Session 202003181

Session 202003181
"Coronavirus Panic: A Time for Action"
"The Strength and Power of the People"
"The Broken Mountain Organ"
"Merging Energy to Help"
"Control in Conjunction with Fear and Isolation”

Wednesday, March 18, 2020 (Private/Phone)

Participants: Mary (Michael) and Scotty (Gianni)

“This is the time to step up and step in.”

"This is your entire world, my friend—every country, every city, the entire world. That is a tremendous, tremendous overwhelming energy. And in that, this dictates that all of you—all of us—that are aware and that are participating in your reality at this present time framework are engaging as much as we possibly can in relation to other individuals in an actual, physical capacity, in whatever capacity you can to be quelling this fear as much as possible.

What I was saying to all of you previously, in our previous conversation about not discounting other individuals by telling them not to panic, holds still. And what I expressed about moving in the direction of asking other individuals how you can be helpful, that holds also. But I would express that the difference is not about waiting for them to approach you but rather that YOU begin to initiate. Go to them."

ELIAS: Good evening!

SCOTTY: Hi, my friend.

ELIAS: And what shall we discuss?

[Section omitted by request]

[NOTE: There are some parenthetical phrases of explanation by Scotty.]

SCOTTY: Okay. That’s it. Then we can engage the main topic. You know, we engaged the panic and the energy that this coronavirus is generating. And to actually focus and get a better sense of that energy that is so around us and we are so used to it and it is in our face that it is hard to see, we time-travelled to Banff and spent that time to focus and engage a mergence, and each one was adding a gift [an energy gift] into the group. And the mergence was ongoing [and took a while to reach a stable configuration], and then we jumped back. And oh my god, the difference was hitting us like a hurricane, Elias. What is your assessment about that?

ELIAS: I would agree. It is…everything is changing so rapidly. It isn’t even changing day by day; it is changing hour by hour. And let me also say to you, my friend, I would encourage you and your team and all of the individuals that engage conversations with myself to remember what we engaged in our fall group interaction, because this is precisely what I was talking about.

Most individuals chose to focus on the subject of the few elite and the secrecy around them, and thinking about what they do or attributing expressions of control in relation to them, which wasn’t the point. The point was about the masses, which many of the individuals that engage conversations with myself are part of. And this is one of the factors that is creating such unrest and such panic and such fear, is that the masses are not being given information. They are not being given a direction. They are not being given a structure. And in the lack of all of that, this is what is ensuing.

Also, I would say that the government and those elite individuals that I briefly spoke of are also panicking, because they don’t quite know how to wield the control that they are accustomed to. And all of this is part of this shift.

In this, my friend, what I would say is this is a matter of engaging action. This is not simply a matter of manipulating energy but actually engaging. People are looking for direction and they are not being given it, and that is a dangerous situation.

This is the reason that I was engaging that subject, because this is a tremendous part of this shift in consciousness, is people becoming self-directing and self-reliant, and in that, being self-structuring, and these are very, very unfamiliar expressions for most people. Anyone that engages a job that incorporates a forty-hour work week is being structured. That is a considerable number of people. And what I would say at this point is the reason that it is important for actions to be expressed, not simply pooling energy – not that I am discounting the affectingness of pooling energy, but the masses are pooling energy presently, and all of you that pay attention to this information or engage conversations with myself or read this information, all of you put together are not a match for the massive energy expression that is occurring presently.

Therefore, this is the time for action.

And what does that mean? That doesn’t mean opposing anything or anyone but actively participating with the people around you, knowing that [inaudible] ripples out, and it does. And this is a matter of at this time genuinely trusting all that you know and trusting your movement in relation to self-awareness. It is exceptionally easy to become swept up in this energy.

And let me express to you, my friend, history does incorporate a tendency to repeat itself. And at this point, the people, the individuals that had, or have, firsthand experience with your last world war are almost all gone. They have generated a tremendous effort to remind the world of how history can repeat itself, but at this point there are three generations of people that have no firsthand experience with any of that. All of it is simply [cut off for a couple of seconds]. Quarantines, rationings, runs on grocers, runs on banks, expressions of closing businesses, isolating certain groups of individuals, not offering information – does all of this sound familiar? It should.


ELIAS: And in that, you now have the awareness, the power and the ability to choose differently. Regardless of what directions governments move in, you, the people, have strength, and you have power. And it is a matter of whether you move in directions of continuing to express those differences—which I expressed at the onset of this, this is a tremendous base of this entire movement, is about differences—and in that, whether people move in the direction of expressing by rote or intentional choice. I very much encourage the intentional choice.

