Session 201611091

“Election Results: Trauma in the Shift”
“The Absolute Non-Acceptance of Difference Must Be Addressed”

Wednesday, November 9, 2016 (Private/Phone)

Participants: Mary (Michael) and Anonymous

(Note: Some private discussion is omitted at the request of the participant.)

ELIAS: Good afternoon!

ANON: Hey, Elias.

ELIAS: And what shall we discuss?

ANON: We’d like to discuss the election, I guess.

ELIAS: Very well.

ANON: Trump won. I’m sure you’re aware of that. I’m going to try not to cry, okay? (Emotionally) I’m a little concerned about what’s going to happen for the country on many different levels, and the world. Would it be okay if I just sort of like stream-of-consciousness just sort of gave you my thoughts and we could take it from there?

ELIAS: Definitely.

ANON: So, first of all quite surprised that he got in. I think secondly what’s really shocking to me is that fifty percent of this country or greater supports him and values him for whatever reasons. I think a large part of it is the fear that he’s able to tap into with them. I think it’s the anger that he’s able to tap into and then incite. I think it’s a lack of understanding and education into what is really going to happen when this man takes office. So I think knowing, for one, that I’m surrounded by these people has been absolutely…like, takes the breath out of me, and sad and scary. There’s that, and then there’s the other piece, which is, maybe I’m all doom and gloom, but he has made promises of the things that he is going to do once he takes office, and those things consist of getting rid of immigrants in this country, building a wall, getting rid of Obamacare, putting Hillary in jail, all NAFTA trade deals cease, all Trans-Pacific ceases, coal mining. Anti-science is what he is; climate change is a farce to him.

So I see all of the things that he is focused on, and I also see that he has the complete support – I don’t mean support in a FULL way, but the whole House now is Republicans, and so pretty much he’s going to be able to pick the next Supreme Court justice. He’s got a very large amount of power that he is going to be able to wield, and I’m frightened, to put it very mildly. Very frightened about what that will mean our country looks like, frightened of what will happen to our economy, frightened to what will happen to the rights that this country has worked so hard to achieve.


I don’t want to be reactive, and I don’t want to allow my feelings to dictate my behavior. So that being said, we decided to call you and get your input on all of this. Look, maybe this is really not that bad – certainly when you start breaking the facts down it doesn’t look good. I prefer not to get the watered-down version of it, which I don’t think you would give me anyway.

ELIAS: You are correct, but what I would express to you first is an acknowledgement of what you are expressing that you don’t want to be reactive, and I would very much encourage that, for I would express that it is very likely that that is what most individuals will be doing. They already are, but what most individuals will also be doing in the short term is being reactive, and that merely exacerbates the situation and the trauma.

As to your concerns or your fears, what I would express is they are very real and they have merit. This is what I was expressing previously in relation to how divided your country is and has been for some time now, and it is showing itself in force at this point.

ANON: Yeah, and that’s a whole other question too, because I’m going to try to stay away from “I create my own reality.” I guess what I wonder is, you had talked about the fact that this shift that was taking place was bringing back the power or the attention to the individual and away from authority, and while I’m pretty sure that this is a part of that shift – although it would seem so inconsistent with taking back power, as it appears to be giving it away whole-heartedly – I’m wondering if this is sort of the catalyst for the explosion that will take place once this authoritarian dictator gets in that will then cause the uprise.

ELIAS: It is already creating an uprising. You have already been moving in this direction. And this being a catalyst, yes, you could express that, that in a manner of speaking it is somewhat of a catalyst, and I would express that I would continue to maintain that what is occurring IS in conjunction with this Shift, and I have expressed from the onset of this forum that it would include trauma, and it has, and it does, and it is, and it will. And this is one of them. And in that, what I would say to you is that even the individuals that obviously have supported this particular candidate, their motivation is the power of the individual. Now, their perception is considerably different than your own, but their motivation is in that direction. I would agree with you that there are a tremendous number of individuals that have been perceiving themselves and feeling disempowered for a considerable timeframe. And in this, this is evidence of that.

