Session 3242

“Constructs Around Yes and No”

Saturday, August 16, 2014 (Private/Phone)

Participants: Mary (Michael) and Sandra (Atafah)

ELIAS: Good morning!

SANDRA: (Laughs) Good morning, Elias! Good morning!

ELIAS: (Laughs) And what shall we discuss?

SANDRA: Well, I had all my 28 questions and didn’t bring them, so this is going to be... (Elias laughs) We’ll just wing it.

ELIAS: Very well.

SANDRA: Which is fabulous. As always! (Elias laughs) So, I’ve just been having a wonderful time with Mary, and I’m tuning into you now. Now it’s Elias time! (Elias chuckles)
My session before this little, brief interval was just fabulous in the addressing to love, and it just feels softening and expanding and deepening, exactly. Thank you for that.

ELIAS: You are very welcome.

SANDRA: And that’s a tremendous process, everlasting.

ELIAS: Process will be even more so, for I have recently identified – which we will likely be addressing to in our group interaction forthcoming – the other two words that are exceptionally important and that incorporate the most constructs of any words in your language. Those are “yes” and “no.”

Now; I would agree with Michael’s assessment that when you actually understand the implication of these three words – love, yes and no – and you begin to recognize all of the constructs around them, and you begin to dismantle them, you will move forward in a considerable leap. This will be tremendously affecting in your shifting and your expanding of your awareness.

These two words, even more so than “love” incorporate more constructs than any other word in your language and any other concept, for they are affecting of everything you do: EVERY ACTION in EVERY DAY in EVERY MOMENT. For every choice that you generate – EVERY choice that you generate – includes one of those two words. You are either expressing yes or no. For the most part, you are expressing both. You are expressing yes to whatever action you are engaging and no to whatever action you are not engaging, and this is affecting in every moment, for every action you do is a choice.

At what time did you arise this morning?

SANDRA: Somewhere between 6 and 6:30, something like that. But it was a vague coming into awareness.

ELIAS: Very well. Therefore, you have been objectively awake for approximately four hours. And in that four hours, you have already engaged how many choices? You chose what to wear, you chose whether to shower, you chose whether to brush your teeth, you chose whether to groom your hair, you chose what to eat or whether to eat, you chose whether to incorporate coffee. You chose whatever action you were engaging. You traveled, correct?


ELIAS: You chose your travel. You chose your travel method. You chose what to do. Every moment you were generating a choice, and every one of those choices included those words “yes” and “no.”

SANDRA: Now I can feel “yes, I agree.”

ELIAS: Precisely.

SANDRA: I feel the choice to cooperate with you.

ELIAS: Precisely. Every moment is a matter of these two words. They are the most affecting words and the most affecting concept in your life, and they incorporate enormous constructs. For it is not merely a matter of the word itself, but what it means in every moment in every situation. And it changes. Yes does not always mean yes, and no does not always mean no.

SANDRA: As you’re talking, I’m seeing the point of pyramids: a yes pyramid and a no pyramid. As you continue to talk, why do I see the construction of pyramids beneath? I see many other pyramids filling the space around those points, “yes” and “no.”


SANDRA: And they’re all moving and fluctuating, and expanding continuously.

ELIAS: Precisely.

SANDRA: So this is huge, like beyond monumental.

ELIAS: It is enormous.

SANDRA: I can’t take it in. It’s just...

ELIAS: And I would express to you that your idea of a pyramid is tremendous. Even in that, if you were to visualize experiencing yourself standing before one of your actual, physical pyramids in your physical, objective reality, how enormous that structure would appear to you in comparison to your size. These simple words incorporate that type of enormity.

SANDRA: Vast. Now, since it cannot be, I can’t take in the enormity of that vastness.

ELIAS: This is the reason that I am not waiting until our group interaction to present this to you all, for it will require time for you to assimilate and to evaluate and to develop questions.

SANDRA: Ah! Very clever. Okay! (Elias laughs) And there are going to be so many, so many. Yet, when we discuss things now, I have a knowing that I can be that point and release, empty, and in that emptying, it’s as if there’s the duality of the yes and the no and the baggage is fine. It drops away. That’s the fully shifted condition, is it not?


