Okay. Two weeks ago I got a bunch of impressions about numbers and focuses and stuff, and I’d like to check with you. Uzuru, my nephew... you know these numbers might have changed, but let’s just go along with two weeks ago.

ELIAS: Very well.

JF: Does he have 1401 focuses in this dimension?

ELIAS: Increase by 20.

JF: But that was correct.


JF: Ha. Svecte, his father, and Uzuru: Are they sharing or were they sharing, 53 focuses?

ELIAS: Correct.

JF: Talya and Uzuru: Are they or were they sharing 74 focuses?

ELIAS: Correct.

JF: I’m good. (Elias laughs)

JF: I had this kind of vision of Uzuru as a western intellectual of sorts, visiting African tribes. Does he incorporate a focus who’s, I don’t know, studying or just...


JF: ...engaging them on... like, they’re in Africa?


JF: Okay. Is he American in that focus?


JF: Yes. Talia: Does she have 1461 focuses in this dimension?

ELIAS: Decrease two.

JF: Decrease two. And I had the number 341 or 361 in relation to Greek or Roman focuses for her in the Mediterranean area. (Inaudible)

ELIAS: The second, yes.

JF: 361. That was not two weeks ago; that was a bit further back. I had had this image of - it was kind of like a soldier outfit, Roman? And I associated that with Liva? Was that in relation to her Roman soldier focus?


JF: I thought the name “Nathaniel,” but that doesn’t sound very Roman does it?

ELIAS: That is a translation.

JF: It is?

ELIAS: Therefore, what I would express is you can research that in relation to knowing that it is a more modern translation of the original name.

JF: Okay. And in relation to Adam - Avirl. Is it more accurate to say Avril or Avril? (Pronounces it two different ways.)

ELIAS: Avril. (AV RIL – short “A”)

JF: Avril. That sounds better also. (Elias laughs)

JF: All right. Good.

I had this image this week of the two of us as maybe thirteen, fourteen - I don’t know. Somewhere around that age, boys in Africa, riding elephants. We’re outfitted with colonial wear. Is that a focus vision?


JF: 1800’s; we’re British?

ELIAS: No. Nineteen.

JF: Nineteen - early 1900’s?


JF: Cool. And we’re both British?


JF: We’re friends. We’re good friends, no? I saw... I really... I felt like a strong friendship energy there.

ELIAS: Yes. Correct.

ADAM: What country?

JF: Okay. Yeah, which country?

ELIAS: South Africa.

JF: Okay. My friend Jonathan: I had started to work on his essence name in a previous session and I’d got the UMI part, remember? Is it just Bumi? His essence name? Bumi?


JF: No, it’s not. Okay. Is there a “pa?”


JF Something pa-umi?

ELIAS: Reverse.

F: Umi-pa?

ELIAS: And one more syllable.

JF: I thought you had said that “umi” was at the end? (Pause) Okay, I will work on this. (Elias laughs)

JF: I have stage fright now. (Elias laughs again)

JF: My friend Dawa? Is this an essence name also? Dawa?


JF: That fits. Do we share or were we sharing seventy-three focuses?

ELIAS: Increase eight.

JF: Increase eight.

My friend Pauline: We already established that she’s one of the daughters of Akhenaton, directing. Is that…? She wants to know which one. I think it’s one of the two youngest daughters.

ELIAS: The youngest.

JF: The youngest. Okay. All right.

Some years ago I’d ask you about places that resonate with me and I’m kind of... like, I feel like I’m a little bit at cross roads here and I am wondering where do I put myself. (Elias laughs)

ADAM: Do you want me to go?

JF: No, no, no. Not at all.

So if we were to explore with the idea that to go and spend some time somewhere within the next year for some amount of time, what places on the planet would particularly resonate with me?

ELIAS: And what is your impression?

JF: I’m very attracted to the Mediterranean, in general. I’ve been more interested in Europe than I have been previously. I think my years of quote/unquote “slumming” it in India has kind of made me want to go for a little bit more comfort there. (Elias laughs) Even though I miss the Tibetans sometimes. Yeah, I would say, in general, Mediterranean area.

ELIAS: I would agree.

JF: You had mentioned the seashore in Turkey at that time. Are there other more specific places you would see in the Mediterranean?

ELIAS: (Pause) I would express that there are several areas that you would resonate with most of the shoreline cities.

JF: I was going to say near the water; I feel it strongly.