Now, I am not expressing to you that it is good. Do not misunderstand. I am not necessarily expressing that it is bad, either – that would be a judgment that would be expressed by individuals that incorporate….But in relation to the idea of “bad” being the inclusion of trauma, then yes, I would agree with you that it is bad, for it is. It is already creating trauma and it incorporates the potential to incorporate more trauma, but I would also express that there is a tremendous potential that is already in play and in movement, that the fear of this individual and his bias and his opinions and incorporating a position of power with those opinions, that there is a significant potential that that can be countered, even by individuals that you would automatically express would be supporting him. Just as you were expressing in relation to the two party system, which I have been addressing of late, and in that, even within his own political party, although it appears on the surface that he has the support and the backing of the entirety of his political party, that is not entirely correct.

And, in this present time framework you are in the time of the day after the election. Therefore at this present time, etiquette demands that everyone of both parties express in a supportive manner. Does that necessarily mean that they agree with that or that they believe it? No. But they are bound by their positions to at the very least appear to be gracious. And also in that, not incite the people.

ANON: People have already been incited, I believe.

ELIAS: To a degree. But those individuals in the government could at this present point incite them quite easily to much greater degree if they were not engaging that etiquette and diplomacy. But individuals are expressing in a very volatile manner in this present moment and could easily be incited.

What I am expressing to you is not to move so absolutely in the black and white. That incites you to be reactive, and what I am expressing is that what seems to be very black and white in this present moment actually is not. And regardless of political parties, there are many individuals within your government that disagree with this individual also.

ANON: I don’t doubt that, and I’m sure – I mean obviously we know all of them are Democrats that do, and I’m sure there are Republicans, but I guess my pessimism is getting at me, that I’m not really sure that those people that don’t agree with him, perhaps Republicans, are actually going to go against him. Maybe they will; maybe they will. Maybe I’m just being really pessimistic.

ELIAS: But that is not necessarily the point for you individually. The point for you individually is addressing to your own choices, and in that, what I would express to you is to not move in the direction of being reactive and to not move in a direction of urgency.

ANON: I understand what you’re saying, and I guess that’s part of what I’m asking is, obviously the market reacted pretty bad. It did correct itself a bit today. But I guess what I’m asking is, you used the word trauma earlier on, and that can take on many forms, and I would prefer not to be here to be witness to the trauma. I know that probably sounds like a cop-out, that I could stay and fight the good fight.

ELIAS: No, and this is your choice. That is your right, and you have the ability to generate other choices, and you are in a position that you can. What I am expressing to you, for YOUR greatest benefit individually as you, and your partner, not to be reactive, for it is in your greatest benefit not to be, and not to be urgent. [There follows a discussion of selling their house and moving.]


ELIAS: Presently what is highly likely to occur for a brief time framework is that most individuals will not be in a direction of wanting to be purchasing much of anything.

ANON: For how long, do you think?

ELIAS: I would express that that will likely change relatively quickly. I would express that in relation to the energy that is moving and that is being expressed, that that should begin to alter within the coming months, perhaps two to three months. I would express that once the masses incorporate some time to move themselves out of urgent and reactive modes, they will likely move back into the direction that they HAVE been moving into, which in recent time framework they have been moving in a direction of somewhat of an upswing, so to speak. [Referring to people making investments] But at this present time, many, many, many individuals are afraid. And even those individuals that are not necessarily afraid, they are likely to be cautious in what they are engaging.

ANON: Clearly the economy is going to be impacted, I believe. Maybe I should ask it as a question. Will the economy be impacted by Trump coming into office, and if so, what timeframe?

ELIAS: Yes. I would express it already is.


ANON: Am I right or accurate to assume that things are going to escalate at some point in terms of the inner workings of this country? He wants to roll back abortion rights, and all sorts of rights he basically wants to take away. I mean to me, maybe this is the calm before the storm. I don’t know. How bad is this shit gonna get?

