Session 2536

“Being Present”
“Flexibility of Time”

Wednesday, May 28, 2008 (Private/Phone)

Participants: Mary (Michael), Jean-Baptiste (Araili) and Eric (Yuki)

ELIAS: Good afternoon!

JIB: Good afternoon Elias, how are you?

ELIAS: As always, and yourself?

JIB: As always my friend (laughs)

ELIAS: Ahaha. Very well! And what shall we discuss?

JIB: Well, we’ll continue the discussion we had last time about communications firstly. Because at the end of the session you gave us some interesting statement about communication being ”the foundation of change” and I decided to write some article for our magazine, the Wisp one and it gave me some really interesting experiences last week, and the week before...

ELIAS: How so?

JIB: ...and I wanted to discuss that.

ELIAS: Very well. And what were your experiences?

JIB: They were mostly about being present with myself and paying attention to all the feelings sensations, communications... everything that went to my attention actually, and I was trying to perceive or to know, (I don’t know how to say that exactly, but it was just not analyzing but) like I was just trying to see if it was actually a communication or a signal, or something like that —like your emotions when your heart is beating faster, it’s some kind signal, but there is communication and emotion behind that. It was like I had the impression for a communication, there was actually an exchange of energy between different aspects. Either from myself or from what is so called ”outside” or myself. So what I wanted to confirm with you is; what is the difference between communication and exchange of energy...

ELIAS: That would be what is occurring with communications. There is an exchange of the energy, for whether it be from what you view to be an outside source, or an inward source, there is a movement of energy and you are engaging different aspects of yourself and different elements of yourself in engaging a communication, in any manner.

JIB: OK. I also had an experience just after the last session, where I was going to work and I was wondering about what is being self-conscious, or what is self-awareness. I was wondering if it was some truth like an inner quality of consciousness, links of consciousness. And it was like I was torturing my thought process to find an answer, and actually I just told myself ”breathe” and just see what you are getting from anywhere. And I just had the sudden impression that actually self-awareness was inherent to consciousness.

ELIAS: Yes. I would agree. Although within physical realities it can be covered in a manner in which the individual is not aware of that self-awareness.

JIB: Like you don’t pay attention and can discard any information about it...

ELIAS: Yes. And also, being self-aware is being present and in that many individuals become accustomed to not being present. Generally speaking small ones are very present, but as they grow, they are influenced in many different manner to be moving their attention outside of themselves. And in doing so that becomes more familiar than being present. And therefore they become accustomed to holding their attention outside of themselves and they, in a manner of speaking, forget how to be present. And therefore it covers their self-awareness, or being self-aware. And as there is so much stimulus, in your physical reality, there is much to hold the attention outside of self, and there is much to encourage that action and to reinforce it. And this is what creates the individual forgetting how to be self-aware or how to be present. But in actuality, is not as difficult as individuals think, for they are so accustomed to paying attention to whatever is occurring outside of them that the idea of being present or being self-aware suggests to many individual that they must concentrate all of their attention only upon themselves, which is incorrect. And in this, the individual becomes confused and generates an association that it is very difficult to be present and also be interactive. In actuality it is a simple action for it is simply being aware of your own existence and how you do exist and that you are actually participating with all that is around you. I expressed recently to another individual and I have expressed this previously that it is similar to a mirror. Individuals place themselves in the position of being the mirror. When you gaze into a mirror, you view a reflection of yourself, but that reflection does not see you. It does not perceive you, it does not see you for it does not incorporate its own presence. It is merely a reflection of you and many many many individuals have placed themselves in the position of being the mirror rather than being themselves and being present with themselves. Therefore they are generating an association that the mirror itself sees and perceives. And it does not, for it incorporates no presence.

JIB: Was that like what I was doing when I was younger, like put some facade or appearance, and not really put my attention in my physical reality, because I was more interested in my inner reality and I had my attention somewhere that my physical being couldn’t be aware, because I was putting these (separations?) between my inner reality and the outside reality.

ELIAS: I am understanding. Which is another pitfall so to speak, and this is the direction that many individuals move into when they are entertaining the idea of being present. And that direction is not efficient either. For you are participating in this physical reality and therefore it is a matter of engaging it and being in it. And not separating yourself from it, and merely retreating to inward expressions for that denies you a free and easy movement in your reality. Therefore it is a matter of balancing, but that balance can be achieved very easily in being present, for in being present you naturally are interactive and you naturally are engaging and aware of the other presence that surrounds you.

JIB: Would you say that Eric and I are present now in our realities currently?

ELIAS: I would express that to a considerable extent, yes.

