Session 201803052

“A Change in Primary Aspect”
“Clarification on Intent”
“Proving that Atlantis Existed”

“A Change in Primary Aspect”
“Clarification on Intent”
“Proving that Atlantis Existed”

Monday, March 5, 2018 (Private/Phone)

Participants: Mary (Michael) and Anon (SC)

[Note: There was no audio available to use in transcribing this session, but a preliminary document was able to be formatted and edited.]

Elias: Good afternoon!

SC: Hello, my friend. I wanted to start by saying that I feel you have given me support over the years, and I am grateful - so thank you. What is our connection?

Elias: You are very welcome. We share focuses together and also many counterpart actions. There are many connections between us.

SC: I am asking for clarity and help with my mission. Please explain when you feel necessary, otherwise I ask you to keep the answer short and I will ask for more if I don’t understand. Is that okay? I don’t want to limit you.

Elias: Understood.

SC: My essence name: Ta Sheen Dula.

Elias: That is a long translation, but correct.

SC: Family belonging to: Milumet.

Elias: Yes.

SC: Family aligning with: Gramada.

Elias: Yes.

SC: What is my essence color?

Elias: And your impression?

SC: My impression? I would say a mixture of purple and blue.

Elias: Very good! It is lavender.

SC: Was I the Essene crucified in place of Jesus?

Elias: (Pause) Observing.

SC: Was I the Atlantean prince Iltar?

Elias: Yes.

SC: Who brought items to Mexico and placed them there from Atlantis?

Elias: Yes.

SC: Was I the Lemurian Adam, the first in that area of earth to form matter from spirit into man?

Elias: One of many, yes.

SC: Am I fragmented from the John the Baptist/Telleth essence?

Elias: Yes.

SC: Did I volunteer for this life and mission/task for John the Baptist/Telleth essence, to play a role in supposed source event?

Elias: Say again.

SC: Did I volunteer for this life and mission/task for John the Baptist/Telleth essence, to play a role in a source event?

Elias: (Pause) No.

SC: Am I fragmented from Rose?

Elias: No.

SC: Am I fragmented from Ordin?

Elias: Yes.

SC: Is Ordin active in the Atlantean dimension?

Elias: Yes.

SC: Am I fragmented from any other essence?

Elias: Yes. Daine, D-A-I-N-E, and Sych, S-Y-C-H.

SC: Is it Gaine with a G, as in God, or with a D as in David?

Elias: D.

SC: Was I involved in a focus exchange to this body with the entity Samuel -

Elias: No.

SC: - or am I blocking something from childhood?

Elias: I’m sorry. Continue.

SC: That’s okay, you answered my question, as “no.”

Elias: This was a change of primary aspect. This occurs with some, where they enter a focus with one primary aspect but change to another. If the change is significant enough, it may block memories up to that point. Your change was significantly different. Now, the memories are not lost and are available to consciousness. It would require effort on your part, much meditation or something like hypnosis to access those memories, if you wished, but they are available to you.

SC: Do I have a different chakra system as once described, a straight run up my spine with three points in the brain?

Elias: No. You do engage your purple and indigo chakras strongly, more so than most, but I do not see a difference in the chakras or their placement in the body.

SC: Please define my intent.

Elias: And how would you define your intent?

SC: I would say one of service to others.

Elias: I am understanding of why you would say this, as that is one of the more obvious expressions of your intent, but I would not necessarily say “service” but “support” and exploring all types of expressions of support. There are many types of expressions of support.

SC: Has my intent changed with my change of primary aspect?

Elias: No. The changing of primary aspect helped in your explorations of support and reinforced this intent.

SC: Please define my specific mission/job, what I came here to do, as different from my intent.

Elias: This idea of a mission or job has been reinforced by religious and metaphysical teachings, which in fact are limiting you. There is no one single job anyone is to do in a focus.

SC: Do I have some connection with other-dimensional aliens? I was told this by a previous channeled entity, Jeshua, who said, “You are equal.”

Elias: Yes! For you have many, many focuses in other dimensions with them, so the fact that you are equal is obvious in that way.

SC: As in Atlantis, which is actually another dimension.

Elias: Yes! Correct!