Eventually this WILL subside, but it can definitely move in more destructive directions before it does if you aren’t addressing to it now. Will this bring about your apocalypse? No. You haven’t changed that choice yet. But you are already significantly uncomfortable, and THAT can increase. It is doing so on an hour-to-hour basis.

SCOTTY: You know, Elias, this is what I saw in aya. And let’s talk about the action that I actually engaged with you and with the group. We transported your mountain organ to this planet, and the group was sitting down at the control panel and entered a state of meditation [still merged together], and you started to play the instrument, and we all provided a very strong energy of soothing and accepting and self-love in an energy that was prompting to be present. And you channeled that through your music into the world, but your instrument did something that I never saw before. It was like it was drawing the panic energy and the fear into it and it was transforming it and released it, or something similar, in a manner that it was soothing. It was like a lullaby. It was very soothing. And even if people had not visually seen the mountain organ, it was felt. I mean, it is only a small fraction and people start to generate fear again, but in my assessment that was tremendously affecting and we will repeat that. So, would you validate my impressions? And can you say something about it?

ELIAS: I would validate what you saw and what you experienced, and you are correct. And I would say that that was a wonderful and beautiful expression, and I appreciate all of your participation. And do you know what has happened now? It broke. Energy WAS absorbed into it, and you are correct that it did pull that energy into it, and now it broke. Therefore—

SCOTTY: You mean what? What exactly is broken, Elias?

ELIAS: (Slowly, in a quiet voice) The mountain organ broke.

SCOTTY: Because it was too much energy?


SCOTTY: Oh. Oh my god. I didn’t see that.

ELIAS: That has occurred almost in this moment but slightly before, obviously, but it was too much energy for that instrument to bear. Which is saddening, but it is also important that we are moving in a collective direction not to combat but to do what we were doing in that action, but in more of a physical capacity.

SCOTTY: Do tell me more.

ELIAS: The energy is so strong that even that was not enough. This is your entire world, my friend—every country, every city, the entire world. That is a tremendous, tremendous overwhelming energy. And in that, this dictates that all of you—all of us—that are aware and that are participating in your reality at this present time framework are engaging as much as we possibly can in relation to other individuals in an actual, physical capacity, in whatever capacity you can to be quelling this fear as much as possible.

What I was saying to all of you previously, in our previous conversation about not discounting other individuals by telling them not to panic, holds still. And what I expressed about moving in the direction of asking other individuals how you can be helpful, that holds also. But I would express that the difference is not about waiting for them to approach you but rather that YOU begin to initiate. Go to them.

SCOTTY: Wow. (Sighs) Elias, that is interesting information. (Pause)

ELIAS: I would say to you, my dear friend, I will rebuild, and I express the encouragement to all of you to do the same. I will rebuild what is mine, and I encourage you to rebuild what is yours.

SCOTTY: You know, under the shower I had the thought that I do what I do with the healing group and on a larger scale. I had the impression to generate a mergence with all people that are privy to your information and use that energy to engage the fear currently. And I think I can handle such energy. And my question is, would you recommend that I engage this action, Elias? And would you help me?

ELIAS: I will help you. What I will say is, definitely don’t attempt to take on ALL of the energy. But I would encourage you in the direction of, in a manner of speaking, creating a beacon for any and all individuals that are interactive with myself that can express an energy of harmony, because not all of them are.

And what I would say to you, my dear friend, I don’t want you to break in similar manner to the organ. Therefore, don’t engage all of the energy but the mass of energy that can be expressed in harmony.

SCOTTY: Yes. I am—

ELIAS: Whatever can’t be expressed in harmony, pass it by.

SCOTTY: Yes. I saw how huge the energy is and I would not even try to take all of it, because it is so troubled, and these energies are… they are not calm, you know. They are so agitated that it would be overwhelming even for me to try to take them all, you know?

ELIAS: Correct. And in this, I would say that you definitely are rippling out, and in relation to cooperating with other people, that increases the strength of what you are rippling out. And I definitely encourage that and will be helping and supporting in that and participating with it, as will other essences indeed.

But it is also a matter of, the most important piece presently isn’t simply to soothe, but to witness. People, in your terminology, need to know that they are being heard. They need to be acknowledged. And your authorities are not doing that.

And in this, this is time to step up and step in, to witness, to express honoring, to express that you hear them, you see them, and in that, you are with them.

SCOTTY: So, would you recommend that I put that snippet on the website so that all people that are interested get access to it?

ELIAS: Yes. Yes.

SCOTTY: Okay. I will do that.

ELIAS: Because that is important.