JF: Like, anywhere in Greece on the coast or the island. Those are all pretty good spots.


JF: Yeah.

ELIAS: And also France and Spain.

JF: Really?

ELIAS: On the coast.

JF: On the coast.

ELIAS: I would also express that there are some areas in Egypt on the coast...

JF: Well, Egypt anywhere. Yeah.

ELIAS: ...that you would resonate with.

JF: Yeah. Okay. Thank you.

(To Adam) You want to ask that for yourself? You want to know?

ADAM: Sure

JF: Can you answer for...

ADAM: Where would be a good... besides where I’m at. I’m pretty comfortable! You know, if I do choose to leave here one day. (Elias and Adam laugh)

Where would be a good place that resonates for me? Where are the most resonant places on this globe, maybe one or two most resonant places for my energy?

ELIAS: (23 – second pause) In relation to this country or in relation to your world?

ADAM: I will take one from this country and one from the world.

ELIAS: Very well. I would express in relation to this country (pause), the southeastern seaboard. Therefore, I would express that in different capacities some areas in Georgia; some areas in the Carolinas. Not necessarily Florida. Not necessarily New Jersey or Virginia.

Outside of this country? Australia would be the area that you would resonate with the most.

ADAM: Okay. In a city in Australia or less populated?

ELIAS: I would express that you would resonate with either. You would resonate with some cities. Not all. But you would also resonate with more rural areas.

ADAM: Why does some land attract us? Or why does he resonate with his countries and areas, and I - why Australia? Or why... why? What does that?

ELIAS: The energy.

ADAM: Okay, so the land Australia holds a certain energy that am related to somehow?

JF: And the culture also, no?

ELIAS: Let me express to you that any physical place in relation to your planet holds the energy of the majority of individuals that have lived there throughout history, and therefore it generates a specific type of culture and flavors, so to speak.

In that, the land configuration itself draws certain types of individuals. You will notice within your own country, or yours, that the culture and the types of individuals that are drawn to the western coast are different from the individuals and the culture in the eastern coast.

In this, the land configuration and the actual energy of the earth in those areas draw certain types of energies to them. Then...

JF: It builds on it, right?

ELIAS: Yes. Then the individuals accumulatively are also generating energy deposits throughout history in those areas. Therefore, it is a combination of the energy of the place itself, on your earth, and also that accumulation of energy of individuals that have expressed those energy deposits throughout centuries and centuries and centuries, and cultures that have been expressed in those areas.

Generally speaking, cultures in certain areas do not change dramatically. Cultures in Greece are similar to the cultures in ancient Greece. Cultures in Egypt are similar to the cultures in ancient Egypt.

JF: They change clothing but a lot of the energies stays similar.

ELIAS: Yes, and therefore the culture is developed and it evolves, but there are many aspects that are very similar. European cultures are in this present time framework very similar to the energy of the cultures many, many, many, many, many centuries prior and will continue to be so into your future, for the land configuration draws those types of individuals that will develop a particular type of culture.

JF: It’s like an energetic blueprint that makes it...

ELIAS: In a manner of speaking, yes. Yes.

JF: (To Adam) So when you going to Australia? (Elias chuckles)

ADAM: Again. I need to go this focus, right? I’m sure I was a prisoner there so many times! (Elias chuckles)

JF: All right, let’s talk crystals.

ELIAS: Very well.

JF: Let me see. So as I’ve been engaging rose quartz a lot - it’s pretty much the main stone that I’ve been using with these, you know, the symptoms that I’ve been having.

ELIAS: Excellent stone to engage.

JF: Yeah, I like it. (Elias laughs)

JF: Several times when I would put it on my belly or colon area, and the energy is moving and it’s shimmering, and it feels like the red and orange energy centers are being more stimulated than what I would have expected; the yellow one to be kind of like, you know, responding more to this because of those particular symptoms?

But it’s really much more, at least, obvious or noticeable in the orange and red energy centers. And I was wondering: why is the yellow one not... why does it feel like nothing is happening in the yellow one?

ELIAS: For that is not necessary. I would express that you allow yourself to feel it. If you are feeling, then you are expressing in relation to the yellow.

JF: So it’s my own long tradition of not feeling that makes the yellow one less obvious for me.

