Session 443

“Reconfiguring Energy”
“There Are No Absolutes”

Sunday, August 8, 1999-2 © 1999 (Private)
Participants:  Mary (Michael) and Marisa (Glen).
Elias arrives at 3:25 PM. (Arrival time is 26 seconds)

ELIAS:  Good afternoon!


ELIAS:  And we meet again!

MARISA:  We sure do! (Laughing)  How are you?

ELIAS:  As always! (Chuckling)  And you continue with your adventures?

MARISA:  Well, the adventures have gotten, mmm, stronger! (Laughing, and Elias chuckles)  And different.  And I haven’t had ... nope, I haven’t had any visits for a long time, and that was one of the things, ‘cause it’s like the imagery has gotten stronger, much more emotional, but then I haven’t had the visitors, and I didn’t know why.  Is there some connection, that the imagery has gone like way up and the visitors have gone down?  Why do you think that is?

ELIAS:  Yes.  This is quite purposeful, that you not be incorporating distraction within yourself.  This allows you the opportunity to focus your attention upon self and be investigating your experiences within the now and hold your attention in the areas that you are creating experiences within presently and not diverting your attention into areas that you may consider to be past or areas of other dimensions which are not directly objectively affecting of you.  This has been created in agreement with you, as I have stated, quite purposefully.  It has allowed you the opportunity to be opening your window to be incorporating new experiences, in a manner of speaking.

I hold the awareness that you have incorporated similar experiences for much of your focus, but in this, you have moved yourself into a new position of acceptance, and in that position of acceptance of incorporating other experiences of other-dimensional focuses and other time framework focuses and relationships that you hold with other essences, you have allowed yourself the opening of the window to be presenting yourself with more information.  But now you move into the position of turning your attention to self as the window is open, and in this, you allow yourself to widen your awareness more, to allow yourself the expression of greater freedom and creativity.

As you are aware, in availing yourself of more information, not merely encounters, you have turned your attention to self and you have addressed certain situations that you have created within your focus, and in the addressing to those situations, you have also altered the behaviors, the creations, the events ... the situations!

In this, you have altered the reality of different elements of your focus that you involve yourself with and that hold importance to you.

This is the action of turning your attention to self and allowing yourself to be accepting of self, for although you and other individuals may allow encounters with other dimensions, with other focuses, with other aspects of essence, there also is automatically an area of blocking in not allowing yourself to move forward into acceptance if you are not continuing by turning your attention to the acceptance of YOU.

Many individuals experience different types of encounters with other focuses or other essences.

MARISA:  Do they realize it, or ...?

ELIAS:  Yes!  Objectively they hold an awareness of these encounters, but they are also creating the same expression that you were creating of previously.  They are quite secretive and they are not allowing an acceptance of self, for they view this to be suspect.  They view this to be unacceptable.  They view this to be wrong in certain expressions.

Therefore, they may allow the encounters, which is an attempt within themselves to be opening the window, but until the point that they also begin to turn their attention to self and offering themselves the acceptance of self, they shall merely continue within their encounters and be creating of fearfulness and a reinforcement of lack of acceptance of self, which these are blocks.  These create barriers within your movement, for it is necessary for you to be accepting of self to be creating this movement into a wider awareness, for if you are not accepting of self, you merely create obstacles and barriers that prevent you from accessing all of your abilities, all of your creativity, and accessing the lack of limits.  You have begun to move in this direction quite easily.

MARISA:  Why do you think that is?  Do you think I’ve just allowed some of the barriers just to come down?

ELIAS:  I express to you, you hold a tremendous curiosity, and in this curiosity, there is an innate knowing that you hold the answers to your questions within you.  But this creates another question within you:  How do you access these answers that you hold?

You have many, many questions and you have a tremendous drive in curiosity, but you hold confusion in how you may be accessing your own information, and we shall be exploring THAT element within this session.

MARISA:  Well, that was one of the things.  It’s just like, I think I’ve gotten ... set aside, I almost want to say, more time, like spent quiet time just saying, “Okay, whatever, show me something,” you know?  And most of the time, it’s like when I’m just being quiet, you know, in my bed, or actually when I’m riding alone on the trail.  For some reason, if I’m on a horse in a forest, that’s when it’s really very strong.

