Session 22

Wednesday, July 19, 1995

Group Participants: Mary (Michael), Vicki (Lawrence), Elizabeth (Elizabeth), Ron (Olivia), Carole (Dimin), Jo (Joseph).

Elias arrives at 6:41 PM

ELIAS: Good evening. (Looking around at the group and smiling) Well, I was not expecting a large turn-out this evening, but I will express to those present that I originally explained to you that one of the purposes of this group was for interaction. This is not being accomplished very well with these individuals. I am slightly “disappointed,” if you wish to call it this, as in actuality I do not become disappointed with individuals, but I will express that I was hoping for the probability of more interaction. We are reminded this evening that we are focusing with physically focused individuals whose priorities are not always of lofty encounters! (Smiling) I will express to you to take note, though. It is all a question of priority, and if your priority is to yourself, and your essence, and your connection, you will attain this. If your priority is based on only physical focus, you will continue in confusion.

I will address, this evening, to a misconception, but first I will be expressing of great love and appreciation of Dimin this evening. I will also express that part of what I will be expressing this evening will be explaining of your (Carole’s) feeling of disconnection, and what you view as depression, which I would express as separation. You (the group) have been offered information to explain a belief system which involves Dimin.(1) I will express to you that this information is quite correct, as a religious belief system. This religious belief system is coming from another focus. If you, incorporating a strong religious belief system in this focus, fragment, and allow yourself to assume a new focus in another dimension, you will most likely incorporate your existing belief systems into your new focus. Just as you carry belief systems from one developmental focus to another, you will also carry from one dimension to another. This is not always of this extreme, (referring to Carole) but it does occur. This individual of Solara is of that dimension and focus, and in retreating from other individuals, recalled this information of this belief system. Incorporating a very realistic understanding of this belief system, she has interpreted this to be a reality for this dimension as a future occurrence.

I will express that each dimension and planetary focus incorporates belief systems. Each has manifested and separated partially, and therefore needs belief systems to explain what they are disconnected from. This particular belief system comes from another planetary system. It does not come from a star! (Smiling) This word of “star-borne” is not meaning that individuals are born on fiery balls of stars. They are in star systems incorporated on other planets.

As I have explained this (in) one previous session, you (Carole) have been fragmented in this physical focus. Your fragment has assumed this physical focus in this dimension, replacing the original fragment, and carrying with it its own belief systems. This belief system is partially correct, as are your belief systems in religious focuses of this planet and dimension partially correct.

You (the group) will have a fine example in this, of how similar different dimensions and different focuses of different planetary systems are so close in belief systems. You may not look the same, but your consciousness is the same. Therefore, you experience the same separation and the same questions. In asking the same questions, you develop belief systems in religious focuses to answer these, which are also almost the same, even incorporating the same numbers in different dimensions. You will read in this material of one hundred and forty-four thousand for opening a door. You will also read in your Bible of one hundred and forty-four thousand for being initiating of the “new heaven.” It is basically the same concept. Each belief system incorporates slightly different elements, but the concepts are basically the same.

This would not be such an intense identification of yours, (Carole’s) had you not been fragmented in this particular focus, and with your awareness of self, you are aware enough, even, to narrow down your time to when you were fragmented. This suggests a tremendous awareness in essence. As I have expressed, this information should be considered, for it will be instructing to you in viewing the similarities of different focuses. I have also expressed to incorporate this selectively, in realizing that this is a belief system incorporating a religious focus. This does not make this information wrong, it only does not make it right in this dimension, although I will also express there is no right or wrong. All information just is.

In this, I will explain also that you have experienced what you would term these “bouts” of separation or depression, and attribute these to outside elements in your life, which are contrary to your feelings. This is what you have been experiencing recently. I will also suggest to you, as we spoke earlier of our black hole inside, which is containing of all energy and all light to itself, look within. You are there, and I am there, and my energy will be there in reinforcement with you. As you are looking “with-out” for your experiences, or (to Vicki) your “energy rushes,” they are not coming from without. They are coming from within, and radiating out. I have expressed this earlier, but for the benefit of Dimin’s information, it is necessary to express this again. Your self does possess control. You have choices. You need only listen to your own voice, and focus on your own essence.

