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Session 20190205
“Climate Change Is NOW”

Tuesday, February 5, 2019 (Private/Phone)

Participants: Mary (Michael) and Anon

ELIAS: Continuing.

ANON: Okay. Let’s talk about climate change for half an hour now.

ELIAS: Very well.

ANON: What I perceive that no one has identified so far very clearly is actually an energy that you and I expressed, and that is the energy of hopelessness. And it is a natural expression, since most people in varying degrees still do hope to maintain the current familiar state, and do fight with the idea of dramatic changes. And you made very, very clear that there’s no hope, absolutely no hope to maintain the way we are living now and what we know. And this energy was not really clearly identified by the people—

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ELIAS: Continuing.

ANON: Okay. So, would you agree with my assessment that there was a strong “no hope” for maintaining what we are familiar with, Elias?

ELIAS: Yes. I agree. But I would express that it, once again, is not entirely a black and white situation. But there is a considerable difference, and the factor that it continues to increase and change is yes, creating a situation that is going to be very, very unfamiliar.

ANON: See, my analogy was, or is actually, like the American natives. At one point they had to face a situation where there was no hope of maintaining what they were accustomed to and they started fighting, but there was no way to move back. They had to adapt and adjust. And I see this climate change in a similar manner, you know?

ELIAS: I would very much agree. I definitely agree with you in that. Which, I would express that this is one of those situations in which individuals are less inclined to change until they are significantly uncomfortable.

ANON: Yes.

ELIAS: But this is also the reason, or one of the reasons, that I have expressed with you individually in relation to not necessarily moving forward in a direction of attempting to slow the action of the climate change, because it is tremendously important that people wake up.

ANON: Yes. But I think many people react because normally you are always very supportive for hope, even if you wouldn’t call it hope. But this time you made clear that there is actually really—like the native Americans, there is no hope to maintain what we are accustomed to. And people really do not like that, you know, Elias?

ELIAS: I am understanding. But I would also express that the actual, physical situation is escalating to a point now in which it is becoming more serious, and it is becoming more dangerous for individuals to continue in this perception that what is occurring in their environment isn’t associated with climate change – and it is. And as they continue to move in those directions and express that type of perception, it influences them to move in directions of continuing to express in familiar manners that are dangerous.

And as I expressed in our recent group interaction, this is important because people in these volatile areas presently are perceiving in a manner in which they are excusing situations as being natural disasters. And with that type of perception, it becomes dangerous, because then they repeat the same familiar actions.

ANON: Yes. I do agree. And also, many of these – even Elias people – they struggle, because they perceive that there is something contradicting in your text. And they struggle with things like you expressed: making things not important and give them even more energy, and there are no consequences other than what you generate. There is no cause and effect. Nothing is set in stone. Staying in the now rather than projecting futurely. And they feel they are confused because somehow, they think you are changing your direction. Can you address that a little?

ELIAS: I am not. And I would express that none of these are at odds with what I am expressing. I am not expressing for individuals to be projecting futurely. I am not expressing for them to not be paying attention to now. I am expressing for them TO be paying attention TO NOW. Yes, there are actions that have significant potential futurely, and that that may be important to some individuals, if not many individuals, and that is understandable.

But what I am expressing is the actions that are occurring that are significant and that require attention are occurring NOW. I am expressing in relation to significant displacement of individuals NOW, and the effect of disease that you are generating in relation to crops NOW that are happening NOW. And in that, the tremendous decline in the population of certain types of instrumental insects that are happening NOW.

And all of this is important, that people stop perceiving all of this as being expressions of natural disasters. It isn’t. It is all linked in relation to this subject of climate change. This piece of the massive glaciers at your poles that are melting and disintegrating—this is happening NOW, today. And in that, as I expressed also in our group interaction, no, that does not automatically mean that there is a shifting of the poles, which I have expressed previously. And that may have been misunderstood also, which was obvious. I have NOT expressed that the poles are shifting. They aren’t, but the planet is reconfiguring its land and water masses in relation to the glacier melt that is occurring TODAY. Not five years from now. Not ten years from now. Not twenty years from now. But that is actually occurring NOW.

And in that, yes, I am continuing to encourage individuals to be paying attention to themselves and to be responsible with themselves, and in doing so, therefore not creating consequences of their own doing. But that is precisely what they ARE doing, creating consequences. The recent events within different areas of your world—the western coastal areas of the United States, the western areas and southern areas in France, the coastal areas in Italy, different areas in Africa – these places are being affected NOW.

And the difficulty and the challenge is that the people are looking at the situation as isolated expressions, and they are in the mindset that they aren’t being displaced or they don’t have to alter their crop production or generate a different type of crop production, that they will simply rebuild. And that is the dangerous factor, because rebuilding is moving in a direction of being blind and not acknowledging what is actually occurring. And it will occur again, only stronger.