SCOTTY: And I will actually—

ELIAS: It is very easy presently to judge. It is very easy to become angry. Whether you become angry with the government or you become angry with each other or you become angry with idea or the virus or what’s happening, it doesn’t matter; it is very easy to become angry. And it is very easy to become swept up in all of this energy, and in that, it is very easy to perpetuate being afraid, because people are depleted because they feel helpless. They don’t know what to do, they don’t know how to structure themselves, they don’t know how to direct themselves, and they feel helpless.

And everyone that they are accustomed to turning to to help them, direct them, are being silent and are not helping and are not directing. They are turning away and perpetuating the fear by isolating and by taking away. And they ARE taking away: taking away businesses, taking away encouragement, taking away motivation. They are taking away considerably, because that creates a significant avenue to control. When people are afraid and feel helpless, they are very easy to control.

This is the reason that your individual self-awareness and directedness is so important now.

SCOTTY: Okay, Elias. I will edit this part out and I will ask Lynda to put it on the website so that everyone can actually read it and can apply this and be helpful. And I will do my part in creating this mergence. Which is actually quite interesting, because I actually started just weeks ago in generating these ongoing mergences that are quite tricky, but it is so… It is so beneficial, I see, that when you are able to generate an ongoing mergence and everyone is able to add some gift into this [container of] merged people that are still individuals but they have all these energies, they are at their hand and they can actually use it. And it is tremendously powerful, you know?

ELIAS: I very much agree.

SCOTTY: And what I actually saw was that in the future this is something that is actually quite common: there will be certain people that have the skills to build these merged groups and people are willing to participate in it, and then it will be ongoing for a certain time and then it will fade away or they will end it. But it is actually something that will happen quite often and on a regular basis. Would you agree with that?

ELIAS: Yes. You are correct. I would say that actually what you have tapped into is what you could term to be a regular practice in the City.

SCOTTY: Yes. I saw that, that people are actually… they really like to engage this merging because they recognize it is helping them, and they choose in what kind of group they are participating, so to speak, you know?

ELIAS: Correct. Yes.


ELIAS: I would be congratulating you, my friend. That is actually interesting that you are tapping into that and recognizing that practice that IS actually a common practice in the City.

SCOTTY: Yeah, and these persons that are actually doing the mergences, they are highly skilled, because it is very difficult to maintain such a mergence. It is like you have to juggle with a lot of balls and they all change continuously the size, the surface, the weight, and you have to juggle them all and keep them in the rhythm, you know?

ELIAS: Yes. You are correct. But this is definitely a skill that practitioners are very adept at futurely.

SCOTTY: Yes. But currently I guess I am the only one that is able to perform such a mergence, isn’t it?

ELIAS: Presently, yes.

SCOTTY: And you know, in the healing group I started with this mergence, and so far it seems that Jelena is using that mergence to the greatest degree and experiences an ease in so many actions that in the past were almost impossible to maintain, and now she expressed it is so easy. Would you agree with my assessment?

ELIAS: Yes. Yes. It is very encouraging.

SCOTTY: It is. And so, I will take the whole Elias people, so to speak, that are privy to this information and I will actually do the same. And you might help me, because it is a tremendous amount of people that are trying to merge together here. But if we are successful, we have a really tremendous energy that we can use to counter this fear, you know?

ELIAS: That definitely is correct, my friend.


ELIAS: There is a tremendous volume of energy. There are a significant number of people that are involved with this information and with myself, and therefore that is a significant energy. It won’t match the present energy en masse, but it can definitely have an effect. It can definitely create something noticeable. Which I would say is the point and is actually something that if that can be attained, that can actually change the direction of what is being expressed. If there is even a dent in this fear, that people can see that there is something else and that there is another direction and that there is some information being provided but simply not through the sources that they are accustomed to, that can be significant.

SCOTTY: I bet so. You know, you already mentioned that briefly, and I was going to ask you what is your take on the lockdowns, because in my opinion they are not really serving us, and I question that they are [to our greatest benefit]—

ELIAS: What I would say is I definitely agree with that. But that is all fear based, and actually what I would say in relation to that also is that that is moving in the direction of the expressed control. The more that fear can be manipulated in conjunction with isolation, the more control can be expressed.

SCOTTY: Yes. This is the one point. And the other point that I see, my friend, is, you know, this isolation is disrupting the economy and so many more things. And I see in aya that so many actions spring from this lockdown [and most of them are not to our greatest benefit] that many people are not even aware of yet, you know?

ELIAS: Oh, very much so, my friend. You are definitely correct. And this is a very significant point, because this is the confusing piece to many people, is that they employ their logic and express, "Why would the government move in directions of these types of expressions if there wasn’t something tremendously terrible that they know about that they aren’t sharing?" Or that "the situation must be worse than we realize, and that is the reason that the governments are moving in these directions, because why would they move in a direction to be devastating the economy? That would logically move in a hurtful direction, a harmful direction, and it wouldn’t be beneficial at all."