It was just after I saw you last time.  I had such a vivid memory.  I don’t know, it was just ... it was so strong, and it was scary, this one.  You know, even though there was a lot of friction going on in that, it wasn’t scary before, and this one was very scary, and it was really weird ‘cause that’s the first time I’ve been outside Margaret too.  I’ve never not been in her!  And this time it was like back and forth, back and forth, like sometimes I was in her and sometimes I was like outside watching, you know, ‘cause you told me the two types of observers.  And I was in a forest and I was gathering something.  I think I was like an herbalist or something, and I was gathering something to store for medicines and putting it in my basket, and I remember I was wearing these really long skirts, you know, something with an apron or whatever, and I was down there picking, and I knew Ian was in the field next to the forest.  And I was like, “Well, of course!  You never go anywhere alone!”  And he was cutting something, like hay, and it was weird because what struck me is that he didn’t have ... in my practical mind, I’m thinking, he doesn’t have a kilt on.  He had pants on, and I was just ... I don’t know.

That’s the way I saw him, but that’s when I wasn’t in Margaret.  I was outside watching him cut, and he had on pants and it was hot, and I remember his hair was just like all on his neck and plastered and sweaty.  He had no shirt on, and he just kept on cutting, and then I was back in Margaret, and she was picking stuff, and then I realized the sound of the forest had stopped, and it just startled me.  I kind of felt like a deer.  I just started looking around, like realizing something was wrong, and I saw these men (starts crying) in the trees, and I knew it was bad, and I was in trouble, and I just froze, and I was like, my first instinct was to run, run really fast.

And I remember I just gathered up everything and just started running into the field where Ian was.  And I remember just like, I can feel that breath, like I wasn’t fast enough, you know, just like ... and I was like breathing hard so I could run fast to get to him, but at the time, I was breathing hard and screaming his name, and I knew I was in big trouble, and my skirts were wet, and I couldn’t run fast.

And then they ... you know, it’s like I could smell them more than I could see them, and I could feel them like behind me, and I was like, I could just feel her terror!  And we broke through the lining of the trees, and then I started screaming, and it was really weird.  Then I was not in Margaret.  Then I was watching Ian, and I could hear him all of a sudden go like this.  He just like stopped his work when he heard me screaming, and he was like ... I don’t know what he said ... “Maggie, Maggie?”  And all of a sudden, he picked up a sword that was there, and then I could see him running, and the sword was like all the way up here.  He was like pumping his hands and running, and then I ... when I broke through the trees, it was really weird!

Sometimes what I think is going to happen and what happens are two different things, you know, when I’m in her.  I thought he was gonna hug me and comfort me, but instead he got his hand and just swept me to the side and threw me to the ground.  And remember, I couldn’t see what happened because my hair fell over my face and I was tangled and I was just shocked and I got the breath knocked out of me, and then it was almost like I let go and I was really Margaret, and then she realized that he did this because they were so close behind her ... there was no way.  He threw me out of the way and he killed those people!  And I don’t know what happened after that, but I remember just being hysterical, and he just like picked me up and just went like this, an “it’s okay” sort of thing, and he just hugged me and then that was it.  And then I was gone.  I wasn’t in her any more.

But that shook me for so many days!  I was just like ... and then like sometimes I’d feel submerged lightly in it again, I want to say.  And it was the weirdest thing ‘cause I told my friend what happened, and I don’t know.  I don’t think she understood it because she was just like, “Oh, how romantic!”  And I’m like, “You know what?  It was not romantic.  It was terrifying!”  I said, “Don’t you understand?  It’s like there!  It’s like, life is nothing!  There’s no hospital.  Someone gets cut, there’s no penicillin.  It was a very real threat!  All I could think of is like, I was terrified for both of us!  I mean, there were lots of them!”

Gathering information later, I realized that these men were like outlaws or something, and just totally not accepted in the clan.  I don’t know if they thought I was like easy pickings there.  I was like, “Don’t you realize?  A woman alone is fair game!  If he wasn’t there in that field, I would have been killed, and probably not pleasantly!”  And no one seemed to understand that.  And even when I was in the woods just last week with the horse, I was terrified!  I was like, here I am in my own woods.  I’m like looking around, making sure that there’s no one there, and there isn’t, there isn’t, but I’m scared just to even look.  I’m just like, thank god I’m riding Ricky because if I had to get away, I could with him.  No one could catch him, you know?  And I don’t need to think that here, but I do.