As I have expressed in our exercise in another session, which you may refer back to, notice what creates conflict, and notice what does not create conflict. You have, always, choices. You are never in a situation with no choices, even if your choice is as limited as to how you view your interaction. In any focus, there is no such thing as no choices! Therefore, in noticing, you choose the choice which creates no conflict. I have explained the method, as I have said, for this in an earlier session. This is a valuable tool, for this is the reason that you do not change what you are not happy with, for you do not believe that you have the tools to change. Therefore, I have given you a tool. Now, your only choice is whether to use it or not. I am expressing great concern of this present condition that you have allowed your focus to be enveloped in. I am also expressing tremendous affection and assurance of my presence in reassuring helpfully. You will be aware of my confirmation in energy. I will give it as a gift. Are you understanding?


ELIAS: This session is not intended to be a lengthy, long-winded expression this evening, although Michael is not here, so he will not be saying anything to me! (Laughing) I was only wishing to express a few important issues with you. How you choose to continue in sessions will be left to your agreements. This does not concern me. I am at your disposal, always, whether it be for one individual, or fifty. It does not make a difference to me. If you are wishing to avoid trauma in shifting, and you are wishing of information, and you are wishing help and information for your daily focus, I am here. If you are wishing only for experiencing your daily focus, and allowing it to go along “how it will,” you may choose that without my help.

I will also express that your idea to present Catherine with transcripts is positive and acceptable. This, as I expressed with Lawrence and Oliver, should be done lovingly and acceptingly. You have no reason presently, to be continuing in feeling violated. You have had ample time to step through this emotion, and allow it to “fly away.” I am expecting that this has already been accomplished. I, as I have stated, watch her anyway. It is not important that she accept me, for I accept her anyway.

I will allow, if you wish, a few questions for this evening, and then I will be on my way “through the cosmos!” (Very humorously, followed by laughter) By the way, you may tell Michael that he is viewing another reality with his “little white squashy guys!” (Laughter) He “believes” them to be the wrong color, for he “thinks” there is only one focus out there! This way, he will understand what he is watching. (Pause) Are you wishing of questions this evening?

VICKI: I have one, regarding Catherine. Michael and I both had a similar dream, on the same night, regarding her rejoining our sessions. Can we look forward to that?

ELIAS: It is a possibility. You will also inform Michael, in reminding him of this dream, take notice. You will be sending transcripts. (Smiling)

VICKI: Oh, I get it! (2)

RON: I’d like to ask a question about a strange feeling that I was having at the beginning of this week, I guess probably Saturday, Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday, in our terms (Elias smiles) of a very strong disassociation with myself, and having a real hard time figuring out how to get places that I’ve been lots of times, and just feeling kind of disconnected.

ELIAS: Disconnected is exactly the most excellent word for this condition, for this is exactly what you created! Your connection to Paul was becoming very close, and you were not so sure you were ready. This was not a situation of flatness or disconnection, as in splintering. It is also not a situation of fragmentation. Every time you feel disconnected does not mean you are fragmenting! You fragment quite often enough. You do not need to be fragmenting fifty times a day! You are doing quite well in connecting with Paul’s energy, and with recognizing mine.

RON: I’m still impatient.

ELIAS: This is quite acknowledged. You will find that if you relax, it will flow easier. You may exchange notes with Michael of relaxing, for the more you focus intently, initially, the more you block. You are doing this: (Here, Elias demonstrates by becoming very stiff and rigid)

RON: Yes, I am.

ELIAS: Paul is trying to flow. (Gesturing with hands softly pushing forward) You are creating a wall, and Paul is floating, floating, SMACK!! (Elias repositions his hands, holding one straight up and the other floating towards it, then smacks his hands together loudly. He laughs, and we all join in)

RON: I’ll have to apologize.