JIB: OK. Because I’m really interested in all these aspects of being present, being interactive or not, perceiving where are directed my attentions, because I’m more and more aware of many many attentions that are considerably going in different directions either being the physical or being non-physical, and at times I can even perceive some movements outside body or from my energy, it’s like there is in my awareness some kind of influx of energy directed somewhere, and there is some kind of (?). It’s like the energy exchange and the communication I was speaking of at the beginning of the session.

ELIAS: I am understanding, and let me express to you that as you become more and more present, and more self-aware, you will begin to notice how many different communications you present to yourself how much information you present to yourself in every moments and how many actions are occurring simultaneously, that you actually can and do assimilate immediately, with no effort and it is an action of becoming more acutely aware, you will begin to notice that you are much more acutely aware of all your senses, which are all avenues of communications and all offer you information, and they become more heightened. And they are all functioning simultaneously and it does not become confusing. This is how diverse and how flexible your attention is. Individual think that their attention is very singular or that it is very rigid, and in actuality the human attention is very flexible and very capable of engaging many many different directions simultaneously without confusion and without effort and as you have expressed, you begin to notice that there are many actions occurring and many movements of energy simultaneously occurring in any time framework and you can be aware of them all and be assimilating them all and in that be much more present, much more aware of yourself and more heightenedly aware of your environment and other individuals and this allows you the ability to engage and manipulate energy more, and more effectively.

JIB: About the (?) of these actions, it’s like I realized a few days or one week ago, that when we direct our energy somewhere it’s like we direct our presence there... I can’t say exactly with words what it is, but it’s like there is a flow of energy in a direction, and there is a flow back in a manner of speaking... which is some kind of communication... or something like...

ELIAS: Yes. You are correct.

JIB: ... breathing... and when we are directing this energy of being present, we are also creating... and it’s how we create our reality also...

ELIAS: Yes, I would agree. And I would express that it is quite accurate.

JIB: And about that I want to ask some questions about time in our reality and how we use it. Because I think there is some kind of blueprint of time in this reality. Is that correct?

ELIAS: Yes. To an extent, yes. There is a blueprint of time and movement of time in this reality. I would also express that as you become more aware and as you become more attuned to perception, time becomes more flexible and you can manipulate it more. The blueprint in this reality for time is that it move in a linear fashion. But that is precisely the blueprint: that it moves in a linear fashion. In that, the blueprint does not necessarily specify how it will move in that linear fashion. Perception dictates that. Now, collectively you have agreed, to this point, that time will incorporate an even and consistent linear movement, but although to an extent that will remain, as future times are realized, there is a flexibility in that and it can be manipulated in different manners in generating it more rapidly or more slowly. And that involves perception, in which the indidual experiences time more quickly or more slowly. In this, for the most part, you continue to adhere to the agreed upon expression of time in relation to minutes and hours and days and your calendar, but in becoming more aware and in recognizing and understanding the hour of perception you can literally bend time in that linear fashion to generate it moving more quickly or more slowly and even to be moving contrary to your calendar, in which an individual may experience missing a day, or can actually create experiencing the same day twice.

JIB: And if someone experiences the same day twice, would it be like two different days, or?

ELIAS: What will occur if the individual chooses to slow time to the point in which they experience the same day twice is that they will experience the day the second time and they will be aware of all of what they are doing and know that they have already done all of the actions and incorporated all of the experiences in a manner of speaking similar to what you view as dejà vu. But in this they also incorporate the awareness and the ability to change certain experiences or actions or events that they engaged in the first expression of the one day. For they are not experiencing two days. In a manner of speaking, were I to express this in your linear terms, it would be similar to the individual experiencing a Monday, and rather than awakening the next day and experiencing a Tuesday, they are experiencing a Monday again. Or the individual may experience a Monday and they may speed time and they may skip over a Tuesday and the experience of the next day for that individual will be a Wednesday.

JIB: OK. Would it be somewhat similar to what I experienced a few weeks ago when I had at one moment of the week the impression that we were [Saturday, when waking up on Friday. Upon hearing the alarm clock] I told to myself why did I put the alarm clock, because we’re Saturday, and there is no reason that I wake up and go to work... And a few minutes after that I realize that we were not Saturday but Friday. But I really had the feeling of being Saturday, and it was really weird because it lasted a great part of the day...

