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Session 20070406 (2238)
"Focusing Rigidly and Creating Obstacles"
“Energy Affects Many Directions”
“Interrupting the Circle of Lack”
“Dream Imagery of Sexual Activity”

Friday, April 6, 2007 (Private/Phone)

Participants: Mary (Michael) and Jan (Loveny)

"Whatever you project outward is what you generate to pull to you…If you are shielding, you are generating an energy of pushing away….Stop envisioning the future, and you begin to allow yourself to feel the experience of what you want now. That will also change your energy."

ELIAS: Good evening!

JAN: Hello.

ELIAS: (Laughs) Welcome! And what shall we discuss? How shall we proceed?

JAN: I’ve got lots of questions to ask you.

ELIAS: Very well.

JAN: My first question my mother asked me to ask you. I had an older brother who died in a car accident when he was eighteen. That was about thirty years ago now, but my mother wants to know whether my older brother, Ian, actually has another focus in this timeframe yet?

ELIAS: I would express to you, yes. But it is not a matter of yet.

JAN: Okay.

ELIAS: For each individual, as essence, incorporates many, many, many focuses simultaneously. And generally, within any one time framework an essence focuses, generally speaking, between four and seven focuses in one time framework. Therefore, yes, there are three other focuses of that essence presently manifest within your reality.

JAN: Okay. Are any of those other focuses in our family?


JAN: None. Okay. Because that’s the thing, I always think that my son, Leif, is like a reincarnation of my big brother. Obviously not.

ELIAS: (Chuckles) No.

JAN: Okay. Then I’ll ask you about a dream that I had just recently, if you could help me sort of interpret it, one of those really vivid, lifelike dreams where it feels like physical reality. And in the dream I was looking for the number on a building. I was in this building with a friend, and I thought the building was going to be a really good place to run my workshops, actually teach Law of Attraction workshops. And I thought the building was going to be a really good place to run these workshops, and so I wanted to find the number of the building so I could put it on my pamphlet. And I went out through the front of the building—it was a very old building, and I couldn’t read the number properly. So I stepped off the curb thinking that the number of the building might be written on the side of the curb. And as I stepped off the curb, I got run over. An old lady, a grey-haired old lady in a big car ran me over, and I was laying on the side of the road, gasping for air. I wasn’t in pain and I wasn’t frightened, but I was laying there, my legs all broken, waiting for the ambulance to come and get me and everything.

And as I woke up out of the dream, I was thinking already to myself, “Wow! That was a really interesting dream. What did that mean?” And I heard the words – I don’t know whether I told myself this or I heard the words – “Get out of the way.” So, I’m wondering if you can tell me what that dream was all about?

ELIAS: And do you incorporate an impression?

JAN: Well, when I thought of “Get out of the way” that I heard, what that sort of means to me is a kind of let go and let God thing. Do you know what I mean? Like as if I’m preventing whatever I want to manifest. I’m stopping it from manifesting by being too impatient or intense or holding too much energy around it.

ELIAS: That is a very accurate assessment. And I would express to you that it is also imagery concerning paying attention, not merely allowing, but in that allowance paying attention to what you are doing and therefore being aware of how you may be creating obstacles or creating diversions that distract you from your direction.

When you are not genuinely paying attention, you generate in your direction the allowance for unforeseen actions to occur that you may not necessarily want. When you ARE paying attention and you are aware of what you are doing in your direction, you can see the aside branches, so to speak, of what is occurring around you that may be affecting of you, for you can see what you are drawing to yourself in that action of projecting your energy and generating that magnet, so to speak, which will draw situations, individuals, circumstances and other actions to you.

When you are not paying attention and you are creating diversions for yourself in being too rigidly focused, you block out, in a manner of speaking, your own awareness of other actions that you are creating and drawing to yourself.

This would be the imagery in relation to the vehicle and its collision with you. The example is being so focused in a rigid manner in association with one element, the number, that you are not aware and paying attention to the energy that you are projecting and therefore what you are drawing to yourself in that situation.