SANDRA: But the thing is to notice through the day, as you said. From arising to just being present, nearly four hours, I was unaware. It’s unconscious sleeping, discussing, talking.
You’re saying that that state of being at that point and being that aware does not ever move out of awareness. It just is the fully shifted condition of an individual.

ELIAS: Yes, and in that, that these two words you are aware of. Let me express in this manner. From the onset of this forum, in relation to my offering information to all of you, I have expressed that my agenda, my point, was to offer information to lessen the trauma in relation to this shift. Your point has been, from the onset, to generate an expanded awareness to allow you the ability to create your reality intentionally in every situation, in every moment. That has been what this shift is mainly about. In that, these two words, with the extension of the third word, will allow you to do so. Therefore, this is a turning point.

I have recently expressed that as I have identified, the dawn of this new millennium, this new century, was the action of inserting the objective aspect of this shift into your reality. Therefore, you moved from the subjective action of this shift to the objective. Within this time framework of the beginning of this century, which has been less than 15 years – very short time framework – you have already in that time framework moved from doubling your awareness objectively from every 10 years to every 5 years to every year. Prior to the dawn of this century, you had already begun to double your awareness at a rate of ten years. At that dawn of this century, you began every five years, and now it is every year. And your technology is reflecting that.

SANDRA: If what I see in the pattern is correct, it will start accelerating even more.

ELIAS: Yes. To which, you will double every six months. You have for many years collectively pondered and questioned, how can this shift be inserted in the enormity of the implications of it in such a short time framework? How can the world shift so quickly? Look to your technology, for it is reflecting how swiftly you are moving. If you have moved this swiftly in the course of less than 15 years, what you can do in approximately 75 is enormous.

SANDRA: And beyond even imagining.

ELIAS: Yes. Let me express to you, within 10, perhaps 15, in the same amount of time that you have already expressed in this new century, moving forward into the next 10 to 15 years, what I began this forum with will be reality, will be realized. I expressed that your science fiction would be more science fact than you realize. It will be science fact within that small amount of time. All that you have viewed as science fiction and stories and ideas of technology and what you can accomplish, at this present moment has already been realized, but will be actualized to the degree that all of you will be not only aware of it but engaging in it, within 10 to 15 of your years.

In this, it will emphasize even more the implications of these two words, for what you are presenting to yourself technologically now incorporates implications of values and what you view as ethics and morality, which all involve the yes and no. In this, these will become very important words objectively as you expand your awareness in evaluating what is important. I intentionally did not express what is beneficial, for there will be a great debate in relation to what is beneficial.

In this, there will also be great debate in relation to that word “love” and the constructs around it. Remember, love is not limited to an expression about other individuals. It extends far beyond that. You can love other beings. You can love situations. You can love manifestations. In this, it is not necessary for the object of your love to be human or even what you term to be living, and in that, it is very likely that there will be considerable division in relation to that word “love” in genuine capacities, in relation to knowing and appreciation, which will call into question these two words of “yes” and “no.” For the constructs around yes and no also include right and wrong, good and bad.

SANDRA: And that’s the blueprint of this reality.


SANDRA: And that’s what’s going to be addressed.


SANDRA: I hear you. Woo-wee! We’re going on a ride!

ELIAS: In this, it is important and significant that with the awareness that you have now and the information that you have now, you are ready to move forward and to begin to address to these words, these constructs now in preparation for what you are already creating.

SANDRA: Unbelievable. Wow! I believe it. (Elias laughs) Yes/no, unbelievable. Inna brought something up very interesting. She said, “I feel” – she didn’t ask me to ask this – “somehow we are coming together to hear words, because there’s some action we’re participating in, in a very big way, where we are in some way manifesting, we’re disseminating into the world at large, in our ways, unique ways, this Elias information,” that was your agenda. So this opening to you, which I’m personally feeling tremendous opening and allowance and relaxation and joyfulness – and my whole session of notes, which I didn’t bring – is all about these kinds of issues that we’re discussing. It’s so wonderful to hear this, to hear it affirmed. It’s very expansive and deeply satisfying and reassuring and acknowledging, because these expressions now that you are bringing forth really go to the deep, genuine self that emerges and you know that blossom is possible. I just want to say that this is magnificent, for a moment, an illusory moment in time.