ELIAS:  Let me express to you that this experience that you have offered to yourself in a respect offers you a unique opportunity, for in one area, this offers you the opportunity to not merely view but empathically experience the events within another focus.  You are correct — this is a different time framework.  It is a different culture, a different society, and in your very physical terms, there are very different rules.  The rules that apply to you within YOUR reality presently do not apply within that reality.

This experience does not merely offer you the opportunity to view and to experience another focus.  That is one element of this experience, which offers you a validation into the reality of other focuses.  This is not imagination.  This is reality.  But this is merely one aspect of what you offer to yourself in this experience.

In examining this experience, you also view the differences — the differences of thoughts, the differences of choices, the differences of responses.  As you have stated within your own terminology, what you may anticipate or expect in an action that may be chosen in that focus may be quite different from what is occurring in that focus.

There are many messages that you are presenting yourself with presently.

Now; I am moving slowing in this direction with you, for I wish not to be overwhelming of you, for I hold an awareness that you have been availing yourself of much information, but you also have created a situation within your focus in which you intake so very much that you confuse yourself.  You are, as we express, a little sea sponge, and you have absorbed to capacity all of the water, and in attempting to be absorbing any more water, it merely spills out, for your capacity to hold any more presently is quite limited.

Let me move you into a direction of attention to be recognizing that you are providing yourself with many different angles of information simultaneously.  In this, you provide yourself with experiences of another focus, which validates that reality.  You provide yourself with the recognition of differences and the reality of those differences.

You are also providing yourself with an introduction to the concept of no absolutes, which this concept I have introduced recently within this forum, but it shall be requiring of much explanation for individuals within physical focus, for it is very contrary to your thought processes and your belief systems.  But in conjunction with the information that is being offered, you are tapping into this information regardless of whether you avail yourself of the written word of it or not.  You are paralleling the offering of information in offering yourself imagery and experiences.

In this, you open yourself to the beginnings of the assimilation that there are no absolutes within consciousness, within your physical dimension, within your experiences.  It matters not.  What you view to be absolute is not, necessarily.

You also allow yourself the opportunity to view the emotional qualities that are expressed and how energy may be translated from one focus to another and may be VERY affecting.  It matters not that you may be riding through your woods and that you objectively view that there is no present danger.  You may be affected regardless, for another focus experiences danger.

MARISA:  Yeah, like are you saying that when I was in my woods, and really, actually I was safe, maybe Margaret or someone was not safe at that time?  I feel that a lot, that we mix over a lot, ‘cause I was just like, I’m looking at all the signs.  Like I look at my dog, she’s fine.  Horse is not nervous.  I’m the only one that’s nervous.  So when I was in there, I was like, I think it must be Margaret that’s nervous at this point.

ELIAS:  Quite.  In this, you offer yourself the opportunity to view that other focuses ARE affecting of each other, that you are affecting of that focus, [and] that focus and all of your other focuses are affecting of you.  Regardless of your objective situation, the energy is affecting.

You are offering yourself this imagery in EXTREME, that it shall be very impactful to you, but this also creates a situation in which you assimilate the information more quickly.  It is not merely the situation that you are offering yourself the realization of the affectingness of energy.

As I have stated, you are offering yourself many different messages in these experiences.

You are also offering yourself the recognition that although energy of other focuses may be affecting and may bleed through, you also are offering yourself the opportunity to be accessing your ability to distinguish what you are creating and what another focus is creating.

This is another element of your experience that you provide yourself presently — an understanding that although you may feel consumed within a moment, it may not be the energy that you are creating and projecting within THIS focus.  It may be energy that you are allowing to bleed through from another focus, and as you offer yourself this example in extreme, it offers you the ability to distinguish between the two.  This is difficult for many individuals many times, for it IS you, but it is not THIS you.

In this, many individuals hold difficulty in identifying what they are creating and what another focus may be creating, but you have created a situation in which you experience in extreme.  Therefore, you offer yourself a feeling, an emotion, and even physical sensing of one experience, and simultaneously, you objectively view yourself in this focus to be experiencing quite differently.

This creates the distinction within you that you may allow yourself the identification that this energy is a projection of another focus, and you may choose to be accepting of that energy in the manner that it is expressed and allow yourself to be experiencing that, OR you may discontinue the flow of that energy in the manner that it is expressed, turning your attention to YOUR now, recognizing what YOU are creating in YOUR objective reality, and you may reconfigure that energy to be expressed in the manner that YOU wish to be expressing it.