ELIAS: Yes. That is a movement almost into what I have expressed in example. You are not quite speeding time to the extent in which you have skipped over a day, but you are in a manner of speaking speeding time to an extent that you are in the middle. You are half in one day, and half in another day, for you are manipulating time and it is not in actuality an impression that it is a different day, you are actually allowing yourself to experience it being a different day. And generally speaking, in this time framework, individuals are not quite adept enough yet for the most part to be actually speeding time to the extent in which they actually do skip a day. But they are moving more and more in that direction of being aware of perception and being aware of manipulating different elements of your reality and therefore they do incorporate experiences such as you have expressed. Now, I will express to you that it is not common, but there are times and experiences with some individuals even now, in which they actually do accomplish speeding time to a point in which they actually have, in your terms, lost a day. And they are quite aware that they have no experience to attach to the assigned day. They may not necessarily understand what they have done, and therefore it may be confusing to them for they literally have skipped a day, and in their calendar, that day did not exist.

JIB: And for other people, maybe, I wanted to know if they would notice the other individual skipping a day, or if they would interact with energy deposit and wouldn’t be noticing it?

ELIAS: Generally speaking, at this point, when this occurs, other individuals would not necessarily notice and would be interacting with an energy deposit, for are continuing to create the traditional reality in association with time. Although, at times, some individuals are aware that there is some difference. They may not necessarily incorporate a viable explanation to themselves, but they do notice some difference and unusualness that was occurring in that day. They may even be aware to an extent of feeling some type of void, that they cannot necessarily objectively explain.

JIB: OK. Concerning the other individual?

ELIAS: Yes. Which generally is confusing to individuals for they incorporate the memories of the previous day so to speak and that they were interacting with the individual but they noticed some unusual difference or they noticed a feeling of a void in their experience with the individual.

JIB: Would it be somewhat similar to the other individual not being present in a manner of speaking? Or is there a noticeable difference?

ELIAS: It is a more noticeable difference for they are actually not physically present.


ELIAS: Therefore their attention is not present. Their physical expression is not present. In that the other individual may be interacting with an energy deposit but they may also notice that there is no attention, and that there appears to be a feeling of void, or a feeling of hollowness.

JIB: I was wondering would it be possible to us, I mean Eric and I, to do it, with no thought process about that, and if with our current belief systems, it would be possible to do such an action?

ELIAS: Yes! It would be. I would express that at this point, it would not necessarily an action that you would incorporate frequently, for there is a strong association with the movement of time, and there is a strong adherence to the movement of the calendar.

JIB: Yes, and with space and location also.

ELIAS: Yes. But this is not to say that you cannot generate this type of experience occasionally. You can accomplish it. I would express that it is very unlikely that you would be accomplishing it consistently, or often, but you could accomplish it occasionally. I would also express to you that in doing so it would more be an advantage merely to emphasize to you your abilities to manipulate time rather than an action that you would want to engage frequently for that does somewhat disrupt how you interact with your environment, and with other individuals, and it does affect how you move so to speak. For in either scenario, whether you skip a day or whether you repeat a day, there is somewhat of an inherent uneasiness, or imbalance for it is not adhering to what is accepted and known, and therefore that creates a slight imbalance in which the individual feels somewhat strange.

JIB: Yes. Concerning time also and all this information you gave us about disruption, uneasiness. I was wondering what I think/feel about discontinuity of time, and like each moment is somewhat definite and there is no inherent continuity of time but it’s all discrete moments, and actually time is just how we decide to put all these moments one after the other, and that we could use time differently and put these moments in another order, or maybe following several of them at the same time...

ELIAS: Yes. You are correct, quite definitely. For each moment incorporates its own outcome. And, you are correct, it is your choice how you place them together, and in that, how you perceive moments to generate sequences or not, and you can perceive different moments in many different manners. You can perceive them in sequences, and that would be the manner in which you configure them, or you can configure them in other manners in which one moment is not necessarily related or associated with another moment. And you are also correct that you may perceive them in many different manners, and in that you can generate a series of moments and perceive them in many different layers.

JIB: I was wondering that because of the discussions there are on the timebridger list, and about the session Archer had with you last time about time travel, and he spoke about the time medlers and the time fixers, so to speak; and I was wondering about all these sequences, and the main timeline so to speak that were to be corrected when people have been intervening. It was like I was not really understanding, because of this way I have of seeing time as discontinuous or discrete moments; it was like anyway we could choose any moment to follow the others, but it’s like it’s not really in tune with the blueprints of time we use in this reality, and that I have somewhat another understanding of time. What is it about time medling and all these timelines?... Are you understanding?