This is a significant dream imagery, for it offers you significant information in being more aware of what you are doing, especially in conjunction with what you do in relation to your energy work, so to speak.

JAN: The only thing I think about that, Elias – are you there?


JAN: Yeah, is the dream was centered around my work life, and yet in my work life everything is unfolding and manifesting very nicely. I don’t have any problems with my work life. Do you know what I mean? Like it’s all… My business is coming along nicely. I’m a healer and a teacher and a therapist, and that’s all… My business is growing nicely.

The area that I’m having problems in allowing seems to manifest in my life within my personal and relationship issues. I don’t have a relationship, and that’s what I’m centered on trying to create in my life. Was the dream in fact about my relationship issues? Or was it about my business?

ELIAS: It is all interrelated. It is all interconnected. For the energy that you project in one direction is also affecting in other directions. Therefore, this imagery would be in one respect a positive reinforcement in relation to your business, merely an encouragement in continuing to pay attention, but also it is information to be generally paying attention.

For all that you do is interconnected. Therefore, what you are expressing in energy in one direction can be affecting in other directions also. And therefore, the significance of paying attention to how you are projecting your energy and therefore allowing you to see when you are creating obstacles, and be aware of what you are projecting that creates these obstacles, or the unforeseen branches that you draw to yourself.

In this, it allows you to move your attention to different directions, such as relationships, and pay attention to what is the difference in your energy when you are interacting with your business and the energy that you are projecting in association with other individuals that could potentially create a relationship. Are you understanding?

JAN: Yes. Yes, I am. Yes. And I’m a lot more anxious about relationships. I’m very relaxed about my business.

ELIAS: And in this, what do you evaluate generates that anxiety in association with relationships?

JAN: Well, it’s the feeling of lack, and a fear that I’m not going to be able to manifest a relationship, I’m going to be on my own for the rest of my life.

ELIAS: And once again, in projecting that type of energy, what does your leprechaun express to you? “Very well!”

JAN: (Laughs) Yeah. There will be… The energy that I’m putting out is one of lack, not one of having a relationship. I know that. And I work very hard on that. I mean, I think that’s part of the problem. Because I teach Law of Attraction and I’ve been learning, studying you for the last two years and all the other dead guys (Elias laughs), I'm very aware of what my vibration is about the relationship issue. So, I’m very comfortable with it.

I’m trying to practice all the time putting out an energy of allowing a relationship to come to me or allowing a reconciliation with my ex-partner, John, which is what I really want. And when I do that, and I’m okay with it and I’m feeling very positive and I feel like I’m generating a really good energy about it, I’m fine. But then nothing happens, nothing manifests. I mean, I’ve been on my own now for the last two and a half years basically, and I did get back together briefly with my… the love of my life, John, but we haven’t been together for the last nine months.

And so when I’m not manifesting something, then I start to get fearful that I’m not creating properly and I’m doing it all wrong, or it’s never going to happen, and I start to get that. And then I fall down the hole, basically.

ELIAS: I am understanding. Let me express to you somewhat of a different approach. In this, what you are doing, in a manner of speaking, lends to that snare of discounting yourself and doubting. For you are projecting, first of all, what you want futurely, rather than being that now.

JAN: Yeah.

ELIAS: You are focusing upon an outcome, rather than paying attention to the process that is occurring now. And in that, you set yourself in a position for disappointment and to lend energy to that expression of lack or doubt or discounting or confusion.

Now; what may be a more effective method to engage is to be refocusing your attention upon you and what you want, and allowing yourself to express that.

Now; let me express to you specifically: In this, it is not a matter of thinking what you want as relationship or what you want with another individual or what you want FROM another individual. It is a matter of paying attention to you and focusing your attention upon what you want to express – not what you want outside of yourself, but what you want to express from within yourself. This is important.

For what occurs when you are not paying attention to you and what you want to express is that you move in automatic responses, and many of those automatic responses involve waiting.

JAN: Yes.

ELIAS: Waiting for a sign or a signal or a communication or an action from the other individual to indicate permission to you to express yourself.