Now; what I have just explained to you is a physical, verbal explanation of a process that occurs automatically, without thought, without time, and without objectively, intentionally altering the energy, for in actuality, all you need be moving into within the moment is turning your attention to the now, for within the moment that you turn your attention to YOUR now and what YOU are experiencing, you automatically create the choice to reconfigure the energy which is being projected, and it shall automatically move into an expression surrounding you that shall be beneficial to you.  Therefore, you shall automatically discontinue the feeling of the experience.

Let me offer an example.  Let us look to your experience.

You are moving through your woods.  You momentarily experience an overwhelming feeling of uncomfortableness and fright.  The feeling is occurring within the now.  Your attention is within the now.  But the feeling is the response to the energy which is occurring within the now of the OTHER focus, which is now also in your focus, but it is not YOUR now.  It is HER now.

Therefore, the energy that she is projecting within her focus, you are receiving in the manner that she is projecting.  You are not reconfiguring that energy.  You are allowing yourself to be receiving it in the manner that it is expressed.  Therefore, you also are experiencing the same feeling.

But in identifying that this is not YOUR energy in THIS focus, that this energy is a projection of the OTHER focus within the now, you may turn your attention to YOU, to YOUR focus, to YOUR objective placement within YOUR woods upon YOUR horse participating in YOUR ride.

MARISA:  Do you mean to tell me that, say, if I’m experiencing this and it’s a scary experience or whatever, or terrifying, or not a very positive experience, I have the ability to really just turn that off and just be in my present situation right now if I choose not to accept that at that time?

ELIAS:  Correct.  Now; in actuality, this is what I am expressing to you, that you have offered yourself much information and many messages, and I wish not to be overwhelming you in explanation with all that you have presented yourself with.  But in actuality, you are not “turning off” the energy.  You are merely reconfiguring that energy and not accepting it in the manner that it is being expressed.

Therefore, in your terms, in your thought process, you are turning it off.  But in actuality, what you are in reality accomplishing is reconfiguring that energy to be compliant with your energy within your focus.

The energy continues to move.  The energy itself continues to be expressed and it continues to hold the intensity.  But you may reconfigure that energy merely by turning your attention; not by concentrating, not by choosing objectively another direction for that energy to be proceeding within, for this is not how you reconfigure energy, but merely by turning your attention slightly, you automatically reconfigure that energy, pulling yourself into YOUR now, allowing yourself to be smelling YOUR trees, not her trees, allowing yourself to view YOUR earth and YOUR foliage, not her earth and her foliage, recognizing within the now that you sit upon YOUR horse, not move through her woods upon foot or upon her horse.

They are different.  They feel different, they smell different, they are viewed different.  But the intensity of the experience that you have offered to yourself consumes your now and overshadows your now, and therefore, you do not discontinue the experience.

This is not wrong and it is not bad either, for it is offering you the opportunity to distinguish the differences between yourself and this other focus.  It is offering you the opportunity to view that there are no absolutes, that energy is fluid, that it is continuously within motion, that it may be altered in every moment, and it may be reconfigured into ANY expression.

This offers you a great freedom, for within this type of experience, offering yourself the viewing within a situation in like manner to dream state but objectively expressed, in which you feel quite realistically and objectively certain experiences but they are not actually objectively occurring, you provide yourself with an element of safety.

In this element of safety, you provide yourself with the ability to move and manipulate your energy more freely, recognizing that each moment holds great freedom and that you may alter situations, expressions, thoughts, emotions, experiences within each moment.  You offer this to yourself in safety, that you may recognize and realize that you may be creating of this same action in YOUR objective reality.

If you may be reconfiguring energy that is projected to you by another focus which holds such great intensity and overwhelmingness in emotion, you may also be altering of the reality that you create within any given moment, and THIS is the area of no absolutes, for you all within physical focus attach to the belief that there are absolutes.  You create an element within your physical focus, it is created, it is absolute — not necessarily!

