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CommunicationConsciousnessCounterpartsDream WalkersDuplicity
ImpressionIntentIt matters notOrientationPerception
PreferencePresenceRegional AreasRemembranceShift
Subjective/ObjectiveTransitionWaves in ConsciousnessYCYR

Session 229Each focus holds all of the information of essence, but you also hold a lack of remembrance. You hold no memory of essence. You have separated. You have divorced yourself. I have used this expression many times, that you have divorced yourself from essence for the purity of your experience within this dimension. But now, as you move into the action of this shift in consciousness, you reconnect yourselves with essence; and as you accomplish this, as you widen your awareness and open yourselves to essence, you also at times may hold anxiety or even the emotion of sadness or fearfulness or dread, for you have divorced yourself so very far from essence and its expression that moving closer to this natural expression of essence may be objectively fearful or hold anxiousness to you, or may even cause you sadness in what you have in your objective thought process "lost." You have not lost! But you think to yourselves within your belief systems of the joy of your creativity that you now open yourselves to, and within your belief systems you think of time frameworks lost, for this be your belief systems. It is not lost! You have purposefully created what you have created within your separation for the purity of your experience, but you hold belief systems that express to you the negative element of what you wish to be experiencing and what you now open yourselves to, and you view within your experience, "Oh, the time lost! Oh, the experience lost!" But it is not lost. You are merely expressing to yourself the emotion, within the context of your belief systems, that you need freely express to yourself, for you are an emotional creature. In this, you allow yourself the freedom to move into the experience of your new creativity.