ELIAS: The point with this will be that you pay attention differently. You begin to notice you express being genuinely more present to allow yourself to be aware of these words “yes” and “no,” and in that, to begin to unravel what are the constructs around those words in every action that you are doing, therefore being present, being aware of the yes and no, identifying which am I expressing, yes or no, in this moment, in this choice, and then expressing why. Why did I choose yes? Why did I choose no? What are the constructs that motivated me? What are the constructs that influence me, that prompted me to express yes or no?

Let me express to you, my friend, this will genuinely move you into the moment, into the now and into being present, and into the recognition, at long last, that choices are choices and that one choice is no more important than another choice. They are all choices, regardless that you distinguish them as being larger or smaller.

Let me express to you, I have incorporated the analogy of the cup of coffee many times.

Now; with that same example, from the perspective of the yes and no, the individual that expresses yes to the cup of coffee and being present and expressing that question “why?” to discover the construct, can you offer a construct, or a beginning of a construct, in relation to that simple action and the yes and the why? What?

SANDRA: The belief that the coffee increases energy, increases normal activity, will overcome a belief that I need sleep to function well the next day. Therefore, I ingest this caffeine to boost me up; ideas around it being a food and not a beverage. There are many constructs: the ideas that it is not necessarily good for the body, all kinds of nutritional things. It creates acid in the stomach and impinges the digestive processes, increases GI motility; in other words, you’ve got to take a crap after you have coffee, and people use it for that, as a laxative, and on and on and on. Some people love the flavor or the ritual of making it, just the ritual of grinding the beans; it’s like a centering. And that’s a little bit, because we’re talking a pyramid.

ELIAS: One action, one choice of yes or no. One choice of yes to have the coffee and all of those implications that many of which you deem to be good, and that is the reason that you say yes: the constructs that you ascribe to that one substance, that one cupful and that one action, all of the benefits that you derive from it as per the constructs, even in relation, as you touched upon, that the caffeine can even incorporate some aspects of healing properties. If you incorporate coffee, the caffeine will stimulate your bowels. It will also avert a headache.

SANDRA: That’s right, a migraine, I know. So, it’s endless. But when you’re talking, I’m like so overwhelmed. Is there a little short cut? Like, just drop into the now?

ELIAS: You will, very quickly. But it is significant initially that you understand the implications and that you allow yourself temporarily to be noticing, to be asking in relation to the yes and the no – why did you choose that yes or that no – to be more aware. And as with anything that you do, very quickly, once you learned it, it becomes automatic. In that, it will not be necessary to be viewing every action that you engage. You will know the actions that you are choosing yes, for you want to and that some of the constructs you agree with. Is that to say that they are absolutely true? No, but you agree with them, and therefore, you accept it. Or when you say no, you know why you have said no.

In this, you also understand in different situations and time frameworks that you are being clear and not figurative when you express yes and no. For as I expressed, in many situations you express yes or no and you mean the reverse.

SANDRA: What does figurative mean? It means automatic response, almost?

ELIAS: “Figurative” means when you express yes but you actually are expressing no, or when you express no and you actually are expressing yes. That is using those words figuratively, not literally.

SANDRA: But examining will help us get to the core of the yes or the no, for instance.

ELIAS: Precisely. And in that, you begin to unravel these constructs and recognize what they are, whether you agree with them, whether you do not; but even if you do agree with them, you recognize them as constructs, not as absolutes and not as the beliefs themselves, but the constructs around the beliefs, and that you can let go of the constructs, if you are so choosing.

SANDRA: Okay, just one second now. A construct... I know what the belief is: Coffee is good because I won’t get a migraine. It opens my arteries.


SANDRA: No. Is that the construct? I’m a little confused.

ELIAS: That is the construct.

SANDRA: So, where’s the belief? Where’s the construct?

ELIAS: The belief is coffee is a beverage and it incorporates innate properties. All of the rest is a construct. Coffee is a beverage. Yes, it is. But that it incorporates innate properties, that is the belief, that any substance incorporates any innate properties in itself. That is the belief.