JAN: Yeah.

ELIAS: And that creates significant obstacles, and it sets you in a position of denying yourself. And that creates this circle of lack, in which you continue to perpetuate that.

But if you are genuinely allowing yourself to express yourself, you interrupt that circle and you stop denying yourself. And in that, you begin to open, and you begin to genuinely allow, without expectations.

Let me express an inquiry to you. With your son, if you feel that you want to express affection to this individual, do you ask permission?

JAN: No.

ELIAS: Do you wait for a signal?

JAN: No.

ELIAS: Correct. You allow yourself to express what you want. You feel a love, you feel an affection, you feel an attraction, and you allow yourself to express that. You do not wait. You do not question whether that is appropriate or acceptable. You merely allow yourself to do, and you generate an openness in that.

And in that, in the moment that you allow yourself to express yourself, you also do not generate an expectation of return. You merely allow yourself to express you, and there is no expectation of the other individual. And as there is no expectation of the other individual, the other individual responds freely, and they allow themselves to receive what you are projecting.

This principle is the same with any relationship. If you allow yourself to express yourself freely, it poses no threat to the other individual, for there is no expectation. And the other individual recognizes that energy. They may not translate it into thought, but they feel it.

You all recognize energy much more than you think, and you interpret it much more than you think. In that, as I have expressed previously with other individuals, what you are projecting outward is a reflection of what you are doing inwardly. If you are waiting, and you are questioning whether you shall allow yourself or whether you SHOULD allow yourself to freely express yourself, you are projecting that type of energy. Which, in that uncertain energy, other individuals receive that, and they reflect that uncertainty. And they may even block that energy and reject it, for it creates an instability within them.

In this, it is actually not a matter of the other individual and their response. I would express to you, even the most harsh individual or the most negative individual that you can encounter will respond more gently when confronted with loving energy. Individuals rarely reject genuine loving energy, but they frequently reject expectations.

That becomes the obstacle, is allowing yourself to genuinely evaluate within yourself when you are expressing in a particular direction, what is your motivation? And what are you actually doing?

You are aware, as you generate with your business, [of] this principle of attraction, which is the same as what I express to you. The difficulty is expressed in not actually being genuinely aware of what you are doing. This is the reason that many times affirmations fail, for it is not enough to merely generate thinking. It is a matter of balancing and being aware of what you are thinking, what you are doing, and what you are feeling – or what you are BEING. For you may be thinking in one direction and feeling and doing in a different direction, or you may be feeling in one direction and thinking and doing in another direction.

In association with relationships and feeling a tremendous love and affection for another individual, you may be feeling that, but you also may be feeling a grieving for a loss. The grieving of the loss overpowers the allowance of the love and the affection, and it turns that into a different expression. It turns it into a pain, rather than a joy.

Therefore, the manner in which you alter this is not merely to be expressing an affirmation to yourself that you will create this, but rather beginning, perhaps in increments as to not overwhelm yourself, in allowing yourself to genuinely express you, and paying attention to that, as—

JAN: Can I ask you, Elias, so what you’re saying is that even though I haven’t seen John for five months, even though we only live a couple of kilometers away from each other, and I don’t want to go on pissed at him because he said he doesn’t want to be… he only wants to be friends. So, after all, I believe there is a probable reality where John and I are going to get back together, and I believe that because, well, I have to tell you four clairvoyants have told me over the past nine months that that was going to happen. I’m always creating dreams where he and I are back together. I’ve created lots of other signs for myself which tell me that there is a probable reality where we could get back together.

So, what you’re telling me is that instead of thinking about John, what I need to be doing is expressing love for, say, my children, my dog, allowing myself to freely express that love towards other people and other things. Is that what you’re saying?

ELIAS: Partially. But also to this individual—without any expectations, without the excess, without the projection of what may be futurely, generating that allowance now.

JAN: You mean in imagination or visualization?

ELIAS: You can do that also, but I would also express to you, first of all, if you want to be involved and engaged with another individual, you do not accomplish that by not engaging.