Which is (laughs) highly, highly incorrect. This is a very old and tried and true strategy, and it has been successful for thousands of years. This is a strategy in which that can produce more control. What people forget is that your economy is based more in idea than it is in actual money, and especially now, in which you have moved into an age where so much of your economy is virtual; it is less and less and less actually physically real. It is real, but it is more virtually real than it is physically real.

Now; in that, as through history, you temporarily – or governments, or people that you view to be in authority – they temporarily shift their attention from currency to commodities. And you already have the commodities, and in that, you don’t need businesses to be generating production. You don’t need businesses to be operating, once the attention is shifted to commodities, because you already have them. And those are tangible, and in that, they are physical, and it isn’t so important for exchange to be occurring.

And this is not the manner in which your system of exchange will end or your expression of money will end, but you definitely are giving it a significant push.

SCOTTY: This is what I also was going to ask you, whether this is actually helping in dismantling this monetary exchange system.

ELIAS: Yes. And once again, I will express that this is also a piece that I have expressed, that when you move in those directions you will be engaging trauma, and you are. But that isn’t the foremost reason or purpose in relation to this. That is definitely an aside that you are engaging and that you are definitely giving a significant push to that action of dismantling your present mode of exchange and money, but that isn’t the main trajectory with this particular mass event.

SCOTTY: But it is actually speeding this process up quite a lot.

ELIAS: Yes, it is. Yes, it is. I definitely agree with that.

SCOTTY: And there is another effect that is actually quite beneficial, and this is in relation to climate change and the virus and what is going on, because it is interesting that due to the virus, people experience clean air and clear water in locations where it was normal to be accustomed to the opposite, which makes it clear now how bad it was actually. What is your take on that?

ELIAS: I agree. And it also is encouraging that some of these factors are being expressed and coming to light.

SCOTTY: Because you know, if you maybe are accustomed to this background noise in the city, you do not even recognize that it is there, but when you move all of sudden into the desert, you recognize that there was actually a noise pollution [in the city that you did not really notice]. And the same is true with the air pollution [and other pollutions as well]. You are so used to it that you do not even recognize it any longer, you know, Elias?

ELIAS: Correct. Correct.

SCOTTY: So, we are actually—

ELIAS: [Inaudible] very much—

SCOTTY: Pardon me?

ELIAS: Continue.

SCOTTY: No. I was going to say that we are actually also using this in beneficial manners. We decided that in some capacity we can use this tremendous upheaval in manners that ARE actually beneficial.

ELIAS: Yes. And THAT is very significant. Unfortunately, the masses are not going to make that easy, because just as with any expression of what you see as negative with individuals – and this is what you are addressing to, individuals, but en masse – but in that, whenever individuals are already upset, angry, frustrated, afraid, it isn’t easy to engage them in a manner that can influence them to alter that or to alter their perception, because they don’t want to. They want to be expressing what they are expressing because it is expressing an intensity, and there is a tremendous attraction to that and it perpetuates itself. Therefore, it can be considerably difficult to encourage them to listen.

But I would say that that is also a matter of being proactive, that if you are doing, it is harder for them to argue with that. It is harder for them to maintain that negative in the presence of the doing.

SCOTTY: Yes. We are experiencing some interferences. I guess it is the energy that is leaking into our interaction, Elias.

ELIAS: I would say, my friend, that this is to be expected.

SCOTTY: Yes. It is something that is to be expected.

You know, you expressed in relation to this healing group and the mergence, you expressed to me that [with] astrological charts, that we can then can look for patterns to explore more of how the merged energies will flow, and this is also something that can be greatly developed further. Can you shed some light more on that, that then we can build on, how we actually can look for—?

ELIAS: One moment. One moment. At the beginning of your question, there is tremendous interference. Repeat.

SCOTTY: I was asking, you expressed to me in relation to the mergence and the healing group and our astrological charts that then we can look for patterns to explore more how to merge energies in the future, and that you can build on that and you can advance this and get more clear in how you best merge people together.

ELIAS: Correct. And in that, I would say is that this is a matter of what you are already doing and what you have already been expressing that you do intend to be doing. Therefore, in relation to merging I would say that this is more in conjunction with simply expanding what you are already doing. Are you understanding?

SCOTTY: Yes. I do understand. And the interference is really so bad now. Shall we try to reconnect? Do you think it would be helpful?

ELIAS: Yes. You can attempt that.

SCOTTY: Okay, then we will try to reconnect. One moment.

(The connection fails to be re-established. The audio ends after 48 minutes)