The constructs are all of the other expressions that you ascribe to that particular substance or what you do with it. Not only what you ascribe to it, but how you engage it: all of your rituals, all that you believe it does, all that you believe it does not do, all of its affectingnesses, the time frameworks in which it is appropriate and not appropriate, all of the factors of how that one manifestation is affecting in any manner other than being physically ingested. Every other aspect of it is a construct.

Now; if you can view all of those constructs in relation to one physical manifestation, I am expressing to you that these words of “yes” and “no” incorporate more constructs than ANY OTHER EXPRESSION in your reality. For you attach them to everything. Everything.

SANDRA: Yes. (Inaudible)

ELIAS: And you are. You express these two words so much more than you think you do, for you are literally expressing them in every moment, every single choice.

Now; what is also important with these words is not only do you incorporate enormous constructs around each of them in relation to your own actions and yourself and your own choices in every action that you do, but you also project them onto every other aspect of your reality – every other individual, every other manifestation in your reality. You project all of these constructs onto all of them.

Therefore, your constructs that you incorporate with these words in relation to yourselves and your own experiences, your own choices in every moment, is multiplied innumerably. There is no number. There is no number to multiply it by. It is that vast. It is that enormous, as you project it out into your world and beyond, for it is not limited to your world, either.

SANDRA: It ripples out, you see. It’s everywhere. It’s energy, constant energy. Now, one question I have, which invariably overwhelms. (Elias laughs) I’m trying to incorporate this mess, the implications of what you’ve expressed.

In dropping into shiftedness, the rippling out may continue, but in some way it doesn’t feel like it does. It feels like the awareness encompasses somehow this vastness, which is paradoxical, because how can that happen? But somehow, it blankets it. It incorporates it in its fullness, and it’s totally allowing. Is that correct?

ELIAS: Correct.

SANDRA: So there’s no deliberate, projected rippling out unconsciously or as an automatic response?

ELIAS: Correct.

SANDRA: Wow! That’s amazing. (Elias chuckles) I just have to take the sweat off my brow. Wow.

ELIAS: Perhaps in this one day, subsequent to this conversation, you will be noticing every action that you engage and whether you are expressing yes or no, and why – and another aspect of this is the recognition. This may be a part of the explanation of what you have expressed in the enveloping and blanket, so to speak, which seems paradoxical, but it is not.

For in this, as I have expressed that all of what you are expressing in the constructs around the yes and no is multiplied infinitely in projecting outward – BUT – but in becoming aware, in beginning to recognize these words and their constructs and their implications and their motivations, you begin to move in a direction to fold in again. Therefore, it is no longer a projection out infinitely, but it is enveloped and figuratively speaking contained, for you begin to recognize that these two words only apply to you. It is not about “this individual is doing this, and I am expressing yes to them or no to them; I do not agree or like that behavior that this individual is expressing, and therefore, I will express no to them.” It is not about expressing yes or no to any outside source. It is a matter of expressing the yes and the no to you.

It is changing the rules, from establishing rules with outside sources that everyone conforms to, to changing the rules to only your own. Rules only apply to yourself, not to any outside source.

Therefore, rather than expressing the identification of another individual and their behavior and their choices that you do not like or that you disagree with and generating no to them, you are aware of what YOUR choices are, and you say yes or you say no to YOU, to direct your own behavior and your own choices, and therefore intentionally creating your reality in the manner that you want.

You cannot intentionally create your reality in the manner, in the capacity that you want if you are focused upon outside sources, for you cannot control them and you cannot generate choices for them. Therefore, you have no power to create your reality in the capacity that you want intentionally in relation to any outside sources. It must come from, it must stem from you. It must be a projection from you, and the only manner that you can do that is by being aware of you and what you are expressing yes and no to and why.

SANDRA: It’s magical, isn’t it?

ELIAS: It is. And I would express that it is literally expressed in every moment. For, every moment is an opportunity for you to be aware and for you to choose.

Even when you are in the heat of the moment and you are engaging the conflict, what are you saying yes to and what are you saying no to? You are saying yes to defending. You are saying yes to justifying. You are saying yes to continuing the conflict, moment by moment, by responding. You are saying no to allowing. You are saying no to accepting a difference. You are saying no to another opinion that does not match your own. And you are expressing those yes’s and no’s every moment, with every sentence that you continue, with every thought in between those sentences of “you are wrong.”