ELIAS: Yes and no. Yes, in that capacity that you expressed - that you are familiar with. But no, that you are allowing yourself to pay attention to your feelings more and more. Therefore it is not necessary for them to be exaggerated. For you are aware, and therefore you are paying attention intentionally, and therefore it is not necessary for you to exaggerate that, and therefore the focus moves to the other energy centers in emphasizing those energies more so.

JF: I like it spectacular.

ELIAS: Which is somewhat the reverse of what your thinking would express.

JF: Mmm

ELIAS: Your thinking would express that you have denied your feelings for a considerable time framework; therefore, that should be emphasized or that should be expressed more extremely, but you are engaging them objectively intentionally. In this, you may have engaged thought processes about the other two energy centers and their functions, but not necessarily actually addressing them or ENGAGING them.

JF: Ah! So I actually have more issues with them. Okay. All right.

ELIAS: Perhaps not necessarily entirely issues, but...

JF: Something, yes.


JF: Okay, I get it. Ah, full of surprises. (Elias laughs)

So, many questions as usual. (Elias chuckles) Okay, let’s do a little properties blitz. I am going to name you some stones and, if you are willing, I’d just like a quick description of their properties.


ELIAS: (Pause) Waves.

JF: Waves. And what do we do with that?

ADAM: It’s one of my favorites.

ELIAS: Wave energy.

JF: It makes waves in the energy. Movement?


JF: Okay. So it would be good to unblock stuff?

ELIAS: It can be, yes.

JF: Okay. Celestine?

ELIAS: Fragmenting.

JF: Mmm.

ELIAS: It segments.

JF: So it could break apart stuff?

ELIAS: Or compartmentalize.

JF: Huh.

ELIAS: Individualize.

JF: Okay. Pyrite?

ELIAS: (Pause) Spike.

JF: Spike. Okay. Orange calcite?

ELIAS: Soothe.

JF: Green calcite?

ELIAS: Agitate.

JF: Well, I was going to ask you what would be a good stone to stimulate the green energy center. Would that be one? Stimulate in what we would call the desirable way, not just create agitation.

ELIAS: It could.

JF: It could?


JF: Another one that would be even more strong for that?

ELIAS: For the green energy center?

JF: Yeah. You know, kind of like stimulate and dislodge, and kind of like... maybe that wave one. That Labradorite you said.

ELIAS: You could.

JF: Umhm.


JF: Okay. And what would be a good stone to calm mental energy - like a mental sedative?

ELIAS: Moonstone.

JF: Really? Oh, Moonstone.

Okay, because the lapis is calming but it also enhances. I don’t want any kind of enhancement of mental energy. You know I don’t need that. (Elias laughs)

Okay, does it generally make a difference whether a stone is polished or not in terms of its properties?

ELIAS: Not necessarily, no.

JF: Okay.

ELIAS: The difference is your awareness of its inclusions perhaps. Some stones, if they are not polished, it may be more difficult to visually see their inclusions.

JF: But in terms of properties?


JF: No.

ELIAS: But with some stones the inclusions, or how many inclusions they incorporate, enhance them; with other stones the inclusions can generate obstacles.

JF: Oh, okay.

ELIAS: Therefore, with some stones you would not want to incorporate many inclusions in a stone. In others, the more inclusions you incorporate the greater affectingness.

JF: All right, last question. I forgot to ask: I wanted to know how many focuses we (JF and Adam) share?

ELIAS: And your impression?

JF: I had an impression and I forgot. (Elias laughs) I think it was in... did I write it down? Oh yeah, I had gotten the number 112 or 84 but, you know, since then I feel it’s increased. Were either of these numbers correct?

ELIAS: The first, but it has increased.

JF: Has it increased quite a bit?


JF: I kind of feel like it’s in the 200’s now?

ELIAS: More.

JF: It’s gone even more than that. 300.

ELIAS: More.

ADAM. (Laughs) That’s weird.

JF: 400

ELIAS: Skip ahead.

ADAM: 600


ADAM: 672?

ELIAS: Correct.

JF: My god! So within the span of the last couple of weeks we have multiplied that by that, you know.


JF: That’s intense.

ADAM: Well, it’s that psycho feeling, or feeling that happening, but not understanding what that is happening. Thank god for sessions! (Elias laughs)

JF: Thank you.

ELIAS: You are very welcome. I shall be anticipating our next meeting.

JF: Yes, so shall I.

ELIAS: In tremendous affection and wondrous lovingness to you my friend. Au revoir.

JF: Thank you.

(Elias departs after 1 hour and 1 minute.)