MARISA:  It’s gotten much easier to ... before, you know, it’s just like when visitors would come like once, twice a year, and now it’s like, you know, with these images and everything, they’re much more frequent, just like what you said.  I’m just like looking more and more and more, and I think I like it, you know, because mostly it’s very pleasant.  The little memories are beautiful.  I like seeing Ian, you know.  It’s pleasant for me.  Like another little thing was like we were ... I guess because there was no TV or movies back then, it was a campfire, and I remember we were all sitting around it.  I must have had lots of cousins, a lot of male cousins, ‘cause a lot of these, like Lindsey and Jamie, all these names seem very familiar to me.  And the old people had their campfire down there and the young people had their campfire around here, and I remember we were all sitting around and I was leaning against his knee and he was sitting on like a rock, and we were all ... like I wasn’t, but a lot of the guys were playing instruments.  It was just like, I guess that was their entertainment.  It’s like, what else are they going to do?  And I remember Ian was playing like the drums, and I don’t know what those instruments were that they were playing, although a friend of mine is very proficient at music, and I drew a picture of one, and she showed me in a music encyclopedia what it was.  I mean, she knew what it was!  And I remember they asked me to sing, they asked us to sing, and it was such a pleasant ... see, I like looking at stuff like that!  That’s a beautiful memory!

ELIAS:  But you see, you also offer yourself an interesting method, so to speak, of how to be assimilating this information and applying that information to your present now.  I have expressed to many individuals, viewing other focuses of essence that you hold may be quite beneficial, for it offers you a wider awareness of what you are and who you are.  In this, there are many aspects that you may glean from other focuses that may be objectively beneficial to you within this focus.

Now; within this present focus that you occupy, you may look to the interaction of that focus, and as you recognize that you hold fondnesses of certain actions that are created within that focus, you may also view that within THIS focus, you magnate to those experiences quite purposefully, for you wish to be incorporating those types of experiences into your relationships now.

MARISA:  Oh I think that is so right!  It’s like, I do that a lot, I think, and when I do something like ... it’s almost like I’m reminded that I’ve done this before, even though I KNOW I have not!  I’m not proficient in any musical instrument.  I dabble a little bit, but I love being around like musicians or impromptu things.  That’s what I used to do in college, and without understanding it.  And now, I’ve got to say after viewing everything, I think that’s something that I’ve learned.  Like now, I’m just like, “been there, done that,” you know, and I accept that.

ELIAS:  But you also may incorporate in THIS focus your recognition of your desire to be incorporating what you term to be that closeness and that camaraderie within your relationships now; that sharing.

Within this present now, in this time framework, your societies have created great elements of distraction.  You incorporate distraction in many, many different manners.  In actuality, you are quite efficient at distracting yourselves within this present now in your societies.  You incorporate much technology.  You incorporate many different areas that distract yourselves from interaction with each other.

In this, you have chosen very intently in this focus very specific lines of probabilities that you actualize.  You have created lines of probabilities to move you into certain situations, certain actions, and certain choices.  You choose specific directions with relationships, with how you create your reality in this focus, with what you shall surround yourself with in your environments, the partnership that you engage, the small ones that you have offered agreement for entrance into this physical dimension and participate with as family.

Each element of your focus you have created very precisely objectively.  Many individuals within physical focus are creating their reality quite precisely subjectively, but not necessarily so very intentionally objectively.

But within your focus, you have created a pool of probabilities and have expressed them objectively.  This is the direction that you have chosen, and you shall create it, and you shall not be deterred from your objective, and you have accomplished quite well in your choices to be accomplishing your objective, so to speak, in this focus.

This is another aspect of why you draw yourself to these experiences within this other focus, for it offers you the opportunity to view elements that you appreciate and that you desire to be incorporating into your experiences in this focus.  It also provides you with the opportunity of viewing elements of fearfulness, of differences, and also in the area that you, in reality, create your reality!

I may not emphasize enough to you that although I express this over and over to all individuals that I interact with in physical focus, it continues to be a concept and not necessarily a reality to these individuals, that they in actuality create their reality and therefore hold choices and hold the ability to alter their reality.  You are offering yourself EXPERIENCES to be presenting this concept to yourself, not merely as a concept but as a reality.

Let us view your interaction with your creature.  You approach myself and you inquire to me why this creature shall not perform in the manner that you desire it to be performing.  And I offer to you the explanation, which involves elements of your energy and the choice in agreement that you hold with this creature.  You assimilate this information and create choices in assimilating this information, addressing to yourself — not to the creature but to yourself — and you have altered your reality.