With every thought in between the sentences that seem to be pauses – they are not pauses, for you are thinking – and in your thinking, you are expressing “You are so unaware. You do not know what you are expressing. You are wrong; you are unaware. If you would merely listen, if you would merely be open for a moment and attempt to accept some other information.” What are you doing? You are saying yes to justifying yourself. You are saying no to acceptance. You are saying yes to instructing. You are saying no to valuing. And all the while, you think that you are being helpful.

SANDRA: Or loving.

ELIAS: Yes. All the while, you THINK you are loving. Are you expressing knowing and appreciation? No, not at all, but you think you are. For there is your paradox, even in your distorted definition of love. Even if you define love as only a feeling, you are generating a true paradox, for you are feeling angry, not affection. But you think you are loving, and you are expressing irritation. You do not feel two feelings simultaneously. Feelings are signals. You feel one signal at a time, and you feel them momentarily.

SANDRA: In the midst of a recent conflict, I agree, all the things you said occurred, all of them: discounting, devaluing, not accepting, instructing – oh boy, I’ve done that one – and being very angry and rejecting, and a wall of separateness.

ELIAS: Before you continue, do not express that to yourself alone. Be aware of your participation, but recognize that the other individual was also generating the same action.

SANDRA: Okay. I think maybe a universal action, agreed. But I can only do me.

ELIAS: Yes, you are correct.

SANDRA: My job is me, inside job. So in certain periods, which lasted several hours, I felt hopeless, powerless and helpless to affect any change by my own story, let’s say. Because the constructs impede division, are in the way, so there was this pleading with some outside – which is inside, I know – to come forward to assist me. There was this, you could call it angel, Holy Spirit, god, supreme anything.

ELIAS: It matters not.

SANDRA: I was so aware that I couldn’t solve this from the level of form and constructs and the place where I was having emotional reactions. It’s not exactly a place where I evaluated the yes or the no, but I was pretty desperate in knowing it was bad for me. That’s not the right word, exactly, but I would say that’s the short cut. It would be that it was an expansive, allowing, knowing moment. I became acutely aware, and I wanted assistance to drop the constructs. Is that what I was doing?


SANDRA: So I did have this mechanism.


SANDRA: I couldn’t fulfill completely the allowing. I can sometimes.

ELIAS: You can do what you are aware of in the moment. It is a matter of also not chiding yourself, for your awareness is expanding. That is not to say that you incorporate all the answers in every moment objectively. You do not, and you are not fully expanded in your awareness. It is expanding.

SANDRA: It is a process.

ELIAS: Yes. And in that, you can only accomplish what you are aware of in the moment. You are expanding your awareness considerably, and now you incorporate more information.

Now; in this, in that more information, use that experience as an example. What is the tremendous help that you are seeking to stop that helplessness? The help is to remember one simple expression: making the rules for you, not for any outside source, that love and acceptance do not require understanding.

You may not generate a solution, for your solution may involve another individual. Therefore, there may not be a solution and you may not understand, for you are not the other individual. You are not experiencing what they experience. You do not express the same perception as the other individual. Therefore, in this, the solution is not an expression of resolution.

The solution is asking yourself which yes’s and no’s am I responding to presently and why? And in that, which yes’s and no’s can I express with myself that will be acceptable to me – with MYSELF, that will be acceptable to me? For, solution does not mean resolution. There may not be resolution to certain situations or expressions, for there may not be resolution in relation to the outside source.

This is not limited to people. Your dog may be displaying a behavior that you do not understand. In that, there may not be resolution to that situation, for you do not understand what that expression is. But there can be solution within you, when you evaluate what yes and what no to express with yourself that is acceptable to you.

SANDRA: Thank you.

ELIAS: You are very welcome. We shall incorporate considerable time to ponder this information and to prepare for our group interaction and many questions. (Laughs) Remember, although there may not always be a resolution, there can always be solutions.

I express tremendous lovingness to you, my friend, in the genuine definition of that in exceptional fashion. And I shall be with you, expressing my energy to you in genuine support and in great encouragement.

SANDRA: Thank you.

ELIAS: Until our next meeting, au revoir.

Elias departs after 1 hour 2 minutes.