JAN: I’m frightened he’s going to reject me. That’s why I don’t.

ELIAS: I am understanding. And this is the point. You are generating your allowance of yourself based upon what you anticipate or perceive of the other individual. Therefore, your attention is upon the other individual, not upon allowing yourself. And that holds you in this box of waiting.

And what occurs in that box of waiting is that you continue to perpetuate the waiting and the confinement, and you continue to deny yourself. And the more you continue to deny yourself, the more you create that, and that eventual probability never materializes. For you are not allowing that to materialize, for you are not engaging it.

This is not to say that I am suggesting or advocating to you that you approach the other individual immediately and express, “I want to be in a relationship with you this moment.” No. Allow yourself to move in increments, practicing expressing yourself.

When you speak to the other individual, allow yourself to freely speak in the manner that you would with any other individual, with no expectation, with no pull of what you want from the other individual, but merely allowing yourself to easily share.

When you encounter the other individual, if within you, you are prompted to offer a slight embrace, allow yourself that without expectation of return. What I am expressing to you is allow yourself your own freedom of your expression and how you want to be, not what you want from another individual. That creates an openness to allow you to receive.

What you are doing now is shielding and not allowing yourself to receive. And if you cannot receive, you lock yourself in that box. (Pause)

You can think and think and think, my friend, and thinking will not create what you want.

JAN: Well, I kind of thought that if we were meant to be together that the Law of Attraction would bring him back into my sphere somehow, that we’d bump into each other or something would happen. And despite that we only live a couple of kilometers away from each other and we mix in the same social group and go to the same places, I have not bumped into him for the last five months. So…

ELIAS: But that is what YOU are doing. This is what I am expressing to you. You involve yourself with this principle of attraction, but the difficulty with that is that you are somewhat improperly associating with this principle of attraction. It is correct that this is the manner in which you create, but it is not outside of you that is generating that—it is you. It is your energy.

Your energy is being projected continuously, and it serves as an immense magnet. Whatever you project outward is what you generate to pull to you. Therefore, it is not a matter of the cosmos generating your chance meeting, or as you express, “bumping into each other.” It is YOUR energy that generates that action to occur or not to occur.

And if you are shielding, you are generating an energy of pushing away. And in that, you do not attract what you want. This is the point—

JAN: I understand. Am I right in assuming that… I’ve read what you said about clairvoyance and all that sort of stuff, but I did actually go to four different clairvoyants, because I went to one and they told me we were going to get back together, and I really believed them. So I went to another one and I kept doing that, and I ended up with four psychics telling me that we’re going to get back together in fairly emphatic terms.

I’ve had lots and lots of dreams where John and I… I go to sleep quite frequently and I ask my inner being to tell me something I need to know, and I’ll invariably have this dream about John and I being back together. And I’ve even had a vision. A couple of months ago, I had a vision. I was lying on the bed dozing one day, and I had a bright flash of light and a picture of him walking past in front of my bedroom window. So, am I right in assuming that all of those things mean that there’s a highly probable reality that we could get back together, if I could allow it?

ELIAS: Yes, but it is a matter of your allowance.

JAN: Right. Okay. Thank you.

ELIAS: It is a matter of your choices and whether you actually create that or not, and that is directly associated with your energy and how you are projecting it and how you are manipulating it.

JAN: Yes.

ELIAS: It is not a matter of destiny.

JAN: No. No. I understand that.

ELIAS: It is a matter of what you actually create. And in this, let me express to you also, in generating being aware of your energy, I would offer the suggestion that you stop envisioning the future, and you begin to allow yourself to feel the experience of what you want now. That will also change your energy.

JAN: I’m not quite sure I understand what you mean by that, Elias. What do you mean by experiencing it now?

ELIAS: Very well. Let me offer an example. Let me express to you, hypothetically, let us say that you want to own a new vehicle, and you want to create that. You do not incorporate any notion of HOW you will create that, but it is a genuine want.

Now; in that, you have incorporated one element: the thinking. You pay attention to what you are doing, and you notice that you are genuinely not incorporating actions of denying yourself, and therefore THAT energy moves in harmony also with what you are thinking in relation to your want.