Therefore, the homes that have been destroyed by fires will be rebuilt merely to be destroyed again in a more intense and severe situation. Or the vineyards that have been destroyed and dying in France, that they will simply alter how they are generating their growth process, thinking that they can protect them by placing them under domes—NO. It won’t be successful.

And all of these different expressions—earthquakes, floods, ALL of these expressions—are increasing. They are all connected with this same subject. And the people continue to close their eyes and move in directions of expressing, “We will build anyway. We will pump out the water and we will build.” And in that, they move in directions of “We will create more powerful insecticides and more powerful expressions of protection against diseases in relation to food sources,” and all the while, as they do that, they delete more and more of the insect population that contributes to you HAVING those crops, to you having the ability to grow. What people are doing is chopping their nose to spite their face.

And this is not addressing past. This is not addressing future. This is NOW.

Let me also express to you, as I have recently, in relation to space explorations and that subject, yes, you incorporate a tremendous technology now, but even with the technology that you have now, it isn’t enough yet to engage that type of exploration. It will require years for you to move in the direction of adequate technology to engage that type of space exploration. And then it will require years and years and years for you to explore and discover other planets that are similar to your own and that could sustain your type of life. This is not an action that will occur and be successful within five years. It will require some significant time. Therefore, it is important that it is being viewed seriously NOW to accommodate you in the directions that you are moving. All of it is about NOW.

And in that, I would express that continued, you are still generating in certain directions and certain actions that are escalating this entire situation with this climate change.

In the present time framework, in the present day, there are movements, there are choices that are being engaged that are tremendously affecting in destructive capacity. I expressed recently the cattle farms that are being generated in massive quantity in Australia and New Zealand at this present time framework which are being engaged to accommodate not their own country but other countries. And in that, those cattle farms are producing enough gases that are destructive that rival all of your jets.

ANON: Yeah. That’s amazing.

ELIAS: That is tremendously significant. And that is happening NOW. Today.

ANON: And there’s another threat that scientists are quite afraid of, and that is if the permafrost is melting, then a lot of methane gases are emitting. Would you agree with that?

ELIAS: I would agree with that, and what I would say to you in relation to that also is what you don’t realize is that the permafrost contains and maintains a continuous expression of holding certain organisms in stasis. And with it melting, that is no longer occurring. That those organisms are becoming awakened. Those organisms are not remaining in stasis, and many of them are not compatible with you as a species. They occupied your planet BEFORE YOU EXISTED. Humans are not compatible with some of these organisms, therefore you open yourselves even MORE to the factor of new and stronger diseases.

I would say that, as I have previously, you have created more disease in your last century than you have in your entire history. And now you are moving in a direction of opening Pandora’s box and creating even more!

ANON: Oh my god, Elias. That is understandable.

ELIAS: This is a serious situation, my friend. It is definitely a serious situation. And in that, it is – as I have expressed – not a matter of all of you altering your lifestyles tremendously. Many of you have already altered your lifestyles to significant degrees and have genuinely been moving in directions of being responsible to yourselves and being aware of what is happening in these changes, and preparing for more of what is occurring. But many, many, many are not in that direction yet, even individuals that engage this information, that engage myself.

I would say that I have examples of individuals that are actually in situations in YOUR country, as I have expressed previously, in which collectively you are moving in that direction that is admirable and that your intention is good, so to speak, in being open to and accommodating of tremendous volumes of refugees. But what are you also doing? Instilling tremendous fear.

And in that, it is also a situation in which you could express that your good intentions have backfired, because you aren’t necessarily actually paying attention to what is the most beneficial direction to move in. Which is what? Which is what I expressed when we engaged our group interaction in Rome: infrastructure. Build! Not building in directions to be eliminating more forestry, but using the lands that are empty and not occupied and build in that capacity, to actually create communities and accommodate the people that are being displaced. But no. The intention is good to take in the refugees, but doing it in a capacity that is unhealthy, unstable and creating more conflict.

This is what I am addressing to, and in that, for the people that are paying attention not to succumb to the expression and the energy of the people that aren’t paying attention to. Therefore, such as an example in YOUR country, addressing to the situation of refugees, you may not be an individual that has the means or the capacity to build homes, but you can move in a direction of not succumbing to fear. You can move in a direction of being an example to other individuals, to encourage rather than to express conflict. You can move in a direction of continuing to be interactive rather than being afraid and hiding in your home.

These are expressions that you would say or identify the average individual can actually do. It isn’t altering their lifestyle dramatically, but it is generating a very different energy, which creates very different outcomes.

Or – as I have also expressed – pay attention to the individuals that you interact with and that you know, and how you are interacting with them, because you may be interactive with individuals, you may incorporate friendships with individuals that DO have the means to be—

(Connection is disrupted and session ends)