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Session 328The belief system itself is, as I have stated many times, a bird cage. The aspects of the belief system are all of the birds which are contained within the bird cage. All of these birds are quite animated, quite living, holding much energy, and are quite affecting, just as an actual bird within your physical focus which occupies a cage. It is requiring of attention and it is demanding of attention at times also. It requires food and water and care and also your attention and interaction, and the birds within the bird cage of the belief system — the aspects of belief systems — are quite similar. They are quite demanding of your attention also, and they move in the direction of wishing to be fed in like manner to your birds within physical focus, and you are quite efficient at feeding all of these aspects, for you DO pay attention to them and you reinforce them in energy, and this is how you feed them. Now; I shall also briefly offer to you that within the action of this shift in consciousness, the point is to be opening the door to these bird cages and allowing the birds to fly free, therefore neutralizing the belief system by emptying the aspects from the belief system — emptying all of the birds from the bird cage — and in this action, you are not eliminating the belief system. You are not discarding the cage. You are merely emptying the cage and the demandingness of the cage, and you may allow yourselves to be using these cages subsequently, ornamentally, within your own creativity, and you may alter them into whatever design you are choosing, reconstructing their energy into more efficient and beneficial energy. Therefore, I express once again, the point is not to be eliminating belief systems or to be altering belief systems, but to be accepting of these belief systems that you hold, for they are an intricate element of your physical focus and they may not be eliminated from your physical focus. They are a part of its design. You have created this reality incorporating belief systems. They are intricate to it. They ARE your reality. Therefore, we do not seek to be eliminating of them, but to be accepting of them.
Session 364
  • belief system of relationship
  • belief system of duplicity
  • belief system of sexuality
  • belief system of truth.
  • belief system of emotion
  • belief system of perception.
  • belief system of certain senses.
  • religious belief system
  • scientific belief system
  • belief system of your physical creation of your universe
Session 407Belief systems have been inserted into this objective physical reality, just as you insert into this reality all of your physical creations. Your elements of sexuality and emotion are not subsequent insertions into this physical reality, but a base element of the creation of this reality in itself.
Session 45Belief systems are those inventions that you create to explain what you do not understand. Truths are unchanging. Reality is a truth, but your viewing of reality is a belief system.