ELIAS: That definitely is dependent upon all of you collectively, but I would express that there is potential that there could be significant push in those types of directions, and that would generate most likely somewhat of an explosion. What I would express to you is there is a potential that collectively you can move in a direction in which you don’t generate that explosion, but realistically I would also concede that there is that potential, and this is not what this one individual wants. That is not the point. It is not about his opinions or his individual directions. It is about the collective and that your country is so polarized and it is so divided, which I have been expressing for an ongoing time framework. And in that, now you are seeing what I have been expressing, and because of the people – not because of this individual, but because of the movement of the people – yes, there is a potential to move in those directions, and I would express to you that this is not new.

What is perhaps to many of you new and surprising is that these subjects that you have been privy to that there is opposition to, there is more opposition than perhaps you acknowledged. But what I would also express is that in your terms, the gains that you have generated in what you term to be civil liberties, they will not easily be given up. But that, in a manner of speaking, is the point. That if that push occurs, then it is likely that you will generate your internal explosions, for that will generate significant conflict.

Those that have hard-won these liberties will not easily give them up or back down to what they perceive as tyranny, and those that have been of the opinion that those liberties are not liberties at all are considerably strong in their opinions also. The difference is that you are now seeing it in an obvious manner. Individuals that have opposed these different expressions of abortion rights, or sexual preferences, or religious rights – although that is one factor that is much more difficult to deny, but it is one of them that is being challenged – [or] racial [equality]: it matters not what they are, what the expressions are that you view as your civil liberties. There are a significant amount of individuals, there is a significant collective that disagree with them.

ANON: It’s interesting because this is so much about coming back to the individual, and I think one of the elements that’s involved in this kind of opposition is religion, and that goes back to the right to choose, or how you want to have your body be treated. It’s hard to take, because it’s a bit hypocritical when 2nd Amendment right to bear arms, and people become absolutely crazed when they even SENSE that their right to guns are in jeopardy – which obviously it’s never been, but they perceive it that way – but yet they want to dictate how somebody can or cannot take care of their own body. And so I would imagine that the religious piece of this is going to come to a head as well, right?

ELIAS: All of it; all of it. But I would express that the religious piece is only one aspect. It is easy to move in the direction of blaming and finding fault with a particular direction or a particular philosophy such as religion and express that that is the base of the evil, so to speak, but I would express –

ANON: It’s certainly the base of the choice or the anti-choice…

ELIAS: But no, it is not. I would express that that is only one piece, that that is one piece and that there are many, many individuals that comprise significant collectives that are not expressing from a religious perspective and they are expressing in those opinions of yes, they would defend their weapons but that they would dictate what you can and cannot do with your body. Religion is only a piece. There are MANY individuals that comprise a significant collective that are not expressing from that perspective and that INCLUDE being anti religions in addition to being anti many other expressions.

Therefore no, I would not express that religion is the basis of all of this. I would express it is one piece, but there are many pieces, and the one piece that is the MOST significant and the most pervasive is that division, that separation, that polarization, and that stems from what I have been discussing with all of you for a tremendous time framework: that absolute non-acceptance of difference.

ANON: I guess when I think of acceptance of difference, it’s allowing people to make their own choices that best suit themselves, and I think that’s one of the things that worries me about the way that this government has started to head in terms of dictating what people can and can’t choose, and that feels pretty frightening to me.

ELIAS: I agree with you, and what I am expressing to you is that many, if not most, of the individuals that have supported the winner, in their perception they are expressing very similarly that this is the reason that influenced them or motivated them to move in that direction to support this individual, because they are expressing that everyone should have the right to their own direction and to express their life in the manner that they choose. The difference is that they are only applying that to themself. They do not apply it to other individuals. They are only applying it to themself, in which their perception is that to this point their enemy is the government, and that the government is dictating to them and therefore denying their liberty and their choices to live in the manner that they choose. They are not extending that to anyone else.