MARISA:  Oh, it was amazing!  I couldn’t believe the way it worked!  I think I was surprised, but I really was just like ... I re-listened to the tape of the last session, which I think helps me, to repeat and listen again, and it was right what you said.  I’m just as afraid of failure as I am of success, and that’s very true for me.  And now, she is tolting beautifully, in fact, so nicely that I’m going to sell her because I just bought that new horse, and the lady, she’s like, “She’ll sell so quickly ‘cause she’s doing so well,” you know.

And then I took that experience and I put it to my new horse because I really had felt — I know it’s weird — I felt like we had been together at some other point because it is totally ... I mean, I am so in love with him that to me there’s nobody else, you know, just this horse.  And I was just like, you know, I could just like rub my head in his mane, I just love him so much!  And I rode with a trainer a couple of weeks ago and she was like, “Oh my god, you’ve changed so much ... become a much stronger rider!”  And I was just like, ‘cause I think I can do it!  From one of our talks, it was like, “There is no ceiling unless I put it there, for whatever I want to do!”

ELIAS:  But in this experience, prior to your acquiring this information, prior to your assimilation of this information and your choice to be looking to self, assimilating what you have been offered and choosing different choices in acceptance of self, you would have expressed to me prior that this would be an impossibility.

How shall you be creating an action within this creature merely by addressing to yourself?  You shall not be affecting of what the creature is creating if you are merely addressing to yourself.  But you have!  You have altered your reality by addressing to self, and you have affected elements outside of yourself by addressing to YOU.

This is another aspect of information that you have offered to yourself in these experiences — the recognition of what I have been expressing to individuals from the onset of this forum and these sessions: turn your attention first to self, and what you create within your reality and what you encounter shall automatically be affected as a byproduct.

It is not the situation of, look to elements outside of yourself and attempt to be altering them, for that is attempting to be creating the reality of another individual or a creature or any element within your dimension, and you may not create the reality of any other aspect of your dimension.  But you MAY create YOUR reality, and your reality is affecting!

MARISA:  Well, you know what I thought about when you gave me the essence families and everything, and then Michael gave me more information about them, I was reading and I was like, anyone that knows me, it was like, oh god, you are so like that!  ‘Cause you told me my family was Milumet.  They were like, that’s very plain to see, you know, especially like my connection with animals!  And I was like, you know, I always felt that even when I was new to the whole field, I had it over everyone else.  There was actually this one person that was like watching me ride and he said, “You know, it’s weird.  It’s like, you know what your horse needs before it actually happens.  You know the horse is going to stop before it happens.”  I was like, I don’t know how I know that, but I just do, you know.  And then I was like, a lot of people just don’t do that, or don’t listen?  I don’t know what it is!

And it was funny ‘cause when I bought Ricky, this guy said to me, “Oh, you look like someone who likes to talk to your horses, who has a close communication.”  I was like, I should use that more!  And this one trainer, ‘cause Ricky wouldn’t trot, said, “Oh you should do this.”  And you know, it’s weird ‘cause I came home and I ignored what she said, and I was like, I don’t think that’s what he needs at all.  I think it’s something like this, and you know, he’s doing better, and I don’t think I would have trusted myself before that because she’s considered so much better than me in the field.

And another aspect that’s come out too is my competitiveness.  I always considered myself a very non-competitive person ‘cause nothing was really that important to me.  And now, it’s just like, I don’t know where this beast has come from within me!

It was funny ‘cause this really good rider says, “Oh, when I get my horse trained, I’m going to be unbeatable!”  And I was like, that’s what you think, sweetheart!  Because I’m going to win — and my goal is in two years — I’m going to win best in show!  So actually, you’re going to have to beat me with Ricky!  And I was like, I never would have said or done that before.

And really using that, you know, that information about the Milumet family, I always had it!  I mean, even when I was little, I remember.  When I was really young, I told my best friend, “You know what I can do?”  And she’s like, “What?”  And I said, “You see that hawk up there?  I could put myself in the hawk and I could fly!”  And you know, it’s just like a child talking, but I still DO that!  I still, you know, cast myself ... is this weird?  I mean, I cast myself up in an animal or wherever it is.  If I want to BE something, I put myself in that animal, and that’s just like ... it’s like when Ricky and I are riding and I see this like gawky heron just like kind of rise from the marsh, it’s like, I want to be that!  And I’m just like, I’m there, and I’m seeing out of that animal’s eyes what it’s like!