ELIAS: This will not be necessary. He is quite understanding of this process. (Smiling) I will express to you that your exercise with Lawrence and Elizabeth and Michael is very good to practice. Initially, it does facilitate more quickly with more concentrated energy, and your perception of Michael is correct. He is becoming much more aware and accomplished at these things. Therefore, it is quite easy for him to focus, and to project energy. You may not recognize where it is coming from, but he is quite good at pushing it out. I will also express to you that in practicing these exercises, notice not only energy, but if a thought appears, notice the thought and hold to it. Express the thought. Do not discount and push it away, and continue in energy pushing. Focus on the thought and in expressing that thought. More will flow through. You will find yourself, as you expressed previously, speaking and not knowing where it is coming from. This will be Paul’s expression. Do not worry and be impatient, for it will flow. You need only to notice, and to relax and allow your own energy to mingle and flow. It also does not occur overnight. I was working with Michael for quite some time, before he was realizing that I was “knocking on his head!” (With exasperation) Is this helpful?

RON: Very.

ELIAS: I would also, before addressing to Dimin, express another “point” for Ron, in that the two infants, of number four and number five, are male orientation. We will also express another point for Michael for yellow. I will also express that I am “playing” with Lawrence, but it is quite interesting that you “twist” Michael so well! (Elias and Vicki both laugh) Now, we will address to Dimin. You are wishing a question?

CAROLE: When I was just thinking about you, and about the group, I got a name that sounded something like Mignon, Minon, Mion. I wasn’t sure.

ELIAS: We are getting close to giving Dimin a point! (Smiling) We will express correct for M-i. Now, you may focus and figure out the continuation of the name. I will express also that it is only right that we do allow a point for Dimin, for female for third infant. You are quite close, though, on your name. This would be for your fifth infant, with a color of purple.

VICKI: Is Michael’s name correct?

ELIAS: Yes. I have expressed this in earlier session.

VICKI: For the fourth baby, but you did not comment on the fifth.

ELIAS: (Smiling) I will not express this. He has already received a point this evening! You may only acquire one point per session. (Laughter)

VICKI: I understand, now! (Laughing)

ELIAS: After all, it is my game!

VICKI: Yes. (Elias is obviously very much enjoying this game!)

RON: May I ask one more personal question? (Elias says, “Yes”) It’s about an exercise that Lawrence and I were attempting last night. In my waking state, or meditational state, what-have-you, I visualized several people. Three of them I saw very clearly. There were three or four others that I didn’t see very clearly, but the three that I did see clearly, I saw them so clearly that I can describe them down to the clothes they were wearing, the color of their hair. I was just wondering if they had any importance at all.

ELIAS: These are essences in connection with energy. You believe, in your focus, that you are getting ready to “bring through” an essence, therefore only one essence is around you. This is incorrect. You are not “bringing through” anything. You are in agreement and sharing, first of all, and with all essences incorporating this agreement, it is very helpful for much more than one essence energy. We are not only speaking of crossing a dimension, which you yourselves may do physically in this physical focus. We are speaking of crossing a dimension, and also manifesting energy physically from non-physical energy. This takes great concentration in the beginning. It is much more easily flowing with assistance of many essences, just as in your physical focus you accomplish more easily with the cooperation of energies of more than one individual. It is the same principle. It is accomplished differently, but the idea is basically the same. You also may find that your three may be connected to your infants also, but I will allow you to seek this out. (Pause) They are not infants, actually.

RON: A clue!

ELIAS: (Nodding to Ron, and then to Carole) Continue.

CAROLE: I sometimes, especially recently I’ve been thinking about this, that I’m physically living in a third dimensional body, with my essence in the fifth dimension, most of the time. Is that accurate, or is that just something I’m making up?

ELIAS: You are not making it up. It is an incorrect interpretation, but what you are feeling is quite real. As I have expressed, your connection to essence is quite wide. Your awareness is quite real. Your incorporation of essence has pierced this reality. As I have explained, you have dropped a veil. In what you deem “normal” terms, this does not make sense. Therefore, it creates confusion. You feel that you are out of place, for you are not experiencing what “normal” individuals experience. As we have expressed at our last session, there is no normal, except incorporating everything as normal. It is only the officially accepted physical consciousness.

