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2019Session 201901041 - 201905101
2018Session 201801031 - 201812241
2017Session 201701011 - 201712271
2016Session 201601021 - 201612231
2015Session 201501021 - 201512311
2014Session 201401041 - 201412301
2013Session 201301031 - 201312051
2012Session 201201031 - 201212211
2011Session 3037 - 3099
2010Session 2902 - 3033
2009Session 2707 - 2898
2008Session 2435 - 2705
2007Session 2164 - 2427
2006Session 1895 - 2153
2005Session 1687 - 1892
2004Session 1489 - 1685
2003Session 1231 - 1488
2002Session 976 - 1229
2001Session 750 - 975
2000Session 534 - 749
1999Session 350 - 532
1998Session 254 - 347
1997Session 144 - 253
1996Session 64 - 143
1995Session 2 - 63

Newest Transcripts
Session 200704101Dealing with Anxiety
Session 201510233Being Present
Session 201501161The Value of Valuing Self
Session 200704091Choosing a Direction
Session 201902151How to Experience That YOU Have Created It All
Session 1138The Key to Freedom
Session 201902051Climate Change Is NOW
Session 201902021Healing: Don't Attempt to Eat the Elephant in One Bite
Participant listBrigitt(Camile), Christine(Lurine), Debbie(Tamarra), Jeff R., Jeff. B.(Galina), John(Rrussell), Lynda(Ruther), Marij(Kammi), Paun, Phillip(Paetre), Stanislav(Lyon), Val(Atticus), Wendy(Myiisha)
Session 201901251Climate Change
Session 201809252Behavior as a Signal
Jean-Fran├žois(Samta), Jean(Lyla)
Newest Audios
Session 201905101Fun Questions & Explorations
Session 201904141Black holes, Climate Change and Intuition
Session 201904042Allowance and Trust; Changing a Concentration
Session 201904041Consciousness and Essence
Session 200704091Choosing a Direction
Session 201903111What Is Important?
Session 201903051How to Harmonize the Parts of Your Personality
Session 201902231Romantic Relationships; Diet Changes for More Energy
Session 201902152What Crops to Grow; Reacting & Inflammation
Session 201902151How to Experience That YOU Have Created It All
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