ANON: So, basically it’s one set of rules for them that must apply to everyone, but if somebody else has a different rule then that’s not okay.


ANON: And so let me ask you this - which means that they think they’re right, I just realized, but – they also voted for somebody that doesn’t give a flying fuck about them or their choices. He wants things to be the way he wants them for HIM, not for anybody else.

ELIAS: Correct, and they will begin to see that.

ANON: How long do you think it’ll take before they see that?

ELIAS: That is dependent upon what he is allowed to do, but I would express that if he is allowed to express himself in the capacity that he has been to date, I would say that within a year individuals will begin to perceive him considerably differently. Now, that is very much dependent on what he does.

ANON: Do you think that he’s going to change any of his tune to modify it at all because now he’s won?

ELIAS: I would express that that is also a significant possibility and potential, and why? Because now he has no audience.

ANON: He’s got what he needed from them, and so now it’s onward for something else.

ELIAS: No, actually what I would express is he has been, in a manner of speaking, drunk with the power of the audience for all this time, and it has fueled him tremendously. Not that it has altered his own opinions, but that it has fueled him tremendously, and that has encouraged him to be quite boisterous and quite vocal in relation to what he thinks or what his opinions are. But the challenge with that is that although he has built more and more and more momentum, very similar to a steam engine with all of that audience and the feeding of his expression and applauding it, now that he has won the race – and it would have been the same whether he won or he lost – but once the race is over, which it is, then the audience is lost. There is no more audience. Now he transitions into a different theater. And in that theater, the individuals that participate in that theater all perceive themselves as equally as important.

ANON: Meaning other politicians, I’m assuming, yeah?

ELIAS: Yes. But not ONLY the politicians. The structures that SUPPORT the politicians, and all of their perceptions are that they are equally as important as he is, and therefore they are not his audience. They are not in a position to merely sit and listen and clap for him, and whistle and yell; no. Now he is in a different theater.

ANON: Do you think he really meant all of the things he has said, or do you think he said them to appease his audience?

ELIAS: I would express both. I would express that in the moment did he mean what he was saying? Yes. Was he being fueled by his audience? Most definitely. In that, are those actually his opinions? For the most part, yes. But they are literally only his opinions; and in that, that is not what is or what may be the concerning element. He is one individual; and in that, he does not incorporate ultimate unbridled power, and he is in a new theater, and in that theater he is not king.

What is much more significant is the collective that expressed itself in the choice of placing him in that new theater. THAT is what is significant, for that is what requires being addressed to, this tremendous polarization, for THAT is what has the potential to create the explosion, not that one individual. HE does not have the power to do that. That tremendous collective DOES have the power to do that.

ANON: The country’s divided fifty-fifty, so there’s some pretty big energy in both directions.

ELIAS: I would agree, and in both directions there is a tremendous expression of non-willingness to accept difference: Our way or no way.


ELIAS: I would say to you that this is not only this one country [United States] at this point, and I cannot emphasize that to you strongly enough. The entire world is involved. That is a tremendous energy. That is a lot of energy. And what you have demonstrated to yourselves in this present situation is a demonstration of what is occurring throughout your world.

ANON: Unfortunately, the timer went off.

ELIAS: Very well. I would express to you, pay attention to what energy you are generating and attempt not to match the energy that you disagree with. This is, in a manner of speaking, where you put into practice these principles, or you don’t. I would encourage you to do so, for ultimately it always returns to your individual greatest benefit, and opposition is never to your greatest benefit. And it doesn’t feel good. It doesn’t feel better to be angry or afraid, which perhaps you can contemplate.

Meanwhile I shall be, as always, expressing my energy to all of you in as much comfort as you will receive, and a continuous stream of support and encouragement, and perhaps whispering in your ears of how important you are and your choices are, much more so than the choices of one individual in New York or in Washington.

Until our next meeting my dear, dear friends, remember your new disciplines, and I shall continue to be expressing in tremendous lovingness to you.

My dear friends, au revoir.

ANON: Au revoir.