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About three years ago, on a clear and obviously inspiring afternoon, Vicki/Lawrence brought through the essence identifications of nearly the entire Nazi Third Reich! This first listing of essence and focus connections caused quite a stir in the only part of the Elias Group that I knew well at that time because we realized that we do indeed manifest in groups! And recognizing this fact, Vicki and I continued adding essence/focus connections to this list as they were being confirmed by Elias--a quite natural occupation for a couple of Sumafi/Ilda people like Vicki and me--and we felt a keen excitement in our rapidly growing list!

Then when Vicki disengaged late in 2001, I decided to continue what the two of us had begun, and as others in the Elias Group learned about and expressed interest in this list, I began privately publishing it from time to time, sending it to anyone who asked for it. Gerhard then asked if he could put it on his Elias website via a database that he set up for it, and now, several weeks later, it is ready for your viewing and input!

You will find four major ways of viewing hundreds of entries:
- by focus names
- by essence name
- by focus timeframe
- by focus location

You will also find many, many focuses of just plain ordinary people, as well as being able to explore 19 categories of famous focuses of historical interest:

Actors, Directors & Musicians
Religious/Sorcery Leaders
Sports Personalities
Leaders in Wars
U.S. Government Leaders
Native American Leaders
World Leaders
Royal Families/Houses
Miscellaneous Infamous Personalities
Other Dimensional Focuses
Future Focuses

And there's more! Another fascinating category is that of the two books presently being called “Religious” and Shift,” with chapters dealing with eras and epics in our adventuring in these areas.

You'll also find that you can further define the life experiences of your focuses by choosing a sub-group such as by tribal, cultural or religious affiliation, etc., or by a special life adventure. There is also a description box where you can enter any further information about a focus that is informative.

O.D. Other Dimensional, and why Future Focuses are classified in this manner, which is because we have not yet inserted the future into our reality. I think we do this one day at a time!
Directing Essence
Observing Essence
Observing Essence for the Lifetime of the Focus.

Quote session #1428, 8/31/03:
"Now, I may express to you what I have expressed previously with other individuals. At times I may be not distinguishing between the observing essence and the directing essence if the observing essence is observing through the entirety of the focus."
And a little later:
"The observing essence is no less than the directing essence, and the experience is the same."

I know that you will enjoy making your own submissions to this list as much as Vicki and I enjoyed creating the original, and for this reason, this wonderfully new addition to Gerhard’'s website is dedicated to my dear friend whom I still miss very much: Vicki Pendley-Churchman, 1950-2001

If you have other questions, please do not hesitate to ask!