ELIAS:  This is your natural empathic ability, not to merely view what another creates, but to experience what another is experiencing, and you hold a natural inclination in this area.  You have allowed yourself the working order of this inner sense, your empathic sense.  You have allowed yourself the ability to be projecting empathically aspects of yourself to be merging with any other element of your reality that you so choose, and experience what it is experiencing.

In this, I express to you also that you continue to validate yourself in your abilities, that you hold no limits in what you may be accomplishing.  You are translating elements of your acceptance of self into areas of competition, for this reinforces that you are allowing yourself to be accepting of self, that you are not less than any other individual!

And I may offer to you also this day, that you may understand, for you do understand your ability to be projecting into any element of your reality and experience that in creatures, in plants, in the earth, into other individuals.  This creature that you have recently acquired, that you hold such very great fondness for, I express to you, it is not necessarily the situation of the remanifestation of the creature itself that you attach to.  What you are recognizing and attaching to within this creature is an aspect of consciousness which is projected into the consciousness of that creature that is held by the essence of your individual of your Ian.

MARISA:  There’s some aspects in Ricky that are similar....

ELIAS:  No; that is an aspect of that essence, not similar.

MARISA:  Oh, so when you told me he’s not ... when I was thinking about going to Scotland, you said, “You’re not going to find Ian there,” you meant like not as a human?

ELIAS:  Do not misunderstand.  I am not expressing to you that the individual has manifest into the creature, for essences do not manifest within creatures.  This is an aspect of belief systems that you hold in the area of reincarnation.

But what an essence MAY choose to be creating is the projection of an element of their consciousness into the consciousness of a creature.  This is not reincarnation into the form of an animal.

MARISA:  ‘Cause that was weirding me out!  That’s good!  I was like, I don’t think I could do that! (Cracking up)

ELIAS:  That is a belief system!

MARISA:  Okay!

ELIAS:  But you or any other essence may project an aspect of their consciousness into the consciousness of the creature.  This offers the essence the assimilation of the experience of the creature, and also at times offers the essence the avenue of creating specific types of communications and interactions with other essences that are manifest within physical focus for particular reasons.

Therefore, this is the reason that you feel this intensity of connection to this particular creature, for you are identifying the energy signature, so to speak ...

MARISA:  Oh, that I understand a little better!

ELIAS:  ... of the essence which YOU identify with the focus of Ian.

MARISA:  Hmm.  I want to talk a little bit about Ian and the whole thing, ‘cause re-listening to everything again....

I was telling Michael, I did look up the tartans and everything, just like you said.  I’m thrilled to say that the colors did match!  My husband got me this book kind of as a surprise, and it was really funny ‘cause I looked in there first, and this is what I saw (showing the book to Elias), and I’m like, you were wrong!  And then I looked again, and it was the ancient plaid you were talking about.

So I’d like to ask you a few facts, because Larry’s going to take me to Scotland for our tenth anniversary, and I want to be able to go to like some places where we were.  You know, like where my clan was and see what happens.  So....

ELIAS:  Now I shall address to you, and I shall express to you that first I shall encourage you to be allowing yourself, within your experiences that you are creating and within your empathic sense that you exercise so very well, to be exploring this information within your abilities first.  And within our next meeting, you may present to me the impressions that you offer to yourself in your locations and your time frameworks and your identifications of certain physical elements that you are so very curious of.

Once you have offered yourself first the opportunity to investigate these elements yourself, I shall validate to you what you have allowed yourself to assimilate, and at that moment, I shall offer you more information.

MARISA:  Hmm.  ‘Cause this is what I was thinking.  I was like, you know, it’s getting easier to like look and everything like that.  But I was like, you know, what I really would like, what I REALLY would like to do is like ... okay, so I could talk to him in my head or whatever, okay.  But I really would like it easy.  Why can’t I just find someone to sit down and just have a conversation with me and contact Ian or something?  And I could just sit down and have a nice conversation with him and get all my facts straight and find out what’s happening.  I was like, THAT’S what I want to do!  ‘Cause I guess I’m impatient too! (Elias chuckles)

And now it’s just like, let’s just go back and visit Margaret for a while and see what happens, and it’s true what you said.  It’s just like sometimes, like especially after that very intense one, I was like, whew!  We’ve just got to like take a step back for a while, but the other part of me is like yeah, I’d like to know!  I’d like to find out what’s going on, and have it be easier!