Now; in not doubting yourself, you may begin to envision yourself actually being within the vehicle, feeling yourself operating it, feeling yourself moving through your town in it. These are playful visualizations, or what you—

JAN: I’m really pretty good at doing that. I mean, I often… I will imagine John being with me when I get a place of my own. I imagine his arms around me. When I have sex with myself, I imagine that he’s making love to me. I really enjoy doing that. This is why I do it, because it feels so good.

ELIAS: Very well. That is a significant element. Now; you incorporate the thinking and the feeling, or the experiencing. The third element is the doing. (Pause)

Without all three, you create obstacles. When you incorporate all three, you generate an ease, and you move in the direction of actually creating what you want.

JAN: And what would the doing look like? Is that what you said before about actually engaging with John?


JAN: Yeah. Okay. (Pause) Good.

Can I ask you, ever since I met John, I had a really… I recognized him straight away. We recognized each other. I realize we must have had lots of past lives together. I’ve actually come in contact with a couple of the past lives that we’ve had together. But could I ask you how many other focuses do John and I share together?

ELIAS: One hundred thirty-six.

JAN: Okay. Is he what you’d call a soulmate of mine?


JAN: Yes, he is. Okay. And in one of his other focuses, I actually got the name of his other focus when we were just snoozing on the bed one afternoon. And the name was Shakor, S-H-A-K-O-R. Can you tell me if that’s a focus that we share together?


JAN: It is. Okay. Great. Thank you. Fantastic.

I have another question I need to ask.

ELIAS: Very well.

JAN: For about the last year and a half, I’ve been what I call or think of as channeling an energy into the right side of my face or body. And I can call this energy at will. And I started to think of it as being another aspect of myself from the non-physical, even my essence. I’m not sure what it is. But it’s very much a… I can feel a very strong energy coming into the right side of my face. Can you tell me what that is?

ELIAS: That would be energy that you are drawing of essence—your essence.

JAN: So, what’s the point of that? Why am I doing that? What is that contributing to me?

ELIAS: It is first of all an allowance of supportive energy to yourself, which generates an inner knowing of a greater you, in a manner of speaking, that you incorporate more power and strength. And that is a reinforcement of that.

It also is what you might term to be a prelude to other avenues that you can engage if you are so choosing, in becoming familiar with this energy and subsequently allowing that energy to provide an avenue in which you can tap into information within essence, in similar manner to individuals that engage an energy exchange. In your terms, this would be an avenue in which you can tap into information that you can channel through yourself from essence.

But recognize that essence is not separated from you. You are essence.

JAN: Yes.

ELIAS: This is merely an avenue to other areas of you—which you can manipulate in many different manners. You can tap into non-physical aspects of yourself and information in that, or you can tap into other focuses or other-dimensional realities. There are many different manners in which you can use that energy as an avenue to access other information.

JAN: Okay. So, how do I expand that? How do I go about doing that?

ELIAS: I would offer the suggestion that when you are experiencing that, allow yourself a time framework in which you relax and allow yourself to visualize—but not intentional visualization. Allow whatever is presented to you. Regardless of whether it may appear initially fragmented or not, allow yourself to practice with what appears to you, rather than generating an idea of some expression TO visualize. Merely allow the vision to come to you.

JAN: Okay. Sounds good. Can I ask you, how many other focuses do I have?

ELIAS: (Pause) Seven hundred forty-two.

JAN: Wow! That’s a lot. (Elias laughs) Do I have another focus where I’m a ballerina? Or a dancer of some sort in France?


JAN: Yes. Do I have a lot of focuses where I’m a dancer?

ELIAS: Several. Yes.

JAN: Several. Yeah. I thought so. (Elias laughs) Thank you.

So, I have another question about a dream that I had. This was actually quite disturbing. I had a dream just recently where I was having sexual relations with my father. Can you explain why I would dream that?