SC: I also feel that I do quite a lot of other-dimensional traveling in my dreams.

Elias: I would express to you this is correct, for you do this frequently.

SC: So the expression of finding Atlantis, bringing it to public knowledge, is this part of this source event?

Elias: This current source event?

SC: Yes.

Elias: Not necessarily, but it can be somewhat related. You are moving in a direction for an ability to move between dimensions, with an awareness of doing so, and this may in part be an expression of the movement of this source event.

SC: What can I do to play my part?

Elias: I would say continue to project and meditate, and this will become easier for you and add to the energy that will be taking place.

SC: With the example of the box, then: this is something that contains items that as Iltar I brought to Mexico from Atlantis.

Elias: Yes.

SC: Is the box in this dimension—physical—or does it exist as a probability that must be brought into this plane?

Elias: It is physical, in your dimension.

SC: Is it at Circle Rock, where we can find it according to the story that evolved?

Elias: No.

SC: But we could manifest it there.

Elias: Yes, but it would be more difficult, for you would have to create an energy transfer of moving it from place to place.

SC: Is it still down in Florida?

Elias: Yes.

SC: Was I at the spot?

Elias: (Pause) Near.

SC: Why was I not successful? What do I have to do to find it?

Elias: You must listen to your intuition and follow it.

SC: Hmmm. I’ve heard THAT before… Was it also a matter of the world not being ready for it?

Elias: I express that you cannot wait for the world to be ready. If you wait on the world, you will be waiting a long, long time. It is a matter of YOU expressing YOURSELF, your power and your strength. It is a matter of you expressing confidence in your direction and being determined.

SC: But what can I do to get things going? I know you must be tired of hearing about the concept of money, but for me it is a lack of financial resources. I have been to the box and the buried pyramid, done the internal and external quests and followed them through and done what was needed and found them. But what can I do now to kick-start things and get them unstuck?

Elias: You must find others who share your passion and can help you.

SC: But I feel I had done that as well, only to see them fall through. Has that been the issue, that others have not come through on their end? Or is it the lack of my seeking others more and sharing my passion that has been the stumbling block?

Elias: I would say both. (Pause) What would you do with the objects you found?

SC: Well, I’ve had that question before as well. You know that was posed to me by previous channels, and I was asked if I would simply put the items back and not share them with the world or announce them at all.

Elias: I am understanding. But what would you do with the objects?

SC: I would use them to prove that Atlantis existed.

Elias: And how would you use them to do that?

SC: Certain things could be dated, and when translated would show a record that Atlantis existed and would then bring it from a probable reality into something real here.

Elias: I am understanding. And for what purpose?

SC: What purpose to prove Atlantis existed?

Elias: Yes.

SC: To show that a civilization destroyed itself through wrong choices, like ones we are making now. And to show, to those who could understand, a bleed-through of other dimensions into our own and explain that.

Elias: Ah, but even with such evidence, there are many, many in the world who would not believe and not understand. How would you go about convincing them? What would you do with these artifacts?

SC: Use the records, like the crystals that project holograms of records, with technology and a record of history that can be understood.

Elias: I may offer you another suggestion, and that is to use your creativity, your inspiration and imagination to tap into your other focuses and learn what you can do with these artifacts in generating a physical display with them. A true treasure hunt!

SC: This is something Ordin can help with?

Elias: Yes. This then could become your mission, in your discovery of using these artifacts and how to use them in a way to bring magic into this dimension. I would say that many, many in your world are interested in magic.

SC: Yes. Interesting, thank you. I know that time is almost up and I want to be respectful of Mary’s time, but I have one last question that you know I have to ask (Elias laughs) and you knew was coming: Is the lottery a possibility or a way I can get the finances to make this happen, as I know where the proof of Atlantis is and just need to have enough money to pursue it?

Elias: It could be, if you are so choosing. But you may be more successful in reaching others who share your passion and interest and have the resources.

SC: Okay, thank you. And with that, I will say thank you for everything, as always.

Elias: You are welcome, my friend. And I would say that I am always available to you, close to you, and always willing to help you.

SC: Thanks. That means a lot.

Elias: And so in great fondness and dear friendship, I bid you au revoir.