ELIAS: Yes. Let me offer you an hypothetical example. You incorporate your own individual interest in your focus in your time. Now, let us say that perhaps an individual that is futurely focused chooses to move back in time to a past time framework and encounters you and you meet, and you are expressing in a friendly manner with each other, and you perhaps notice some interesting element or aspect of this individual that draws you to [him], and you within yourself are prompted to share with this individual that you incorporate an interest in shape-shifting. And let us hypothetically say that this individual incorporates a significant knowledge on how to accomplish that and in the discussion offers you effective methods on how to do that. Now, in your time, without the insertion of this individual and that information, you may or may not accomplish a significant successful shape-shifting that is significantly noticeable. You have been offered a suggestion that you yourself would not have naturally presented to yourself. Now, that suggestion has been planted, and let us hypothetically say, you choose to engage this action and it gains significant notoriety. And from that, springs many offshoots of what can occur.

JIB: But I’m wondering about that, because isn’t it myself who has drawn this individual to me to get this information?

ELIAS: Yes, you are correct. And this is in a manner of speaking, the tricky element. For, yes, you are correct, you have drawn that individual to yourself for you have placed yourself in the position to meet that individual. And yes, you are creating that. But, in your time framework, and your awareness you may not necessarily incorporate the discernment yet to recognize how to incorporate that information. And in that, yes you are drawing to you information that is important to you and that you want to know and are offering yourself the opportunity to accomplish that, but you also may not yet incorporate the presence with yourself and the awareness and understanding of what you are doing to discern what choices to incorporate with that information that will move in a productive manner to you but will not create harmful expressions also. For let us express that you do incorporate this information, and you do generate the action, and you do generate the notoriety and in that notoriety you create considerable discomfort, for now you have disrupted your experiences not intending to generate that, but in generating a notoriety you may also place yourself in a considerably uncomfortable position in which you may be prodded and questioned and examined in manners that you may perceive to be intrusive. Your intention was not to create that direction, but in not being entirely present, and in not being aware enough yet to discern what is the most efficient direction to proceed within, you may generate actions that you genuinely do not want.

JIB: Yes, so maybe if I am aware of my own direction and my own choices, and that I am present, and there is this individual...


JIB: and I choose to incorporate him to where I want and to my own fulfillment, he would not have meddled with the timeline and...

ELIAS: You are correct, yes.

JIB: ... I think that’s the point I was missing, that maybe they can meddle with time but are not necessarily intentionally doing so.


JIB: OK... I...

ELIAS: And in this, you are correct in your assessment, this is quite accurate; that if you as an individual are very present and are aware and do incorporate an understanding of how you are directing yourself and how you are manipulating energy and can generate effective choices for yourself that will not move in directions that you do not want. Yes. Then the individual is not in your terms meddling with time and there would be no consequences so to speak, and it would be unnecessary to alter any of those actions. But as I expressed with Archer, individuals that incorporate the ability to express this action of time travel are very aware of this factor. They are aware of the time framework and the general awareness in that time framework, and this is the reason that they are cautious.

JIB: OK. Thank you very much for that, I’ll let Eric ask a question...

ERIC: I had just a quick question to finish. I don’t know how to frame this; I was thinking of a dream I had just a few days ago and it seems while I was listening to you and Jib interacting, you sent me an answer to that question I had. So, I first wanted to confirm that I got that right?


ERIC: And perhaps just a confirmation about that dream because it involves the timebridgers imagery, and I wanted to know who this focus was that I identified with that color of mint green...

ELIAS: And what is your impression?

ERIC: Actually I’m not sure it’s a focus of mine, I thought it was more associated to that incident that was later discussed on the forum or that it might be a focus involved with this sending an item and it was like she was searching for what we consider a present focus, she was on the future, looking for a focus of our time... It was difficult for me to translate into an objective understanding, but I got a sort of impression, but I don’t know who’s focus it was.

ELIAS: It would be a focus of Oona.

ERIC: And her name would be something like Gina?

ELIAS: Yes, you are correct.

ERIC: And the color was her focus color?

ELIAS: The color is the focus color, yes you are correct.

ERIC: OK. Thank you.

ELIAS: You are very welcome.

JIB: And also about the Time Brigers stuff, my focus Matilda I spoke about last time, I wanted to know if that focus was involved with them. Because after the session, I was lying on my bed, and just relaxing, and I had the impression she had read the session we’d just had, and knew I had found her. It was like I was happy with her and she was saying hello.

ELIAS: Yes, you are c...

JIB: And also had the impression that the focus of Eric involved with this group at that time is called Malika, is that correct too?

ELIAS: Yes, you are correct on both accounts.

JIB: OK, thank you very much.

ELIAS: You are very welcome. I shall greatly be anticipating our next meeting my friends, and I shall be as always offering my energy to you in significant encouragement.

JIB: Thank you, it is very appreciated and it is always fun!

ELIAS: Ahahaha. To each of you, in tremendous lovingness, and in great friendship, au revoir.

JIB & ERIC: Au revoir.

[Elias departs after 1 hour 5 min]

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