ELIAS: Let me express to you, you, in similar manner to many other individuals, may incorporate dream imagery involving sexual activity, and in many situations it is symbolic. It is not literal.

The imagery of sexual activity generates many different associations, and that is what the significance of the action is. It is not the action itself that is significant; it is the association with it, the association of intimacy, sharing, closeness, familiarity. And in that, the interpretation of this dream imagery is more associated with what you want in association with this individual, not actually with a sexual implication.

JAN: Yeah. That makes sense. My father’s pretty emotionally detached and so… Yeah, I can imagine, yeah, why that would be so. Yeah.

I have a question about my daughter. I have three children, and my middle daughter, Rachel, who is twenty-seven years old now, I’d really like to know why I’ve always felt like she is someone else’s child. Even when she was first born, it felt like she wasn’t my baby, she was like someone else’s baby. She was like a little alien to me or something. And I love her just as much as my other two children. I adore her. She’s gorgeous. And she models herself more on me than any of my other children. She’s always felt like… Yeah, like she’s alien in some way. Is that because we haven’t shared very many past lives or other focuses together?

ELIAS: I would express to you that this is your first.

JAN: Ah! Okay. I thought that. Yes. Whereas my other two children, Leif and Georgia, I’ve had lots of other focuses with them?

ELIAS: Yes. (Pause)

JAN: Is that right?

ELIAS: Yes, I responded. Correct.

JAN: Yes. Okay. Thank you.

I have one other question. I have a client at the moment who I’ve only seen a couple of times as a client, and I was going to terminate his therapy because I was aware that he had developed an attraction towards me, a sexual attraction towards me. He came to see me the other day, and he’s a person who’s not religious or spiritual at all, but he believes since he recently had a time of intense crisis in his life, he says that he started to have what he termed as mystical experiences, and he believes that God is now talking to him. So he’s been coming to see me to talk to me about that.

But when he came to see me the other day, he said he had a message for me from God. And he basically said he’d received information about me, and he described me and my feelings about myself and my current dilemma around love and relationships. And he described it all to me and sort of was spot on, actually. He kind of laid my soul bare, and I felt like I was completely naked, in a sense. No one I can ever remember has quite really got me the way he actually got me, totally. He looked straight through me and saw exactly what I was on about.

And I was just wondering why I created this person to tell me these things? It’s not that I don’t want to hear that sort of stuff from people; I do. But I would have liked it to come from John or somebody that I was in love with, not somebody that is a client that I actually feel kind of repulsed by. Can you explain to me what that was all about?

ELIAS: That would be associated with what we have been discussing. And in that, you allowed yourself an experience of opening your energy to another individual, and the other individual receiving that and interpreting it quite accurately, to reflect it back to you, that you can generate more clarity in relation to yourself, what you want, but also what you are doing with your energy.

Which, in a manner of speaking, was a type of precursor to our conversation.

JAN: Yes. Yeah. I thought that. Yes. Thank you.

Can I also ask you, am I thought focused?


JAN: Yes. Okay. And am I a dispersed essence?


JAN: Yes. Okay. Thank you. And could you tell me what my essence name is?

ELIAS: Essence name: Loveny (LUV-any), L-O-V-E-N-Y.

JAN: That’s beautiful. It sounds like love. (Both laugh) I like that. (Elias laughs)

Thank you so much Elias, for spending this time with me. I really appreciate it. It’s been absolutely wonderful and an absolute blessing. I’m very, very, very grateful.

ELIAS: You are quite welcome, my friend.

I shall be anticipating our next meeting. And I shall be offering my energy to you continuously in supportiveness and encouragement in your new adventure. (Laughs)

JAN: Thank you. Thank you. Hopefully, next time I talk to you I’ll be able to tell you I’ve manifested a wonderful relationship.

ELIAS: Ah! Hear, hear! (Laughs) I express—

JAN: Thank you.

ELIAS: I express great friendship to you and tremendous appreciation of you.

JAN: Thank you, Elias.

ELIAS: In dear lovingness, my friend, au revoir.

JAN: Thank you.

(Elias departs after 58 minutes)