I was expecting this subject to be addressed with you, for it is quite complicated, and not many individuals incorporate this into their reality. This is not an accident, that you have created this. You only need to recognize that your ability for incorporating essence is great. I have expressed to you many times that your ability is great. You were believing that I was speaking of your healing. I was speaking of your ability for connection, which also allows great ability and energy flow, which can be affecting in healing areas.

You have fragmented through dimensions. Visualize a pond. Now into this pond, extend a branch. Part of the branch is above the water, part is below. It is the same branch, but part incorporates water, part incorporates air. Both are realities. Both are incorporated by the branch. The realities do not conflict, and they do not fight with each other. They are just there. You are the branch. The line of the water meeting the air is the dimensions. You have pierced through two, within one lifetime. In doing this, you have created much confusion, and are feeling even more disconnected. In actuality, it is only that you do not understand, but your connection is greater, for you have one foot in one dimension and one foot in another dimension. Your physical brain just has not incorporated this. Therefore, you search for belief systems in this dimension, incorporating crystals and earth magic for connection, and you search in religious belief systems of another planet and dimension, hoping this will be an explanation. But, you have still separated. There is no separation. It is unnecessary. You are your highest expression. All of your answers are contained within your “black hole.” You need only remember that the branch may pierce either way. It does not make one real and the other not, but the branch continues to be the same.

You may also, in connecting with yourself, and in noticing and recognizing conflict, connect easier with essence. you have only not quite figured it out. It is still a puzzle, but you have an advantage, that your veil is already dropped. You do not have a sheet of ice on your pond. It has already melted. There is only now a line. This is why, also, I will express that I will be confirming in energy. Each accomplishment that you incorporate, I will give a gift of energy in confirmation, and you will know. You will feel me, for I also am inside, so I will ring your bell from inside, in energy, in recognition. I will express, as you have already observed, that the more connection you extend with us, the more connection we extend with you. It does not flow only one way. Just as in our individuals who have chosen not to heed my expression at our last session, that I would be here this evening, they will also not be experiencing confirmation. For even though I am offering energy freely, and helpfulness to all, if it is not wanted, it will not be given. (Pause) Are you wishing of more questions?

CAROLE: May I ask just one more?

ELIAS: Absolutely.

CAROLE: Do you have any suggestions for me, to help me balance between the two dimensions, that I can do while I’m consciously aware?

ELIAS: Consciously, daily, be noticing conflict. This does not necessarily mean an overt conflict. Each time you feel a twinge, you are experiencing conflict. When you are not experiencing conflict, you experience nothing, or you experience positive. Every situation presents you with the opportunity for noticing, every minute. Each minute that you experience a feeling, inquire within yourself where it is coming from, and why. When you have done this, allow yourself another scenario of making another choice of this same situation, and notice a difference or a shift in your feelings. You will arrive at a point in each moment where your discomfort will disappear. Also, I will express to you, as I have expressed to Ron, do not try quite so hard. He is pushing on a wall, and you are splashing in your water. All you are accomplishing (to Ron) is getting a bloody nose, and (to Carole) drowning! (Laughter) You (Carole) may float very easily with no effort, and you (Ron) may float over very easily also. Your word is “effortless.” Your essence is effortless, and when you are not experiencing conflict, you experience an effortlessness, and I am expressing that this effortlessness is quite wonderful! (Smiling, and a pause)

If you are not wishing of more audience, then I will be bidding you adieu, and allowing you to interact with each other in our physical focus, and connect with your essences here without my interaction, for you all are equally as important, and wonderful, and joyous beings, as I am! (Laughter) So, I will bid you a good evening, and I will be seeing you at our next session, and you may be assured that I will be interacting with you all before then. Good evening.

GROUP: Thank you. Good evening. (We end at 7:46 PM)


(1) This refers to some literature that Carole had previously shared with the group regarding the “star-borne,” and the doorway to the “eleven-eleven.”

(2) Mary and Vicki both had a dream in which Debbie expressed a desire to continue attending the sessions. In Mary’s dream, Debbie’s decision had something to do with her receiving an envelope, which could contain the transcripts.

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