MARISA:  So I wouldn’t have to like stress my brain, ‘cause you know, it’s weird!  It’s just like, it’s work for me!  ‘Cause it’s like this connection, but I can only keep it up like a little bit.  Like I told my friend, I can talk to him whenever I want, but I can’t talk to him for a long time.

ELIAS:  For you shall not be overwhelming yourself to the point of much fearfulness, for many times this may be occurring, and as I have expressed to you, you also allow yourself time frameworks that you do not confuse yourself, that you do not confuse your identify, or in your physical terms, lose your identity into that identity, which in actuality, you shall not lose your identity, but you may confuse your identity, and you may within your focus be creating a situation of threatening your identity temporarily.  It is temporary, but it does occur within physical focus.

MARISA:  Well, I had talked to you about that before, ‘cause that’s why I was afraid to go back to Scotland, ‘cause my friend’s friend did that, and it was like she lost everything that she had here!  And I was like, I’m not going to do that!  I’m not messing this up here!  I have a good life, you know?

ELIAS:  And this be the reason that you allow yourself increments and that you do not overwhelm yourself with your experiences in this area.

MARISA:  So when I’m overwhelmed, that’s a point when maybe I should stop and take a break?  Is that like a signal to me?

ELIAS:  At times, you offer yourself these overwhelming experiences to be creating a point with yourself and to be offering yourself more information in intensity.

But as I have stated in this session to you, in those moments when you are overwhelming yourself, turn your attention to the now — YOUR now — and this shall automatically reconfigure the energy that shall be beneficial to you, but not necessarily in the expression that it is projected within, and also shall not threaten YOUR identity within this focus.

I shall allow one more question, and we shall be discontinuing.

MARISA:  You know what weird thing happened?  I was picking my son up at camp and they were teaching children fencing, and I was fascinated with it and I was watching, and it was really weird ‘cause sometimes I talk and I don’t realize exactly what I said till afterwards, and I turned to my son and I was like, “How’s that for a wussy sport?  They should have nice big broad swords!  You try wielding one of those!  That’s a two-fisted deal!”  And I said, “And look at this!  What kind of swing ...?”  And I’m talking to him, and he went right along with me, and then I just like stopped and realized I must have remembered something, ‘cause it was just like I was mocking this whole thing!

And then even when my son showed me his Star Wars book — that’s like a space movie that we have now — and they froze a frame in the movie.  I was just like, “This body posture is all wrong!  Don’t you see this fight is fake?”  I said, “If he had that sword, there was no way he could put his body against it and really make much of a swing against his enemy!  Look at this!  And he should have ...”  I went through the whole thing with my son, and he’s like, “Yeah, yeah,” you know.

ELIAS:  Now; let me also express to you that this is an element of what I have been speaking to you of within this session — the distinction and the recognition of differences and the recognition of no absolutes, and therefore, the provision for acceptance.

In this, allow yourself to be recognizing that those elements are within one expression, but they are not absolute to all expressions.  Therefore, they are quite real and elements of the culture within that focus, but they are not absolute to all focuses and they are not necessarily the expression of all focuses.  You may be accepting of their expressions, but also be remembering not to be discounting of other focuses and of your focus.

MARISA:  Alright.  I’ll try to digest that.  I’m gonna see you in October.  We’re having a group thing.

ELIAS:  Very good!

MARISA:  And then you get to meet my young ones!  I’ve got to say, I was telling Michael that he’s never been afraid again since I talked to him about what you had said and everything, and just ... I don’t know.  I don’t even remember much of the talk or whatever, but I just remember just validating what he said about the fear, and he’s never been afraid again.  So like I told my son, maybe in October, we can move forward now, and you could talk to Elias about it and then move forward from that.

ELIAS:  And we shall meet objectively and we shall incorporate great fun! (Chuckling)

MARISA:  Okay.

ELIAS:  And I shall be anticipating the responses of your investigations and shall be offering my validation to you.

MARISA:  Okay.  Thank you.  Thanks for today.

ELIAS:  You are very welcome!  I extend to you great affection and I anticipate our objective encounters.  To you this day, my friend, au revoir.


Elias departs at 4:41 PM.